Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weigh In Day

I weighed in this morning at 222.8. Exactly the same as last week. I did gain .8 from yesterday’s weight, from the pizza last night. But, it’s just a number and I’m sure I’ll lose weight tomorrow morning. It makes me wonder what I would have lost if I had eaten my usual grilled chicken/salmon meal that I usually have the night before WI. If anything at all? You just never know! I’m ready to lose this weight though!

I woke up about midnight last night and I was so sick that I thought I had the flu. It passed though, but my body is just not used to eating foods like oily pizza anymore! Another reason not to eat that way!

For breakfast, I had 1 cup of oatmeal with a sliced banana and a 1 cup of 1% milk for 6 points.

102010 001

After how I felt last night, I decided no coffee this morning again. Time to drink up on STRAIGHT water. Water always makes me feel so much better. I rarely get heart burn or sick to my stomach- and I REALLY don’t want it to happen again any time soon!

102010 002

But how do you deal with dinner events planned with people you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying, “No, I don’t think I’ll eat pizza- just salad tonight,” or “No dessert for me,”  or “How about cutting me HALF of that piece of dessert.” I would feel comfortable saying this around some people but not others. How do you deal with moments like this?

For my first break, I had 1/2 cup of grapes along with a serving of cheese curds for 3.5 points.

102010 003

About 10:00 the internet went down. That is so frustrating! I waited for about 1/2 an hour and it never came back up so I had to head into the office.

Before I left, I made a quick sandwich with a sandwich thin, oven roasted turkey breast and Swiss cheese- melted in the microwave for 3.5 points.

102010 004

I also had an Athenos Greek Strawberry yogurt for 2 points.

102010 005

By the time I got to work, I only had to work for about 40 minutes and it was time for my lunch break. This was a battle of will power for me. I was hungry because my lunch wasn’t that great, it was really early and I was a little stressed from everything. I headed over to the gas station because I REALLY needed a coffee by this time. I had a coffee with a little vanilla creamer for .5 point.

102010 006

I searched the gas station for something remotely healthy and I came up with this for 4 points.

102010 007

I did have time to grab a medium banana before I left the house, so I ate that also for 1.5 points.

102010 008

Work went quickly. It was fun to talk to my coworkers face to face. I guess it’s not all bad when I have to go in, but I hate having to get dressed in something other than my yoga pants. ;)

When I got home, the internet was back up (hard telling how long it was down), but my email wasn’t working. They are not connected in anyway. I guess it was the day for technical problems- so annoying!

For supper, I had an egg sandwich made with a sandwich thin, turkey, laughing cow cheese and an egg. I also had an apple and PB, all for a total of 8 points. This was not what I had planned but the plans got thrown out the window when I had to go into work!

102010 009

For dessert, I had a 1/2 cup of light vanilla yogurt with 1/2 cup of strawberries for 1.5 points.

102010 010

Hubby surprised me with a gift for our anniversary early! he brought me this beautiful plant:

102010 011It’s so bright and cheerful! I am going to put this in my office to cheer me up during the days!

And some truffles from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I had to eat one, I overestimated the points as 4.

102010 014

Truffles are my absolute favorite treat! I love them! This one was delicious too!

That’s all that I’ll be eating tonight! I am going to end this post early. Hubby and I might go running tonight, but we will be getting home late- so not sure about that! If not, we’ll be running another 5k tomorrow night for our anniversary to meet our 25 mile goal! ;)


  1. Whenever i eat pizza i always have a gain the next day!
    Ooooh that truffle looks good :)

  2. It's funny to me how my body won't let me eat unhealthy anymore! Pizza, and hamburgers always give me a tummy ache!

  3. The need to not feel bad far outweighs any craving for heavy breaded foods like pizza.

    I envy people that can eat just one of anything chocolate (unless it is a box - then I understand). :)

  4. We had the same thing for breakfast LOL I was looking at your blog and oats and banana sounded good and I don't drink milk so I thought, why not. See, now you've inspired me! - Angie

  5. I hope that your day tomorrow is better.

    I'm not sure what I would do in your situation with eating in front of people I'm not comfortable saying no to. I guess I would eat a little bit of what they served and then say I was too stuffed to eat the rest. When dessert came around, I would do the same thing. I'm pretty awkward in those situations!

  6. Yay on the maintenance!!! Flowers for your anniversary? When is the big day???? Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

  7. Glad to hear you're feeling better! And I don't think anybody's gonna blame you for wanting to stay in your yoga pants for the whole day. :) -Natalia

  8. I've decided that sometimes you just have to be outspoken about how you prefer your food. I had quite a few people give me a hard time about it at first "Why won't you eat pizza, Darci" or "Come on, you'll run it off later" but I just let those comments go and do what is best for me, eventually those people stopped saying things and knew I don't eat certain things or prefer smaller portions. Sometimes it's ok to be selfish on this journey!

    Love the flowers & kudos to on only eating 1 truffle! ;) I would be bad w/that!!

  9. I take it there is no Aspartame in that Greek fat free yogurt??? all fat free here has the poison in it.
    I want to try the Greek yogurt again...its on the Eat Clean plan as well.

  10. Good work on the food! That truffle looks amazing! I love chocolate!

    I try and avoid the foods if I can or will have a big serving of veggies or salad and a small piece of pizza because I do love it.

  11. I was just reading your about me. Congrats on all your milestones! It is great to see that the program is working for you.

    If you'd like you can add your review on the diet here: It can help others and is a great place for weight loss news, and exercise and diet information.

  12. I have a problem with pizza the next day too....yuck! The real problem for me is sweets though! I tend to CRAVE them. It is my goal to curb that one step at a time.

    Way to go on your amazing accomplishments!



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