Friday, November 12, 2010

When Getting the Mail is Fun

It’s Friday!! My favorite day of the work week because Hubby comes home today!! I always wake up with a smile on Fridays. Smile

For breakfast, I had a toasted sandwich thin topped with a sliced banana along with 1 cup of 1% milk for 7 points.

111210 001

And then it was time for work. I was excited when the mail man rang the door bell because I got this:

111210 002

I won Darci’s giveaway and the prize arrived!!

111210 003

What a pretty package! I love everything in it! We all know how much I love my HG cookbooks and this is one I didn’t have, plus Larabars and Subway- who could ask for more? Plus the neat little Iowa magnet and bag- very awesome giveaway! Thanks so much Darci!!

111210 010

With such a nice note. Smile

111210 006

So for my first break I had to have one of those Larabar Cashew Cookies for 5 points.

111210 011

For lunch I had a sandwich made of a sandwich thin, deli turkey, reduced fat provolone (all heated up) and then I added lettuce and tomato. I also had the leftover tomato soup and a serving of Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips. All for a total of 9 points.

111210 012

And for dessert, I had my favorite fruit combination of 1/2 cup each of strawberries and raspberries and a small banana topped with chocolate syrup for 2.5 points.

111210 013

On my last break, I was craving both coffee and hot chocolate. So I made a mocha out of coffee and a packet of diet hot cocoa. I topped it off with a little bit of FF whipped cream for 0 points. Yum!

111210 014

Hubby got home at 3:30! I was so happy to see him, but I had another hour left of work. It went pretty quickly though!

I had him snap a picture of me in my 70 lb. goal reward!

111210 017

After work, we headed out for supper. We went to Panera tonight because we had a gift card. I ordered the You Pick 2- broccoli cheddar soup, asian sesame salad, and a whole grain baguette for a total of 12 points.

111210 018

We ran a few errands after that. I picked up a couple of ingredients to make cinnamon rolls for my new HG cookbook from Darci! I have been craving cinnamon rolls FOREVER- so I’m excited to try a low calorie recipe tomorrow morning!

We had dessert at home tonight. Leftover Cake on the Beach for 3 points. YUM!

111210 020

I did use quite a few weekly points today, but I’m still on track. I am going to have some Jolly Time Healthy Pop while catching up on Biggest Loser.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. You are lookin absolutely great! Love the hoodie! And congrats on winning the giveaway!:)

  2. You look GREAT in that hoodie! Congratulations!! Have a great weekend with your hubby!

  3. Cute prizes and yummy food!
    And the hoodie - is that what they call it now a days!?
    Yay! Cuteness.

  4. What a great picture and love the hoodie! Glad your sweetie is home again too! You look wonderful! :) MOM

  5. You look great! It's a great idea to have milestone "gifts", I need to come up with some.

  6. Great picture!!!! And congrats on the win!!! And hubby being home for the weekend!!!! Off to a great start for the weekend!!! Enjoy!!!

  7. That is great! Congrats! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Man what a great hoodie, a giveaway, and hubby is home!!! And wawsa you are one hot mama :)


  9. Your breakfast looks so good. I haven't had any bread since August.

    Love the hoodie. Have a great Saturday.

  10. Great idea on the mocha, I'll have to try that to change up my coffee one afternoon. LOVE panera's pick two. You look so good in your hoodie - just amazes me how much you've changed. (I'm sure the giddy happy look on your face is due to the fact that L is home!) :) Enjoy your weekend. - Angie XO

  11. AHHHHHH I am SO the dessert person, both desserts posted here look so good! I'm HUNGRY now!!! Love your blog, by the way! Come visit me too!

  12. Way to go girl! Congrats on your rewards.

  13. Hello Gorgeous! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend! Packages are so much fun aren't they. Love your 70 pound reward! All your food looks delish!




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