Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lots of Pictures!

We had a fantastic holiday weekend with family! I thought I would share some pictures:

My brother makes these AWESOME homemade pretzels. I was surprised to walk into the kitchen to see my brother and hubby making these. I kind of had to giggle, not something I see often!

122610 001

Hubby reading our nephew a book:

122610 002

Preggy SIL and Mom: (I’ll explain the crocks in the picture later)

122610 005

Gma/Gpa and all the grand babies. They are just the most adorable kids EVER and hopefully someday Hubby and I will have some to add to the cuteness. Smile

122610 009

My sister and her babies:

122610 012

We had different plans for Christmas dinner this year. We decided on a 4 course meal and it was so much fun!

122610 015

And the kiddies had their own table this year. Smile

122610 016

We started off with appetizers (everyone gave me their recipes so I knew exactly how many points were in EVERYTHING we ate this year!!)

122610 020

122610 021

And my Mom made the most amazing French onion soup…WOW!

122610 023

Hubby and me:

122610 024

Love this picture of Mom and Dad:

122610 028

My sister, little brother and Mom:

122610 029

The 2nd course was also courtesy of my Mom, spinach poppy seed salad- which was out of this world!

122610 031

The main course was pork loin, carrots and beautiful potatoes. I didn’t get a picture of everything, but here are the potatoes!

122610 032

I didn’t get a picture of the 4th course, but my sister made mini pumpkin cheesecakes, my SIL made the cutest gingerbread men dipped in white chocolate, and I made HG fudge/brownie bites. All DELISH! (we waited a while for the 4th course!)

And then we had presents. I love this picture, it just shows what my family is like- we’re always laughing and smiling when we’re together. Smile

122610 033

My nephew loved to rip the paper off the presents- so cute to watch the kids open them!

122610 035

My older brother and nephew with his new cars slippers on:

122610 037

122610 039

My BIL had fun playing with the kids’ gifts. Winking smile

122610 042

Hubby opening his secret Santa gift:

122610 044

And that’s all I have for Christmas day!

Today, I did get this beautiful picture of my sister and BIL (hehehe):

122610 045

Ok, this is better:

122610 046

Today was a traveling day for the most part, but we did get to stop and spend some time with my grandpa, so that was fun! I didn’t get any pictures of that though. I did take a few random pictures as we were driving- it was a gorgeous day!

122610 057

122610 060

122610 061

Thanks so much to my Mom and Dad for having us out this weekend and for the fabulous gifts! Thanks to everyone!! We really enjoyed our time and we’re ready to crash now! It was a full and busy weekend!

So how did I do eating wise? I was really proud of myself to still have 9 weekly points left at the end of Christmas day. Today, I didn’t have access to WW to check my points and I ended up going over my points so I am –1 right now. 1 point I can handle. I plan on working out all week to make up for that and then some. Overall, I am very proud of myself and I think I just may have this holiday eating thing figured out! If I can plan ahead and save weekly points I will be ok. I also drank 20 cups of water on Christmas day and I think that helped me feel full (and kept me active walking to the bathroom lol). I’ll be happy to start eating healthier foods tomorrow though!

I hope you all had fabulous weekends!


  1. Way to go on that on-program holiday! YOU ROCK! And I LOVE the pictures. You have a beautiful family and you're such a little hottie. *wink* Thank you for sharing! *Hugs*

  2. Wow, all of that food looks amazing!! What is on the bread in the top pic?

    Now I want a Spinich poppyseed salad tomorrow, don't know if I will be able to get to the store in the snow though.

  3. Everything looks wonderful! That french onion soup looks delish! That is my new favorite kick for right now!

  4. Looks like a magazine!
    Awesome photos!
    Yum yum yum!

  5. Yay you for keeping on plan over Christmas!!! I bow at your feet!!!! :) LOVE the pictures, your family look so warm and fun!!! Have a great day!!!!

  6. Glad to hear you had such a great Christmas! :) Your pictures are filled with happiness and love and joy and smiles! :) All that food looked good (the dessert part sounded fantastic!). Stay safe traveling home! :)

  7. Aw, your pictures are telling the story of what a great Christmas you had.

    Congrats on doing so well points wise. That food looked gooood!

    And why is it that the fathers always wind up playing with the kids toys? I think that is pretty universal. LOL

  8. Merry Christmas! You did great with your points. This is a tough time of year for us ladies trying to drop some pounds.

    Looks like y'all had a great time. I like the spinach salad picture. It looks like a Christmas tree to me. :)

  9. Your family is super adorbs! Love all the photos! I'm glad you had such an awesome weekend and holiday!

  10. There are beautiful pictures that you posted over here. It sounds like you and your family have a great fun at your side. It seems your kids except lots of gifts from you. Such a nice photos. I am just impressed with it.



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