Monday, November 22, 2010

I Love Holiday Weeks!

It’s Monday! I’m happy this morning for a few different reasons: first, it’s a Holiday week- so I only have to work two days; second, no school this week; third, the Thankful Healthy Blogger 5k is Thursday (Have you signed up yet?); fourth, my parents come to visit this weekend and at an even better fifth, hubby doesn’t have to leave this week!!!

I hope you all had wonderful weekends! Mine was nice and relaxing. Make sure to check out my posts on Calorie Burning Power Cleaning and my RevAbs Review and GIVEAWAY!

I started the morning off right with a bowl of oatmeal and a sliced banana along with 1 cup of milk for 6 points.

112210 002

After hubby left (the goodbye wasn’t nearly as sad this morning), I hopped on the stationary bike for a quick workout. I biked 5 miles in 21 minutes, burning 115 calories. Jessica is hosting a challenge this week- that instead of taking seconds of foods, we should take healthy seconds with things like exercise. So I am going to try to participate this week! Check it out!

On my first break, I ran over to the post office and mailed some things for hubby and then came back home quick and made a snack of Tomato Basil Hummus and 1/2 serving of Special K crackers for 1.5 points.

112210 004

I also brought back a small plum for .5 point.

112210 003

For lunch, I had a new delicious salad made up of a couple cups of lettuce, a serving of HG BBQ chicken, and 1 Tbs. sliced almonds for 4 points. This was absolutely AMAZING!

112210 005

I also had a serving of Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato chips for 3 points.

112210 006

And for dessert, I have a HG Chocolate Chip softy for 1 point. I cannot believe these are only 1 point!

112210 007

And then I was feeling snacky… and had 1/2 serving each of peanuts and mini chocolate chips for 2.5 points.

112210 008

On my last break, I had a coffee with a little eggnog latte creamer for 1 point.

112210 009

For supper, I made sandwich thin pizzas with a little mozzarella cheese, a slice of ham, and a little bit of ground pork sausage along with a side of green beans for 4.5 points.

112210 010

For dessert, I made HG Funky Monkey Bars. I had one for 1 point. Delish!

112210 011

112210 012

After that, I decided to get my Healthy Second workout in for the day. I rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes while listening to the Two Fit Chicks Podcast. I burned 128 calories and biked 7 miles. I have now completed 57.15 miles of my 100 mile challenge that needs to be done by Sunday night. I know I can meet the goal!

I have 3 points left for the day. I am going to enjoy some Jolly Time Healthy Pop popcorn and watch BL.

Just a reminder if you have signed up for the Thankful Healthy Blogger 5k, to make sure that you get back to me with your results to be entered into the drawing! Email me your time and a picture of you participating and you will be entered into the giveaway drawing! Email me this information by 6 PM Central ( on Friday, November 26th in order to qualify! Good luck!!


  1. Your salad looks really good. I want some like right now! :)

  2. I have to say, you have the cutest most colorful plates and your food looks delish as always.

  3. Enjoy your time off and have a YUMMY Thanksgiving!
    <3 Betta

  4. GEEZ...wish I had read this blog when I wasn't hungry!!! Now I'm starving! I've gotta check out that HG chicken, YUM!

  5. Those sandwich thin pizzas look great!

  6. Every you make always looks -
    can I say it?
    Good enough to eat!

  7. Way to go on your second helping of exercise! That cake sure looks good. Enjoy L being home this week. I'm sure that feels nice. One more week and its over then! Have a good TG. I'll miss being together. Just a few more weeks till Nutcracker! YAY! Maybe we can fit in a run together while you're here! Bring your pavement stompers. :) - Angie

  8. Can't wait to see you this week-end! Way to go! Keep up the good work and love those food pics too...mmmmmm. :) MOM

  9. I have GOT to get myself a copy of this HG book!!! The recipes look fantastic! Have a great holiday week!!

  10. Hope you have a fabulous holiday week and holiday! All your food looks so good, and now I am back to having a serious craving for english muffin pizzas!


  11. Your pics are making me hungry and I just had lunch. Gotta make some of those HG recipes. Nom Nom.

    I'll be doing a 5k on Thanksgiving with y'all. I just haven't signed up for t&e challenge. Posting comments from my phone is pretty challenging right now.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  12. Those desserts are awesome! And with so less cals! I need to get hold of that book :) I have a major sweet tooth :)

    I love the idea of second helpings of exercise. Going over to Jessica's to check it out!



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