Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wanted: Metaphorical Filing Cabinet

I slept in this morning until 7 instead of getting up at 5 with hubby. It felt good to sleep, but I feel like I could just sleep all day. Whatever this is- I hope it passes soon!

For breakfast, I had homemade whole wheat toast topped with PB and a banana along with a cup of milk for 8.5 points.

101410 002

Before leaving for class, I made up a peach smoothie for 3 points.

101410 003

Probably not the best choice when it’s 36* outside! :) But I cranked up the heat in the car and it was DELISH! This is probably my favorite flavor smoothie.

Class went just fine today. My one professor gets so off track sometimes and we spent the entire period talking about our civic duty to vote. Some students have such a terrible attitude toward voting and it’s really bothersome. Get out there and vote! It’s your right- VALUE IT! This was in my class on Hinduism and Buddhism. lol

On my way home I snacked a an itty bitty apple for .5 point.

101410 001

For lunch, I had leftover chicken enchilada casserole (HG recipe) and I topped it with some whipped cream cheese because I was out of sour cream. 6 points.

101410 004

For dessert, I had banana soft serve for 2 points.

101410 005

And I was craving some chocolate- so I indulged in some chocolate chips for 2 points.

101410 006

Before signing in to work, I made coffee with FF creamer for .5 point.

101410 007

My day started off well when I signed into my work email and found out I was the Top Performer for our latest incentive!! There were 8 prizes to pick from, so I picked the best one, of course, as I got first pick for being number one!! I WON A Wii!!! I’m so excited about this as I have wanted one since they came out and didn’t want to spend the money on it. It will be perfect now that it is getting colder- I can get some fun exercise in, inside! :) So far I have earned a new gas grill, a blu ray DVD player, and now this wii! AWESOME! Somedays, I like my job. ;) Once in a while, they reward those of us who work hard and are reliable.

If you have any recommendations on good games (especially for exercise)- Please let me know!!

Today went a lot better. People were a lot nicer and that makes it much easier. Phew! The short day went very quickly.

Hubby was going to be home a lot later than usual, and I was hungry. I popped up a 100 calorie bag of Jolly Time Kettle Corn for 1 point. You just can’t beat that for a good, low point snack!

101410 008

This afternoon I started to feel better mentally and physically. Aside from one moment of tears when my Mom was too busy to talk to me (lol what’s with me!?), I have been doing much better. My body feels less bloated and I’m just feeling better. Very strange. This isn’t TOM or anything. Does this randomly happen to any of you?

Hubby didn’t get home until after 7 PM. I didn’t eat anything except for the popcorn and I’m really proud of myself for that because I wanted to snack so badly.

For supper, I had a little pizza and mushrooms for 7.5 points.

101410 009

Dessert was a Smores Sundae cone for 6 points- Used some weeklies for this.

101410 011

I feel like my eating hasn’t been the best the past couple of days. It’s partly due to being low on fruits and veggies in the house and partly due to my emotional state. Looking back at these photos, I feel like I could attach an emotion to each one from lunch on.

I haven’t been the best person to live with the past couple of days. Me and my moody self. I started to think about how I’m acting towards hubby and realized that not only am I acting like a brat, I have some issues. Whatever it is that has been stressing me out and overwhelming me- in the past I would have turned to food for comfort. We’re talking way worse than anything I ate today. But now that I am learning to not go to food for comfort, I wonder if I don’t have a channel for these emotions. I don’t know where to put them, if you will. I need a metaphorical filing cabinet where I can sort out all of my miscellaneous emotions and file them away in their respective, labeled folders. Organized. Put together. That’s not me right now but that’s how I want to be. How do I learn to deal with my emotions without turning to food? Am I making any sense?

I’m glad that tomorrow is Friday! I hope that the day goes quickly because I’m ready for the weekend to start!

For an extra entry into the Jolly Time giveaway, go to the original post (this link) and tell me about a memory you have associated with popcorn. For me, popcorn reminds me of a night out with hubby at the movies. There’s this little local theater that costs a couple bucks to go to and they have the best kettle corn mix there. We go there when the weather starts to get colder- seems like we never go the rest of the year. Looking forward to that tradition!


  1. Licking the screen here - I must be hungry!
    Looks good!

  2. I need to get some of that popcorn!

  3. Yay for winning the wii! It's sooo much fun! If you like to dance your should get JUst Dance. They have a 1 and 2. Both are sooo much fun! It gets you really sweaty!

  4. Congratulations on winning the Wii that is so amazing! You'll love it. I personally need to get back to using mine. I get bored of things too easily! Your banana soft serve looks divine. Mine always looks gross when I try to make it. I have no idea what my deal is. I really really need to get some of that Jolly Time Popcorn! I am back to being super serious about Weight Watchers and losing weight so 1 point popcorn would be my BFF! Cute popcorn story!


  5. Hooray on being top performer! :) What a great prize! No advice on games tho, I don't have a wii, ps3, etc!

    Man that's quite the loaded question! My advice is find something else to turn to when you're stressed or emotional. What I've tried to do is either go for a run or maybe crank the music & clean (sounds crazy, but I think cleaning is therapeutic for me!)

  6. I put the moods down to the time of the year....I am feeling it myself..drives me nuts feeling like this, but cant get out of it working on it, I have to as I am miserable!!

  7. HUGE congratulations on winning the WII! We have Wii fit and Wii Active, both are good. Glad you are feeling better today. Have a GREAT weekend!!!



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