Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guilty Over Weekly Points?

I finally slept pretty well last night and so when 6:00 came I was tempted to reset the alarm for 7:00, but decided I better get up and get caught up on reading for by Hinduism and Buddhism class. We’re studying Buddhism now and I am way behind on the reading!

I mentioned that I picked up some fresh cranberries at the store because I think they’re pretty, but have no idea what to do with them, so I really wanted to try to use them in my oatmeal this morning. I could not find instructions on how to cook cranberries online! All the recipes told me to add like 1 cup of sugar, maybe if I was cooking the whole bag? But I just wanted to cook enough for my oatmeal. I remembered seeing something about boiling cranberries (and to make sure to put a lid on the top of the pot!) so I tried that. I mixed 1/2 cup of fresh cranberries into 1 cup of oatmeal and topped it off with .25 oz of sliced almonds. The result was bland tasting, so I added 1/8 tsp cinnamon and 1 packet of Sweet and Low. This picked it up a notch! I’m still disappointed that I couldn’t taste the cranberries though. Any suggestions? I also had 1 cup of 1% milk for a total of 5 points.

110510 001

I was able to get some of the reading done, but I am still behind! This is the time of the semester when things get overwhelming because all of the professors assign the big projects, etc.

On the way to school, I drank the second half of the Naked Mighty Mango for 3 points.

110510 003

One of the biggest and most inspiring changes that I have seen with my body is an increased fitness level. I am frequently amazed when I walk the 1/2 mile+ to class, up hill, and then I am able to literally run up 3 flights of stairs. It only takes me a matter of seconds to catch my breath. I used to have a hard time just going up those stairs alone. Yay for Non Scale Victories (NSV)!

School went fine today. I was very nervous because I had to read something I had written to the entire class. Why do I get so nervous? I don’t know. I think it has something to do with self confidence. (not to self: WORK ON THAT!) But it went ok, and I got the last paper back that I had to read to the class and I got an A on that one. I am just too hard on myself. I seriously thought I had failed that one. Winking smile

We ended up getting out of class 15 minutes early- which is great for me because I’m always rushed on Thursdays trying to get home, make lunch, eat and sign in to work. On the way home I ate a small banana for 1.5 points.

110510 002

The sky was absolutely beautiful on the way home and I had to take a picture to share. Winking smile

110510 004

For lunch, I had the last of the leftover Taquitos topped with mashed avocado and salsa for 6 points.

110510 005

I decided to try a new HG recipe for dessert. I made Cup o’ Chocolate-Coconut Bread Pudding. I didn’t realize, until after I started making it, that I didn’t have any coconut extract, so I used about 1 Tbs. of flaked coconut instead. The very top of this was delicious, but I was tired of eating it by the time I was done. 3 points.

110510 006

Before signing in to work, I brewed some coffee and mixed in FF vanilla creamer for .5 point.

110510 008

The afternoon working went really quickly- which is always a good thing! After work, I did a Rev Abs workout and burned 202 calories in 40 minutes. I will admit,  my heart wasn’t in it today. But at least I got that activity in and I did break a sweat. Now that I know how to track AP’s (100 calories burned = 1 AP) I know where I stand. So I earned 2 APs tonight- very nice!

For supper, I had a baked sweet potato, which I scooped out of the skin, along with 4 Schwan’s Teriyaki chicken breast wings for a total of 6 points.

110510 009

I forgot how much I love that chicken- YUM! Awesome flavor and if you cook them according to the directions, the outside is crispy. Definitely try them if you get Schwan’s food!

I was feeling hungry a little later, and with 3 points left I decided to have something that I was craving. I had 20 grams of dry roasted peanuts for 3 points.

110510 010

Lately, I have been feeling very guilty about eating my weekly points. But the truth is, I have eaten my weekly points almost every week since beginning this. So why do I feel guilty now? I do sometimes eat weekly points at night after I’ve posted my food for the day and it makes me feel like I’m cheating because I’m not telling you guys. But I am right on plan and I’m tracking what I’m eating. This is not binge eating of any type. I have also been very good at listening to my hunger signals, too. So no worries about that! To me, these guilty feelings are dangerous feelings that I want to get away from. It’s when I feel guilty or put too much pressure on myself that I will get burned out and I don’t want that to happen. I feel a little extra pressure now that my family is reading. I feel like I have to do perfectly or I will fail them or they will think less of me. This is a struggle that I have to overcome. I tend to set very high expectations for myself- and while that might help me be successful, it also makes me be stressful! I’m not sure if I’m making sense here or not.

