Friday, December 17, 2010

Preparing for Success: Dinner Out


So, I take it you all like the pictures! Smile I needed to know what direction to turn this blog and I’m going to continue right where I have been going. I like to do it, just wanted to make sure you all like them too, and I’m glad to hear that you do!

I followed the advice of many of you and added protein to my breakfast. For breakfast this morning, I made a HG (Hungry Girl) recipe called the Hula Scramble. It was DELISH and only 4 points. I also had a glass of milk for 3 points. 7 points total.

121710 001

I have three of the Hungry Girl Cookbooks: HG 1-2-3, 200 Under 200, and Recipes and Survival Strategies. I love them all! So simple and delicious and I highly recommend them. The Hula Scramble recipe is in the 200 under 200 cookbook.

For my first break, I had a fruit bowl made up of a banana, raspberries and blackberries. 0 points and delicious!

121710 002

I had the opportunity to sign out of work at about 11:00 again today, but I had to take some unpaid time for one of my finals already this week, so I had to stay. Sad smile

For lunch, I had a tuna sandwich (Sandwich thin, 1/4 cup tuna, 1 Tbs. light mayo, lettuce, and tomato), Food Should Taste Good The Works chips, and some chicken broth. I forgot that chicken broth was 0 points and it really hit the spot, unbelievably! This was a total of 8 points.

121710 003

For dessert, I had 1 cup of grapes with FF cool whip mixed in for 0 points. This was REALLY good and I’ll be making this again!

121710 004

Did anyone else notice on the BL finale that Brett Hoebel from Rev abs was one of the trainers that is going to be on BL next season? I recognized him! Pretty cool!

I didn’t want to use any more points for my last break, and apples just weren’t sounding good today, so I had a cup of Early Gray tea for 0 points.

121710 005

I think I did pretty well to only eat 15 points out of 34 points so far. That saves me plenty for supper out tonight and I still have a lot of weekly points left. We are going to our favorite Japanese Restaurant tonight. This is a huge treat for us. We never go there, it’s been over a year. It’s kind of expensive, so we save it for special occasions. I wanted to go there for my birthday but decided against it because of the price. So hubby decided we would go for his birthday and mine- tonight. I have planned out what I’ll be eating and the serving sizes I should be eating. So far, that only uses 4 weekly points and I am very happy with that! I want to enjoy the food, not go over board and not feel guilty, stuffed and disgusting afterwards. I feel like I am well prepared, with rationing my points today and planning ahead by looking at points values and serving sizes. Now I just need to follow through!

It’d be a bit of a hassle trying to take pictures at a place like this (sitting with a group of people and multiple courses), so I’m going to sign out for the night! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Stay tuned for a FABULOUS Weight Watcher Friendly giveaway coming soon!!! Smile


  1. Great job today! I never thought of having chicken broth! Bet that was a good filler!

    Have fun tonight!!

  2. I never thought about the broth either.. hmm.

    Enjoy the night out- I love Chinese, Japanese, whatever! It doesn't love me back though, LOL!

  3. So, how did the protein at the start of your day affect you? Did it help with the hunger?

  4. Great work today. That bowl you had for a morning snack looked so good!

  5. Glad to hear that the day went better for you today!

    Brett Hoebel is the new male trainer. And signs are pointing that Gina Carano is the female trainer. Can't wait, she's amazing.

  6. HG is Hungry Girl!!!!
    I knew that,,,,,, it jut slipped my mind!
    Ever since I went blonde, that happens!
    That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

  7. I hope you had a fabulous time last night. I never thought about grapes and cool whip. Neat idea! Oh, and I love Hungry Girl too. She's the bomb! :)

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  9. I love the pictures too....LoVe I'm glad that decided to keep them!!!

    You are so lucky you got to go to a Hibachi place...I have been craving it SO SO bad....yum....hope you guys enjoyed yourselves.

    Glad you get a break school now too....enjoy!

  10. Hope you had a great time at the restaurant. You deserve it!!!! Have a great day!!!

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