Thursday, December 2, 2010

Breakfast Fail

What a morning! I woke up feeling sad, missing hubby and I must have been dreaming something sad. Why else would I just wake up sad? But it’s weird how what you dream can affect you in reality.

I thought waffles sounded good for breakfast. I had the time and it would be something different for once. So I made up the mix and had a terrible time trying to figure out what points values, only to end up with this:

12210 001

12210 003

So I said forget it. Oatmeal it is. And I ended up with this:

12210 002

I had already measured out my syrup for the waffles, so I decided to add it to my oatmeal and I ended up with this:

12210 004

Ok, new bowl- FINALLY it went right. I had 1 cup of oatmeal, 1/4 cup SF maple syrup, a sliced banana and 1 cup of 1% milk for 8 points.

12210 005

And then I had my pity party. Winking smile

On my way to school, I ate an apple for 0 points.

12210 006

School went alright today, I’m glad that the semester is coming to a close. One more week of class before finals! The good news is that I found the glove I lost on Tuesday- that made me happy!

On the way home, I ate a pear for 0 points.

12210 007

For lunch, I had leftover HG Sassy Pumpkin Soup and a wrap made up of a tortilla, deli chicken breast and FF cheese for a total of 8 points.

12210 008

For dessert, I had banana soft serve with light whipped topping for 0 points! I just realized this morning that banana soft serve would be free- AWESOME!

12210 009

Before signing in to work, I brewed some coffee and mixed in Peppermint Mocha creamer. I started to feel sick and only drank 1/2 of it for 1 point.

12210 010

Work went quickly, and while I was working the UPS man delivered my new WW tools! That was very fast. I ordered them on Monday evening!

12210 011

I like the size of the new calculator. It fits in the palm of my hand.

12210 012

That will make my life a lot easier when I’m cooking. I might even carry this in my purse. I should have bought 2 of them! Winking smile

After work, I got a few things done around the house, figured out my points for the day and then it was time to run. I wanted to run before I ate supper or hard telling if I would have gotten it done! The goal was 2 miles again. This time I walked 1/4 mile, ran 1 mile, walked 1/4 mile and ran 1/2 mile. So total running of 1.5 miles. I was happy with this workout! It took me 30 minutes and I burned 228 calories. I ran 1/2 mile at 5 mph and then alternated between 4-5 mph after that. I’m trying to increase my speed. Anyone know any programs for that? Maybe I shouldn’t be concerned with speed at this point because I am still overweight. But I don’t want to limit myself either because I firmly believe you are capable of anything if you believe in yourself. I have proved that to myself time and time again on this journey! So that completes 3.54 miles of the Merry-thon!

For supper, I made a dish that I happened to stumble upon when I had leftovers in the house and I LOVE THIS. I mix 1/2 cup of vegetarian chili with 2 oz. 2% Velveeta and heat it up in the microwave. Pour this over whole wheat pasta and mix it up- it’s so delicious! This was 13 points.

12210 014

For dessert, I had a serving of FF/SF Chocolate pudding with a little light whipped topping for 2 points.

12210 015

That leaves me with 2 points for the day. I am thinking something very light and sweet sounds good. Not sure what yet. For once I am not ending the day hungry!

I am so happy that tomorrow is Friday! Hubby is coming home! Hopefully he will be home a little earlier too, last night he has already clocked 45 hours and it was only Wednesday! I don’t know how he does it- he’s so motivated and driven. I’m proud of him, but I miss him so much! We have some fantastic weekend plans which involves getting to see most of my family and a girl’s night out at a ballet!! Can’t wait! Smile


  1. Wow what a morning!!! Have fun this weekend!!!


  2. Bless your sweet and hungry heart!

  3. Poor thing.. glad your day got better..

    About the dreams, I totally believe that our dreams have an influence on our moods.. there will be days when I wake up so mad at someone, all because of a dream.. lol

  4. Don't you hate mornings like that? It's almost too scary to leave the house. I mean, what else is going to go wrong? But looks like your day definitely brightened up. Great job on the run!

    Have a good time with hubby this weekend. Sorry you had to be without him but I think it's sweet that you've missed him so much. :)

  5. Those waffles made me sad! I love waffles.

    Keep on doing what you are doing. With running, just do intervals to get up speed.

    Honestly, though, speed isn't important. It's just being consistent with running and you will always improve.

  6. What a morning! It's good you just didn't crawl back into bed and hide ;)

    I would just keep trying to change your speed slowly.

  7. Bummer morning :( sometimes ya just want crawl back into bed and pull the covers over your head!
    But it sounds like you have great weekend plans :)

  8. Im not laughing at you to you :)
    that is SO SO SO SO SO breakfast ever morning up in herre.

    gotta laugh or Id...not laugh.

  9. Tough morning!
    Glad you were feeling better later, and great job on your work out!

  10. I have experienced the sad dreams effect! It kept me in bad mood whole of the morning!

    So glad that rest of your day went well! Some days are like that. But on flashback it does sound funny :)

  11. Holy smokes, what a bad start to your day!!! Glad the day got better, and YAY, it's Friday, your hubby will be back soon!!! Hang in there!!!

  12. It started out rainy but end sunny and bright. We all have those days. Hope you feel better today.

  13. My goodness! Your morning sounds like some I've been having lately. *Hugs* I'm going to order the new WW materials this weekend, and I can't wait to get them! :)

  14. Your morning sounds yucky! I just hate bad mornings, they can ruin an entire day! Good job on your running!

  15. I want that snowman mug! I heart snowman! :D

    Sorry it was two strikes for breakfast! At least dinner turned out good :D

  16. I'm sorry, I had to chuckle at your breakfast. Actually the waffles made me a little sad, but the microwave looked just like mine did a few days ago. But what I thought was funny, was that it all turned out all right after you changed the bowl, and it was a different color. You see, we have this joke in our family that some food just can't be eaten off of of this certain green dish my mom had. So I smiled when I saw that success came in a different color!

  17. I'm a klutz, so I feel your breakfast pain!! On the running, IDK if it would help increase speed, but I'm starting the Couch to 5K program. It's definitely supposed to build up stamina, maybe it would help with speed too? Good luck!!

  18. Yikes!

    Hope you had a fun day with your hubby home!



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