Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cuties Giveaway: A Little Piece of Sunshine


I am a huge fan of Cuties Mandarins. They are one of the few things about this time of year that I love (they’re in season from November to April)! They are like a little piece of sunshine in these cold, winter months! I can eat these little guys like candy, which is a lot better alternative to the other kinds of candies that are so prevalent this time of year! There are two varieties of Cuties Mandarins: Clemenetines and Murcott, but I just call them Clementines because I can’t tell a difference. Winking smile

I have tried buying other brands of Clementines and have been disappointed time and time again. Cuties is a brand that I know I can trust. I have never purchased a box or a bag of these that wasn’t juicy and sweet! And to quote Cuties websites, this is due to the fact that, “Before a mandarin can earn the Cuties label, it must meet rigorous standards for sweetness, peelability and absence of seeds. For sweetness, Cuties must contain a minimum sweetness level.” Sure there may be one of two Clementines here or there that aren’t as good as the rest, but ultimately- most are PERFECT!

As mentioned before, another great thing about them is that they peel so easily. Literally, you don’t even need an orange peeler to peel these delicious little fruits. The skin comes right off, just like the picture of the little mandarin with the zipper- it’s true!


There are NO SEEDS, which makes these the perfect little snack. So basically, you grab one, quickly peel off the skin and pop the pieces in your mouth. Really, that simple. They're a great snack for on the go. No mess and no hassle and 100% natural!

They are also a good source of vitamin C, folate, fiber and potassium and with only 80 calories for two of them- they are as important as your daily vitamin this time of year!

Don’t forget, fruits are 0 points on the new Weight Watchers Points Plus plan!

Make sure to check out their website for great recipes, the store locator, and more (like the craft idea below)!


I was thrilled when Cuties sent me 5 vouchers, each good for a free 5 lb. box of Cuties Clementines! Two are for me and I get to give away three to you guys! So, there will be three winners of this giveaway, each receiving one voucher for a 5 lb. box of Cuties Clementines, which I will mail via USPS. Canada readers, these are available in Canada so you are eligible for this giveaway! Giveaway ends at 6 PM Central on December 25th, 2010. The winner will be chosen via and announced on Saturday the 25th- Christmas Day!

There are multiple ways to enter this giveaway, each entry requires a separate comment- if you do not leave a separate comment for each entry, only one will be counted. You can tweet about or mention this giveaway in your blog posts everyday- and come back and leave a comment that you did so each day for extra entries!

1) Be a follower of this blog.

2) Follow me on Twitter @AJourneyToThin

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4) Like Cuties on Facebook

5) Tweet: Check out the sweet @CutiesCitrus giveaway at @AJourneyToThin for a chance to win a 5 lb. box of Cuties!

6) Mention this giveaway in a blog post.

7) Have you ever had Cuties Clementines before? What’s your favorite thing about them?

8) What’s your favorite way to eat Cuties Clementines?

FTC: I was given 5 free vouchers for Cuties Clementines and have not been paid for this honest review.

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  1. In Germany, we ate these all day, every day.
    We got $12 a day and Clementines were a buck each.
    Many times I would spend my whole ration on them!
    Yummy! And aptly named "cute"

  2. Just followed you on Twitter! I'm @Blubeari

  3. Just followed CutiesCitrus on Twitter!

  4. Just tweeted about the giveaway on Twitter!

  5. I have never had Cuties before but I've heard LOTS of bloggers mention them, so I would love to try them!

  6. I have had Cuties before and totally love them. I have some in my fridge now but am running low. I wanna win some. :D

  7. My favorite way to have them is by themselves as a snack. I grab two of them and divide them into segments and eat 'em up.

  8. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Clems! I love them. I always eat them in 3s, too.

  9. I have some in my fridge now. The kids and I LOVE them!!! They are so cute, tiny, juicy, and most of all....seedless!! I just paid $3.75 for a bag last week. Better than my $2.18 for one pomegranate, but they are so good.

  10. Mmmm! I love Cuties for the convenience and juicy sweetness. I just finished off a box, and could definitely use another :)

  11. My favorite way to eat a Cutie is to peel it, then half it. Then I use my tongue/teeth to separate the segments as I go. It's so weird how everyone has their own technique!

  12. I also follow you on twitter. :) @kattehcat

  13. I now follow @CutiesCitrus on twitter.

  14. I've had Cuties before and my favorite part is their logo with the little zipper on them because it's a great visual for how easy they are to peel! I love how thick their skins are.

  15. My favorite way to eat them is to peel it all in one piece then eat each wedge individually, counting them. I heard once a long time ago that if you get 12 wedges then that represents good luck in the new year. It takes a while to get one with 12 wedges but it happens about once a year for me. :D

  16. I'm a faithful follower of your blog and would love to win those little cuties! :) MOM

  17. My favorite way to eat them is just plain. Peel them and eat

  18. Cuties are grown near where I live, I have had them before, they have a great flavor and they're easy to peel

  19. I am a follower. I love cuties!

  20. I have a box of Cuties in the fridge! I love them. My favorite thing is how easy they are to peel! And they are so sweet!

  21. My favorite way to eat them is to peel them first (usually 2-4) and then separate them into sections. Wash my hands. Then sit down with a bowl of them and devour!

  22. i like the little orange guys! :) - Angie



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