Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shopping for Boots

I decided to get my workout out of the way first thing this morning. I walked 1/4 mile, ran 1.5 miles at 4.5 mph, and walked 1/4 mile for a total distance of 2 miles in 31:00. I earned 8 AP’s. I have 2.1 miles left of my Merry-thon to run tomorrow! I’m going to finish this thing! Smile

By the time we got around to thinking about breakfast, it was almost lunch time- so hubby and I decided we would just eat some fruit. I had one banana, 2 clementines and also a glass of 1% milk for 3 points.

123010 001

Today was a gloomy and foggy day- ALL day!

123010 002

For lunch, we went to a Mexican restaurant. We started out with chips & salsa and Queso. I had exactly 12 chips- I counted. Winking smile 5 points. Don’t mind hubby digging in…lol.

123010 005

For the entrĂ©e, I ordered the “Speedy Gonzalez”. I immediately gave hubby the beans, so I ate just the beef enchilada and taco and both were small. I ordered chicken- but whatever. 11 points.

123010 006

It was a delicious lunch and just the right size!

After that, we did a little shopping. I got a new pair of boots! I have the hardest time finding boots that fit over my calves and these ones did- so I got them!

I think they’re pretty cute! And different! I wanted some flat boots because I have some with heals but they’re not exactly the smartest when it’s snowy and icy outside. Can’t wait to wear them!!

We also checked out a local goodwill where I got 2 new fleece tops that look brand new- $6! Pretty excited about that! I just might start doing my shopping at consignment stores until I get to goal weight- much cheaper- if you’re willing to look through everything to find those “gems”.

We stopped at Coldstone for dessert. I was very proud of my decision to get a Like It- Sinless Sweet Cream with blueberries for 4 points! NICE!

123010 007

Later on, I grabbed a Caribou coffee in the gas station, which I promptly spilled on myself when I got in the car- so me! But there was still enough left to drink and hubby and I split it- 1 point. It tasted old and definitely not worth burning my hand.

123010 008

For supper, we had leftover chicken noodle soup and I made a grilled cheese sandwich for 5 points. I also had some diet A&W root beer. I drink water with my meals unless I have a drink pictured, FYI. Smile

123010 009

For dessert, I decided to have a fruit bowl because I hadn’t gotten in very many fruits/veggies today! I had blueberries, blackberries and a sliced banana along with a dab of Cool Whip Free for 0 points.

123010 010

I still have 6 points left for the day- not bad for eating out!

It’s hard to believe that the week is almost over already! I don’t want our vacation to end! Tomorrow is the last day of 2010! Wow, the year sure has gone fast! Tomorrow I will do a recap of 2010 and check in to see how I measured up with my new years resolutions for 2010- so make sure to check that out! Smile


  1. I LOVE those boots! I can't wait to find boots that fit over my calves. :) Oh, and I totally LOVE Mexican food. I would have gobbled that right up. :)

  2. Most of my wardrobe is consignment. Even still! Great bargains to be had there.

    Great job on the food choices today!

    Can I tell you that I *still* have trouble finding boots that go over my calves? Must be the biker legs.... or that is what I keep telling myself.

  3. Well, I am looking forward to your next update! You have done brilliantly and I am very proud of you and I will be following your example. :)

    Wishing you and your hubby a wonderful 2011 and I hope you get to achieve whatever you set your mind to in the new year. Well done and good luck. x

  4. Love those boots!!! Super cute!! Big woo hoo on the smart food choices! I hope you and your hubby have a great New Year's Eve, and best to you both for 2011.

  5. Cute boots! I have a hard time finiding boots to fint over my calves too! Your food looks yummy! Way to go on finishing your Merry-thon miles!



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