Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pictures Again and School’s Out!

Since I finished my very last paper last night, I decided to sleep in this morning. And it felt AMAZING. It was just what I needed to rejuvenate.

For breakfast, I tried something a little different. I had 1/2 cup of light vanilla yogurt, 1/2 cup Fiber One, 1/2 cup Raspberries, 1/2 cup blackberries, and a small banana all mixed up for a total of 4 points.

121610 001

I drank water with this. I always make sure to get in 8 cups of pure water a day. Today I got 12 cups of water in throughout the day. This is in addition to my milk and my coffee that I drink, so I do get in a lot of fluids!

I had to go to school to drop off my paper for my very last final. We got about 3-4” of snow last night, so it wasn’t a fun drive, but not too bad. I was so happy to have that over with! I also got to get rid of these:

121610 002

For only $18.25…what can ya do?

The campus is always really pretty in the winter. Not the best picture, but it shows the snow:

121610 003

And then I headed straight home! For lunch, I made up a big salad of lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, green onions and a little parmesan/asiago grated cheese topped with light Italian dressing for a total of 3 points.

121610 005

I also had whole wheat pasta and a little spaghetti sauce for 4 points.

121610 006

For dessert, I was craving raspberries and banana drizzled in chocolate, so that’s what I had- 1 point.

121610 007

I have a food scale and I measure out everything I eat. My points values are accurate to the best of my knowledge. I do not try to “fudge” my points to get by with less, just so ya know!

A while later, I sipped on some Silk Nog for 5 points. I really like this stuff, but hubby doesn’t. It’s 1/2 the calories of regular egg nog, so I’m sold!

121610 008

I was feeling sick to my stomach before work, so while I was craving coffee, it just didn’t sound good to my stomach. So I made Duchess Tea for 0 points.

121610 009

Work went really quickly this afternoon and we were slow enough that I was able to get all of my Holiday cards addressed and ready to go!

I was bound and determined I wasn’t going to work out tonight. I’ll workout starting on Saturday, I thought. But School just ended, I should just relax, I reasoned. I’ve gone this long without working out this week, I should just take the week off, I tried to logically explain to myself. But all in all, I called hubby and because of my guilty conscience, I told him, “I really should workout tonight but I just don’t wanna!” And he said, “Do it, you can do it!” So I stomped my way to the bathroom, changed into my workout gear and complained my way to the treadmill. And then the clouds opened up and the Halleluiah chorus rang. It all changed. My breathing became in sync with my footsteps. The sweat started pouring off of my head and I felt so alive. I felt successful and determined. I felt I could do anything. So while my intentions were that I had to run 1 mile, I ended up running 2, and I am so happy with that.

For supper, I had the ultimate comfort food. This is so delicious. I realize that it’s a highly processed meal, but I don’t eat this all the time and I enjoy this meal, so I won’t stop eating it. So there. Smile I had pigs in a blanket made with FF hot dogs, reduced fat crescent rolls and FF American cheese for a total of 10 points for 2 of them. I also had green beans and Orange Crystal Light.

121610 010

For dessert, I had a HG Jelly Filled Cupcake for 3 points.

121610 011

I have 4 points leftover- that hasn’t happened in a really long time!! I will be eating them tonight. I’m not sure what I’ll eat, but I will have a snack as we watch the BL Finale! I have gone this far and I don’t know who won- so for once I can watch the finale in anticipation!!

I’m really looking forward to my Christmas Break from school and so happy that tomorrow is Friday!!

Question: Do you like the picture posts? Are you indifferent to them? Hate them? (specifically my food pictures)


  1. I love them, that's one of the reasons I started reading. The photos give me great ideas of what you eat. Thanks for doing them, i know it's a lot of work!

  2. I love the picture posts. You're doing SO great, and way to go on that exercise! You rock!

  3. Love the way you take pics of the food.
    HG? Is that a brand?
    It looks too good.... I need to look away!

  4. I love the pics! but you know that right? lol. You make food luck delicious and yet healthy. ;) and good job on the 2 miles! I´m so excited today I got an elliptical, now the treadmill is the only thing missing in my little gym ( the track will have to do).

  5. Keep the food pics. I love them...and everything you make always looks so good, simple or gourmet.

    Also, don't be so hard on yourself. You are doing an amazing job and look wonderful!!

    What HG cook book do you have? I want to order it :-)

    Rest, relax, and enjoy your Christmas break. I remember that awesome feeling of walking out of my last final. I was on top of the world. Enjoy these days!!!

  6. Love the photos! And girl, you shouldn't have to defend what you eat. Eat what you love and screw the so called food police that only want to make others feel horrible! Your meals looks deeeeeeeelish to me! :)

  7. I love your posts! They give me so many ideas!

  8. The fruit for breakfast looks yummy. I am going to try that combo.

    And the pig in a blanket idea is inspired. MorningStar Farms used to make veggie corn dogs that I would eat with hot mustard for breakfast in the colder months and they stopped making them. I might be able to do something like that with your idea.

  9. That salad looks amazing! And I like the pics!

  10. Isn't that Silk Nog fantastic? :) Glad you're done school!

  11. Love the food pics...looooooooooooove them!

  12. I always like pics on blogs. If it is just text, I find I skim a lot.

    Great job on the exercise. The saying I have loved lately is "You never regret doing exercise, but you always regret when you don't."

    Just catching up a little here, but regarding WW. I would hang on to the new program for a little while. As you said, they haven't been the best couple of weeks for you, so maybe not the best judge as to whether it will work for you or not just yet. Maybe if you add some more protein to breakfast, that would help with the hungry thing. I like doing the egg whites in my oats and that really helps them stick around for a long time, and I imagine egg whites are pretty low in points as 1/4 cup is only 30 calories.

  13. Love the pics. The bananas and berries made me wish I has some here so I could have that for breakfast.

  14. Silk Nog? Seriously? How awesome is that? I am going to have to keep my eyes out for that one. Your raspberry and banana chocolate drizzle dessert looks amazing... kind of like ice cream. I definitely want to make this. I am a dessert aholic!


  15. Yay for the school break. And LOVE photos. All photos...please keep them!!! And have a wonderful day!!

  16. I love them- gives me ideas of recipes I want to try out of the HG books.. which MAY be under my tree right now :)



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