Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weigh in Day and New Windows

Hubby and I were excited to see that the Hawkeyes won the Insight bowl game last night! I watched about the first half and then fell asleep- but hubby let me know they won! Go Hawks!

I slept until 8 AM this morning! The longer that the vacation lasts, the longer I sleep in- I got 10 hours of sleep and it felt AMAZING!

I stepped on the scale this morning and weighed 214.8! That’s a 1 lb. loss this week and I’m so happy about that! Pretty good for a holiday week, huh? I have lost 73.2 lbs and I’m getting closer to that lowest weight again! Not to mention, 212 is the lowest weight I EVER remember weighing! Exciting!

For breakfast this morning, I made HG French toast, I altered the recipe a bit to make it a little lower in points. I  sliced banana on top and also had a cup of 1% milk. All of this for a total of 7 points. It was DELISH!

122910Windows 004

After breakfast, we got started on replacing the windows in my office. It gets SO cold in there because our windows are ancient and there is NO insulation in the walls! here are some before shots:

122910Windows 005


122910Windows 013


122910Windows 017

122910Windows 016

I sipped on some Duchess Gray tea to keep warm- in another new mug from my parents!

122910Windows 015

For lunch, I made a new recipe. Shrimp and Feta pizza. It was really good and very pretty! I had 2 pieces for 9 points.

122910Windows 020

122910Windows 023

I also had a small side salad with light Italian dressing for 1 point.

122910Windows 019

For dessert, I had Schwann’s light chocolate brownie fudge ice cream for 4 points.

122910Windows 024

While hubby finished putting in the last window by himself, I made some Kisses/Hugs Pretzel Smores that will be for New Years Eve- and maybe a few before then! Winking smile They come out to only 1 point each and they’re so cute!

122910Windows 026

So I had a cup of coffee with peppermint mocha creamer and a Kiss Pretzel smore for 3 points.

122910Windows 027

I also baked a loaf of bread for New Years Eve.

122910Windows 041

And by mid afternoon- the project was complete! I’m loving it!

122910Windows 034image

After that, hubby and I sat down to relax a while.

For supper, I made homemade chicken noodle soup for 2 points.

122910Windows 040

I also had PB&J for 6 points.

122910Windows 037

And then I had to sample the bread I baked, Cheddar Bacon bread, and I ended up having 1 slice (1/2 shown) for 4 points. This bread seriously tastes like Cheezits.

122910Windows 042

For dessert, I had 2 smores for 2 points.

122910Windows 043

Tonight I am going to have a snack of fruit- 2 clementines and a banana for 0 points.

122910Windows 044

I had to take a picture of the cats piling up on hubby. haha The cats drive me nuts when I’m trying to do something on my computer and they climb all over me- but not hubby!

122910Windows 002

I ended up using 4 weekly points today. Now hubby and I are going to watch Toy Story 1. Can you believe he hasn’t seen any of the Toy Story movies? I’ve seen all of them except 3. We’ve downloaded all 3 to watch over our vacation. Looking forward to it!


  1. Awesome job on the exciting!!! Awesome job on staying so committed through the's so hard with all the delicious food around. Also great job on exercising....send some of that motivation my way :)

    The windows look great and that pizza...yum....wish I could have some of that right now it sounds delicious!

    I was wondering where you get the recipes for your bread!!! I get my bread machine on Friday and can hardly wait to try it out and make some home made bread :)

    <3 Betta

  2. Way to go on that loss, Mae! You're doing SO great! The windows look wonderful. (Oh, and I love the Toy Story movies. Definitely watch #3. It's awesome!)

  3. Big WOOO HOOO for the weigh in loss!!! During Christmas week, that is a real accomplishment! YAY you!! The windows look wonderful, and your cats climbing all over your hubby is hilarious! Have a good day.

  4. Those look amaazing..Would you mind sending me the recipie for the pretzle things. I need somthing to take to my aunts on new years eve and those look easy enough and amazingly good.
    thanks in advance

  5. It looks like just 2 pretzles with a marshmallow in between and a kiss on top. but not sure if maybe you have somthing else in there?

  6. Congratulations on the loss! I can't believe your hubby hasn't seen Toy Story! Time to educate him. :)

  7. I stumbled across your blog from another blog & I love it. I'll be bookmarking it and following your weight loss journey!

    Happy New Year!

  8. You're doing so great! Congrats on your loss this week!

    Um, bread that tastes like Cheezits?! I'm in!

    Happy New Year!

  9. Congrats on the weigh in! That has to make you feel good.

    I've been meaning to try that HG french toast recipe. Yum! And I could hurt myself on that bread. Homemade bread is a weakness. I think more so than brownies even.

    Love the new windows!!

    My cat does the exact same thing when I'm on the computer. Well, not ON the computer but using the computer. I'd break it if I was on it.

  10. I wish I had the restraint to eat the treats you eat and still lose weight. Discipline is not a skill I possess.

    Congrats on the loss! You are ending 2010 the right way.

  11. Congrats on the loss and the new windows!! The more I lose, the colder I am, so new windows are awesome! And I love the new coffee mug!

  12. Geez, you live in Iowa as well? I live in Columbia, MO (Go Mizzou), but it seems like all the bloggers I follow live in Iowa. I will be a good sport and congratulate Iowa on the Insight Bowl victory. It was an exciting game. I guess you got the best of both worlds this week. A victory gained for the Hawkeyes and a weight loss for you;) Keep up the good work.

  13. Window look nice! And the cup is way cute!
    And the cat on the lap! Priceless!
    Glad you are getting some zzzzzz's!

  14. Congrats on the loss!!!
    All your pics are making me hungry lol
    the bread mmmmmmm

  15. ALL the food looks good on this blog!!!! :) Wow... that pizza... those cookies.... :)



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