Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An Average Tuesday

This morning I wanted to try to lower the points value of my breakfast. We get jars of canned peaches from hubby’s parents, so I like to mix those into my oatmeal sometimes, but with the new plan, they are 3 pts. for 1/2 a cup. So today, I had 1 cup of oatmeal (which shocks me at 4 points for a cup now) with 2 plums mixed in along with 1 cup of 1% milk for 7 points. I had never had oatmeal with plums, but it was pretty good!

113010 001

I spent the morning finishing up homework and then it was time to head to school. On my way to class, I ate an apple for 0 points.

113010 002

School went alright. I am so ready for this semester to be over. I somehow managed to lose one of my gloves while I was there, not a good day to do that! My hands were ice cold. It was 25*, windy and flurrying.

When class was FINALLY over, I headed over to Subway for lunch. I had a 6” turkey sub with baked BBQ Lay’s and a diet Coke for 11 points. The Turkey and Ham and the Turkey subs used to be the same points value. Now the Turkey and Ham is 8 points and the Turkey is 7. Interesting, but I went with the Turkey because of it!

113010 003

After that, I went grocery shopping. Here’s what I got:

113010 005

Lots of fruit to munch on. I really wanted to pick up some grapes, but they didn’t have any that looked good. But this should get me through the week! When I got home, I calculated the points values for the foods that I got. One interesting thing I found was that Sandwich thins are 3 points and so is a slice of the good, whole grain bread. Not the light stuff, the good thick kind. Very interesting! I think that will impact my choices a bit. I used to toast a sandwich thin because they were so low in points. But now I will definitely have a slice of the good bread- I miss that stuff! But if I were to eat a sandwich, I’d stick w/ the 3 point sandwich thin vs. 2 slices of regular bread for 6 points.

One of my finds at Aldi’s this week was Peppermint Mocha creamer. I had never had peppermint in my coffee before and let tell you- it was OUT OF THIS WORLD. I loved it. 2 Tbs of this in my coffee for 2 points.

113010 006

I was feeling a bit hungry a little later, so I had a banana for 0 points. That just makes me grin. Bananas. I love ‘em- and they’re free! *giggle* Ok… I’ll stop, but it makes me giddy. Winking smile

113010 007

I worked on homework and read blogs. I am so glad there is only one more reading assignment for one of my classes, which is what I worked on tonight. I just cannot get interested in the material in this class, so the only thing that keeps me reading is to set a goal to read a few pages, and then I get to read a couple of blogs. Hey, it works for me! lol

For supper, I had baked salmon, acorn squash (yes the whole one!), and a slice of 12 grain toast with a wedge of light sun-dried tomato basil laughing cow cheese on top for 7 points total. This was a delicious supper and I don’t remember the last time I ate “regular” bread. It was so much more dense and delicious!

113010 008

For dessert, I have a 1/2 cup of FF/SF chocolate pudding with a little light whipped cream on top for 2 points.

113010 009

My goal was to finish Thursday’s homework assignments and I accomplished that. I finished up the very last bit of reading while getting in a quick bike workout. 30 minutes, I biked 8 miles and I burned 134 calories and I’m not sure how many AP’s on this new plan. Too confused about that- anyone have any answers on this yet?

And now I’m snacking on some dried fruit and raw almonds that I picked up at the store today for a total of 5 points.

113010 010

113010 012

I have 1 point left over for the day- not sure if I’ll use it or not, it’s almost bed time! Tomorrow is WI day and I think it’s going to go well. I would love to lose after a Holiday week!!

Tomorrow rings in the first day of December, can you believe it!?


  1. LOVE that you bought blueberries, they're the best! Glad to hear you're getting used to the new WW point system. It's tough, but you seem to be getting the hang of it. I was getting your Twitter updates as you finished shopping and biking, and I smiled! :)

  2. Everything looks so yummy. That's a big dinner for the points. Score!

    The new point system is intereting.

    Good luck on the weigh in. I'm sure you'll do great.

  3. I had a Subway Turkey today , too! :)

    Love to hear that fruit is 0 POINTS now. I'm sure that will affect many WWers in their snack choices! Why have a 100 calorie pack when you can have a banana, right?! YUM!

    Good luck tomorrow!!!

  4. Have you tried the gingerbread creamer? Those things are dangerous! I like that there is no "punishment" now for choosing a real whole grain bread versus process low cal ones. That was my biggest beef with WW other than just not enough food (for me at any rate...).

    I wonder how many points one of my oatmeal bowls would be LOL! I bet around 8 or 10.

  5. Yeah for free BANANAS!!!

    Congrats on a successful day...

    and good luck to mom and dad mae flowers...they will be great!

  6. I am also so excited about free bananas, apples, and grapes! This is going to take some getting used to, though. My mom and I were marvelling at the new higher points values of a lot of our faves today. I suppose it's somewhat relative with the new allowances, but wow! It's exactly what they say it is...a "nudge" toward the right foods. I really enjoy your blog! It keeps me motivated and I get some great snack/meal ideas. Thanks!!!

  7. Thank you for the motivation to go grocery shopping!

  8. I LOVE bananas too!! I guess this point system is too complicated! I would never succeed with this. (With Indian foods its even more complicated).I am freaked that its December!! Need to make some goals for this month :)!!

  9. I think you have to abandon the comparison between Points and PP. My english muffin and PB was 4 points, it's now 7. But I used to get 22 Points and now I get 29 PP. I think it balances out. BTW, I loved your Snowman mug yesterday, forgot to mention that in my comment!

  10. That's great that you were able to switch up a few things for lower points and enjoy real bread again!

  11. It sounds like WW really did make improvements, and that's nice to read! During my time on the program, I found was some lower point choices weren't necessarily the best choice I could make, so it's nice to see them including a little more info to make even better choices.

    Ahhhh, creamers! Both sound amazing. I just can't bring myself to use them anymore. Dr. Oz totally turned me off to them forever, because of the ingredients. The major brand is mostly chemicals. So many have HFCS, or even transfat! I've never seen these brands you picture. Hmmm, maybe there's hope?

    Last year I was an a mocha, mint coffee kick for a while. Instead of flavored creamers, I would use a couple drops of peppermint extract and 2 tsp of good quality, all natural chocolate syrup. I never did find a substitute for Gingerbread, although Torani makes a SF Gingerbread syrup (again with the chemicals). It's all good once in a while, but I try to stay away from it for the majority of the time.

    Really enjoying your blog. :)

  12. Happy December and many bananas to you!
    Glad you like them sooooo much!

  13. I LOVE coffee creamer!!! It is a weakness of mine :)

  14. You now have me wanting to go to Subway right now! I need to get back to posting what I eat... however I dont know about the new points so i`m afraid of messing everyone up.


  15. I enjoy when you show your grocery finds! :)

  16. Congrats on a successful "new point" day! Love the shot of the grocery store finds! (I'm weird, grocery stores are one of my "happy places")



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