Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Typical Tuesday

It’s so hard to get out of bed in the morning when it’s freezing cold outside and so warm in bed! I wish I could stay there all day!

For breakfast, I had a slice of whole grain toast with peanut butter and a sliced banana on top along with 1 cup of 1% milk for 9 points.

12710 001

After hubby left, I got to working on homework. First thing I did was send off a paper that’s due via mailserv today and that was a huge relief to have one item checked off my to do list! I spent a few hours working on a final project that is due next week, but that I had to make a presentation on today.

I had a mental battle about whether I should run in the morning or if I would run in the afternoon or maybe even wait until hubby gets home to run. I finally decided that running in the morning would be best because it would make me feel better about myself and I really needed a confidence boost for my little presentation today. I also know that sometimes when the day is done I am too tired and don’t want to workout. So I jumped on the treadmill. I walked 1/4 mile for  a warm up, ran 1 mile and then walked 1/4 mile for a cool down. 1.5 miles total. I burned 202 calories. I was still a little sore from my run last night, but I felt better! Plus, I listened to Taylor Swift’s Christmas album- so it was fun!

After my run, I snacked on 1 cup of pineapple for 0 points.

12710 002

School went alright today. I hate talking in class, but I made it through it and all is over now. I always think back about what I say and I feel stupid. Why do I do that? I need to learn to just let it go! Especially when it really doesn’t matter. Why do I have so much anxiety towards social situations? How can I overcome the anxiety? This is a huge problem for me and I would love to work on overcoming it.

After school, I headed over to Subway for lunch. I had a 6” Turkey sub with Baked BBQ Lays for 11 points. Subway never gets old!

12710 003

And then it was grocery time! Here is what I got:

12710 006

One of my favorite deals, Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Latte’s for .50 each! I stocked up on them. Hubby will drink them. Half the bottle is 4 points, so they will be a nice treat once in a while. Not too different in points than drinking a cup of juice.

12710 007

12710 011

On the way home, I snacked on half of a Dark Chocolate bar for 3 points. I have been craving chocolate lately! This is supposedly imported from Germany.

12710 004

Once I got home and put everything away, I had a cup of coffee with eggnog creamer for 2 points.

12710 012

I was feeling a bit hungry in the afternoon and craving something salty, so I had a serving of Food Should Taste Good The Works chips for 3 points. First time having this flavor- OH SO GOOD! They seemed to satisfy me. I feel guilty snacking on anything unless it’s fruits or veggies- but I just wasn’t craving fruits and veggies!

12710 013

I spent a lot of the afternoon just taking it easy. It felt WONDERFUL! And then, I cleaned the house and did laundry. It feels good to have a clean house!

For supper, I had salmon that I marinated in Light Italian dressing along with squash for 3 points. I ate a lot more squash than is pictured on my plate- YUM! There is nothing added to the squash. I have finally figured out that the longer I cook the squash (within reason) the better it turns out. This was PERFECT. We have a bunch of squash in the basement from hubby’s parents- so we’ll definitely be eating a lot of squash this winter! Each squash makes probably 10 cups! They’re huge.

12710 014

For dessert, I had these Maria Cookies that I picked up today. 5 of them are 3 points. They remind me of animal crackers and graham crackers. They’re good!

12710 015

I am ending the day with 3 points left- which I will probably use. I’m expecting a gain tomorrow- which I’m not upset about. I know this is how my body works. If I lose a lot one week, I will most likely gain a bit the next, and then I’ll lose the next week. But who knows- maybe I’ll see a loss. I’m tracking my points, etc. I’ll hope for the best!


  1. "I always think back about what I say and I feel stupid."
    That is SO me. U r not alone.

    Great job with the eats. Seeing pics of your fresh pineapple made me go out and get some today. :)

  2. I just bought a pineapple it was absolutely dreadful. Yours looks good. How are you doing on the new WW plan. I am going back to the old one... I gained six pounds in a week :/


  3. I feel like eating something salty too when I have eaten sweets like fruits and tea and coffee!

    I love maria crackers too. I stopped buying them coz I was eating like a whole pack in one day!! I am crazy.

    Good luck with WI. The effort that you are putting in will show on the scale someday :)

  4. i loved the picture of the groceries!

  5. The cookies look good... :)
    The fact that you bought blueberries automatically means you're awesome!
    And... I totally buy the 25-calorie hot chocolate too. :)

  6. I should read your blog in the morning, and not in the evening, because it always makes me hungry ;D

  7. I really really agree - Subway never gets old! Love me their honey mustard dressing, and it's low fat :-)

    That banana on your brekky looked very yum!

  8. I love the photo of the grocery store purchases! There is something satisfying about laying out what you bought and seeing the healthy food you'll soon have. Good luck at WI, I have my fingers crossed for you!!!!

  9. I love Food Should Taste Good The Works chips! I'm also one that will think back to what I said and over analyze it. I wish I could just let it go, but I never seem to be able to!

  10. OK....I'm addicted to this blog of yours! You are amazing and it inspires me to try to keep trying to make healthy choices. Love all the pictures! Will be anxious to hear about your WI results! :)MOM

  11. I'm also anxious about your weigh in I feel like I'm cheering you on every week!!! No biggie if you gained you have made all the right choices all week long even with traveling and a family visit you did awesome and that is a HUGE part of healthy living. Much more self control than I have...great job.

    I have been craving Salmon since the last time you posted about having it and now I really want some....Might have to go out and pick some up. Do you grill yours or make it in the oven?

    <3 Betta

  12. You are not just a foodie -
    you are a "foodie's foodie!"
    I'm drooling here!

  13. I do not like speaking in public at all. I don't know if I'll ever get over it! I always go over everything I said and pick it apart and drive myself crazy. If you find the secret to getting over it, please share! Love the food pics!



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