Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day

I had a rough night of sleep again last night and I was wide awake at 5:15 this morning. So I got up and decided to get a few things done!

For breakfast, I had 1 cup of oatmeal with a sliced banana mixed in along with 1 cup of 1% milk for 6 points.

110210 001

After that, I did homework, laundry, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, read blogs, took the trash out, and researched a little more for who I was going to vote for today! Does anyone else have a hard time finding out who and what is going to be on the ballot? My Dad sent me a website to use, but there really isn’t much out there. Something needs to change so that it’s easier for the people to be informed with the facts and not just campaign ads.

So I headed out to vote before going to school!

110210 003

On the way to class, I drank 1/2 of a Naked Mighty Mango for 3 points. Hubby brought this to me when he came home last Friday. Thanks! Red heart

110210 002

Nothing exciting to share about either of my classes today. Sometimes I sit there and wonder why I’m there. Where is this going to take me? But I know any degree is a degree and it will take me places- even if it’s just neck deep in student loans. Winking smile

After class, I headed over to Subway for lunch. I had my usual 6” Turkey and Ham with a bag of baked BBQ Lays for 8 points.

110210 006

Delish, as always! I also had Minute Maid Light Lemonade for .5 point.

110210 005

And then it was grocery shopping time! Here are some of my faves from the trip:

110210 007

Those 2 boxes of baggies- .50 cents each- that’s right! I should have gotten more. I shopped at two different stores. Aldis for everything I can get there and Hy Vee for everything else. I admit, I love Aldis. Some people refuse to shop there- but I love that store and all of the good deals! My awesome find today- Greek Yogurt for .79 cents!!! They finally sell it! I can’t wait to try it. I also picked up some fresh cranberries because I think they’re pretty. I have absolutely no idea what to do w/ them. Winking smile And the last item shown, Tofu Shirtaki- I have been looking for this forever! It’s in a ton of HG recipes- can’t wait to try that either!

And another awesome find- little bananas. Maybe I’m a nerd, but I like to try to find the smallest bananas because they’re lower in points value! I always weigh my bananas (obsessive? Maybe) to determine whether they’re 2 or 1.5 points. lol. I know others do this same thing!

110210 008

See the difference though?

110210 009

By the time I got home, I was craving my coffee! I picked up a bag of Hy Vee House Blend Coffee, so I brewed some of that with FF vanilla creamer for .5 point. Not too bad, but not as good as Gevalia, of course!

110210 010

And red white and blue for election day. Winking smile 

I also had 2 Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies for 3 points.

110210 011

After that, it was time to get started on homework, since that’s why I have Tuesdays off of work- after all! I worked on the same homework assignment for 3 hours- UGH! By the time I was done with that, it was supper time.

For supper, I baked a BBQ Chicken breast (2.5 oz) and also had roasted zucchini with olive oil for a total of 4.5 points.

110210 012

Dessert was sugar free chocolate pudding for 1 point.

110210 013

Later on, I snacked on some Special K crackers and Hummus for 2 points.

110210 014

It was back to homework again- I spent another 1/2 hour on the same homework assignment- I was glad to be done with it! I am behind in my reading in one of my classes. It’s not all that important because the professor really doesn’t care about anything at all- he doesn’t really even talk about the text. But I need to get caught up because I’ll be tested on it- plus I have two research papers to be working on! I usually spend time on the weekends on homework- but it’s a little harder when the only time I see hubby is on the weekends! I don’t want to spend the entire weekend working on homework then.

For a workout tonight, I biked 7 miles on the stationary bike. Hubby fixed it! It took me 30 minutes. It’s so much easier to bike on a stationary bike than it is to bike outside. I only burned 140 calories- but at least it’s some activity. I took it kind of easy this time, too. I wasn’t really in the mood to work out, so I’m calling this a success for doing anything at all! I watched a show on I will definitely be doing this in the future! It made working out go much faster. But next time, I’ll select a hard workout setting on the bike.

And I was craving something sweet, so I had a Halloween pack of Wild Berry Skittles that calculates out to .75 point- but everything is rounded, so for 1 point I guess. I had .5 point left, so not too bad!

110210 016

Tomorrow is WI day and I’m hoping for the best. My weight was up this morning, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Usually when I lose a ton, the next week I have a gain- and last week I lost 3.6 lbs. So we’ll see…

I am really struggling tonight. I want to eat sweets so badly. I don’t know what it is? I read on Diane’s blog recently that when she was losing weight that when she wanted to go into the kitchen and eat, she would write down what she was feeling. Well, I feel sad that hubby is away. I am stressed about school. I am not looking forward to working a long day tomorrow. I’m worried about my WI tomorrow. I keep thinking that eating just a few pieces of chocolate probably wouldn’t hurt anything. But the point is- I must be in control! I CAN DO THIS!

After I wrote this, Hubby called to talk and I told him how I was feeling and he said, “You can do it because you’re strong. You’re very strong.” I AM STRONG! Thanks for the encouragement! I know I can do this!


  1. Indeed you can - you ARE doing it!
    And indeed you are strong!
    And you take great pics!

  2. You certainly are strong. Doing anything else other than eating can really make you feel better, too.

    I buy small nanas, too, because I don't like to use only half a banana!

    Those shiratake noodles. Make sure you hold your breath when you open the package...

  3. What a productive morning!

    I find it hard to not eat when my hubby is away...
    You can, and are doing this! You rock!

  4. I love baby bananas too. And those pumpkin cookies look great!
    Keep up the good work! You CAN do this! You are worth it!

  5. wow.
    Im tired just reading and LOOOOOOOOONGING to count your thirty minute workout as mine for today :)

    mother may I?

  6. Don't worry. You're not the only one trying to find the small bananas. I'm one of those people as well.

  7. Election question... don't you receive a sample ballot in the mail? We do in Columbia, MO. Kim

  8. what an awesome day and YOU VOTED! I pray that you stay encouraged. School will be gone before you know it. really! You are an encouragement and inspiration. I'll be trying those Special K crackers.

  9. Well now I know I need to be on the lookout for cranberries I love decorating with them. I hear you on the bananas. The other day I was in the grocery store and was like who eats these 7 inch bananas honestly. I think bananas need to be picked before they get to horror movie status.

    xo have a fab day!

  10. You are strong! I'm actually amazed at the yummy looking things you eat.
    I will be checking your recipe page now!
    Have a great weigh in!

  11. Fresh cranberries look great in a dish of water with floating candles - it's a good center piece.

    Your hubby sounds so nice, it must be so hard having him away!

  12. You ARE strong!!!! And you are doing so well, you inspire me! BTW, can't wait to see what you do with the Shirataki noodles!!!

  13. Hey - you're doing awesome!
    The Shirataki noodles are good, but be aware, they do smell funky when you open them. Don't let that put you off. Cos they're fine when you're ready to eat them.

  14. Hubby's are great for encouragement, aren't they!!!

    and I'm w/ya, all about the small bananas!! :)



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