So, that being said, I am a little hungry tonight and I probably will use some weekly points. I usually eat things like Jolly Time Healthy Pop or dry cheerios. Sometimes I do use my weekly points on indulgences. That’s what weekly points are for, right? I should not be feeling guilty as long as I am in control of my emotions and my eating. Now if I can just make myself believe that and make the guilty feelings go away. Smile

But I would love to hear your thoughts about this. For those of you on WW, do you feel guilty for using your weekly points?

I talk about those HG cookbooks ALLLLL the time, so I’m sure you all want her cookbooks too! Well…Check out Darci’s Blogiversary post for a great giveaway over at By the way, she’s giving a way a HG cookbook- one that I don’t have!! SmileI hope I win!!! But maybe you can… Check it out!


  1. I have been slacking and not following my points well. But, when I am I usually use all of my weekly points and 1/2 to all of my activity points. I believe in eating as much as I can and still lose...its about the long term and being able to maintain.

  2. Man, oh man do I know what you mean about the guilt! I'm okay with eating my weeklies, but I still feel guilty about them. Then I get all freaked out and USE THEM ALL by the second day of my new WW week. I guess I still have a whole lot of work to do in the emotional eating aspect. It's like, I feel like I lose control and that scares me.

  3. Hey friend girl, first of all, you rock. Second, I just started this week and someone said use them if you want to lose weight. The leader said if you're not hungry don't use them. The book said, if you want to speed up weight loss don't use them or use them all at once or spread through the week. I used a few my first day trying to figure everything out. I've been avoiding using them for the rest of the week but come Thanksgiving, we're eating pecan pie baby. It is a lot of pressure when family reads but it is important to do what you are doing, get away from those feelings and be true to yourself. I heart your blog!!! so long!

  4. I don't really have any advice to give because I'm struggling right now too. I don't feel guilty about using my weekly points because that is what they are there for. You are very brave for sharing this with your family, I can't do it yet. I really admire that you have put it all out there!

  5. Alisa, you are amazing! I love your honesty! I don't feel guilty about using my weekly flex points, the way I see it, that's what they're there for. The weight is still coming off, and having that buffer makes me feel less deprived because I can have "treats". You are doing SO well on the plan and with your weight loss, I'm SURE over time you'll start to see yourself the way the rest of us see you, as an inspiration! Oh, and another thing, you're smart....congrats on the "A"!!!!

  6. Yay for non-scale victories! It's so great that you notice things besides JUST the number on the scale. :) Don't you find that NSVs are just as satisfying, or even more so? :)
    Keep up the great work!! :)

  7. First of all, that is a HUGE NSV!!! Don't ya just love those changes! :)

    I wouldn't stress over the weekly points, they are there for a reason. As long as you're tracking & in control of what you're eating, I'd say you're good!

  8. I am not a WW girl so I can't help on the weekly points. Congrats on the non-scale victories :)

  9. Yay! For the NSV's they give us more pleasure than the scale!

  10. First and foremost, congrats on your NSV's! Secondly, try not to feel so guilty about those weeklies (I know, easier said than done). It will drive you crazy if you do! Personally, I use mine...sometimes it's only 4 or 5, sometimes I may only have 4 or 5 left lol. I've had weeks where I have nearly used them all and pulled off a big loss, and then I've had those weeks where I barely touched them and I gained half a pound. Oh, and I feel you on the school stuff! Why is it that they wait until near the end of the semester to give the big projects/papers???? How lame!

  11. Great job on the NSV!

    Regarding feeling guilty, that is a trap I got into when I did WW as well. I was feeling guilty for using up those points, like I wasn't being a good "dieter." Then I was feeling guilty for spending 8 points on a meal. It was getting weird for me. However, WW is not going to give you points that will keep you from losing weight.

    This is totally just my opinion here: You need to eat those points in the long run. As you go on and lose weight, your daily points decrease, so eat as many as you can now so your body is used to losing on more (make sense?). Yes, it may be slower, but if you don't eat the points and then your regular points get cut, pretty soon your body will adjust to eating a lot less and your metabolism will slow down. I went through horrible plateau of months when I did points because I just wasn't eating enough.

    Work hard on not associated food and guilt. There are no inherent good or bad foods.

    Okay, think I better wrap this novel up, sorry! LOL

  12. Don't worry about what anyone thinks except yourself. The family should not play a roll in your guilty conscious. Although, I do have to say, when I have an extra snack during the day, I think of you and feel guilty! LOL You're getting in my head!! Keep up the good work. - Angie



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