Monday, December 13, 2010

A Cold, Cold Monday

I have to say that I was actually looking forward to Monday for once. I was ready to get back to a schedule. Weird, huh?

For breakfast, I had 1 cup of oatmeal with 1/2 cup of blueberries and 1 cup of 1% milk for 7 points.

121310 006

I was REALLY happy that I didn’t have to go outside in this today:



On my first break, I was craving peanut butter toast- so that’s what I had for 6 points.

121310 007

I also had a pear for 0 points.

121310 008

And brought back a cup of Earl Grey Tea to sip on while I worked for 0 points.

121310 009

For lunch, I had a salad made with 1/2 serving HG Creamy Crab salad and tomatoes for 1.5 points...but since the new WW plan doesn’t allow 1/2 points, I have to count this as 2 points.

121310 011

I also had a side of HG Cheesy squash bake for 2 points.

121310 012

And for dessert, banana soft serve with a little bit of chocolate syrup for 0 points.

121310 013

And I was still craving something a little sweet so I had dark chocolate for 3 points.

121310 014

On my last break, I had Gevalia French Vanilla coffee with French Vanilla creamer for 2 points.

121310 015

I was pretty exhausted after work. I could hardly keep my eyes open. And so hungry! I decided to take today as a rest day since I haven’t rested since Wednesday. Sometimes it just feels good to take it easy!

For supper I had Schwan’s Teriyaki chicken, a smaller slice of cheesy onion bread, and a veggie mixture w/ seasonings for a total of 7 points.

121310 017

For dessert, I had a HG Jelly Filled Cupcake for 3 points.

121310 018

I have 2 points left over for the night and once again I am ending the day hungry. I’m not sure why I’m hungry at night on the new plan but it’s frustrating knowing that I don’t have hardly any points left to eat anything. I may just have to dig into my activity points again.

Monday’s out of the way! Yay!


  1. Brrrr.. that is soo cold!

    I´ve given you an award.

  2. I read your last post but could not comment on it so I'll write it here. Do you have the option of going back to the old WW way as you worked well with that plan?

  3. No half points?
    Well, there ya go then....
    Food looks good - as always!

  4. I've fixed those HG cupcakes before and they are sooooo good! Way to go on a great on-program day!

  5. That banana soft serve and chocolate syrup looks good!

    And, wow, that IS cold. Here in NY, it's between 28-20. It's cold!

    Stay warm and happy :)

  6. I've been more hungry at night on the new plan too! I'm beginning to think my hunger is all in my head because I'm really not eating very differently than before. I think it's the higher pointplus values of foods playing tricks on my brain. haha. I'm sure we'll adjust! You're doing great! I love reading your blog!

  7. Omg I don't know how you COULD go out in that! It was 19 here this morning and I still didn't want to leave :( Have you noticed that you're colder the more weight you lose?!

    I made the HG espresso cake in a mug thug last night and I'm sold- I added the cookbooks to my Christmas list! I saw the recipe fr the jelly cupcakes too- have to try that one now!

  8. Mug thing not mug thug! My bad ;)

  9. Seriously I cannot believe how cold it has been lately. I mean I know it's the time of year that I am going to freeze my tush off, but goodness between the snow and frigid temps I never want to leave my house lol. How is the new plan going for you? I gained too much weight my first two weeks so I gave up the plan.


  10. Good job on the points. And I think I need that cupcake. Not want, need. :)

    How do you function in weather that cold? LOL

  11. BRRR!!! Holy smokes, thats COLD!!!! No outdoor exercise in that!!! Those cupcakes look AMAZING!!! Only 3 points??? OOOH...I'm going to look up that recipe! Have a great day, stay WARM!!!

  12. Good job on the eating! Maybe try a banana at the end of the day?

  13. Look out for Organic peanut butter as normal peanut butter has bad stuff in them ~ as you love peanut butter, its worth the change over...takes a while to get the taste buds going, but so much better for you.
    How does Banana soft serve and chocolate sauce add up to 0 points?? was that a typing mistake???
    The amount of chocolate you had should be 6 points...3 blocks are 3 points in new system...
    Try find a better choice for dessert..
    Oh I feel like the food police woman on your blog, but so want to see you lose the weight and feel you are not quiet there with the choices you are making...try leave the treats out of your diet till you reached goal weight...



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