Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Day I Discovered Stuffed Clams

For breakfast, I had my usual: toasted sandwich thin with almond butter and sliced bananas along with 1% milk for 9 points total.

12511 002

For once, I enjoyed both of my classes. I felt like I learned something in each of them. One of my professors made us all get up and walk around and “mingle” with each other. He said that the students at the University do not mingle with people who are unlike themselves, specifically race and ethnicity wise. Which is really sad, and I don’t know why it happens. Can’t we all just get along? Winking smileSo I spent the first part of class walking around and introducing myself to strangers- which isn’t easy for a shy girl like me- but I did it!

For lunch, I packed my lunch again. I brought a wrap made up of a whole wheat tortilla, deli turkey and a laughing cow cheese wedge. I also had 1/2 serving of Baked Cheddar Lay’s for a total of 7 points.

12511 003

Did you see the Hungry Girl email that said that 2 Laughing Cow cheese wedges are now only 1 point? The WW online tracker has not been updated yet because it still counts 1 wedge as 1 point- so that’s what I counted it as. I’m not sure how many points 1 is now?

Let me introduce you to the inside of the wrap:

12511 004

Simply delicious.

I had some fresh pineapple for my dessert for 0 points.

12511 005

After that, I picked up groceries. I had a list all made up, and it must have fallen out of my purse because I found it on the kitchen floor when I got home. But here’s what I got:

12511 007

I got most of what I had on my list. Mostly, I got things I didn’t have on my list. Winking smileOops!

After that, my throat was feeling sore and a McDonald’s Vanilla cone was sounding good. So that’s what I had- for 4 points. And it made my throat feel better. Plus, I had a gift card my employer gave me for Christmas.

12511 006

Later on, I had 2 Cuties clementines for 0 points.

12511 013

I also made a cup of Duchess Grey tea for 0 points. This stuff is perfect when you’re not feeling well!

12511 015

While I worked on my homework, I snacked on a 100 calorie pack of cocoa roasted almonds for 3 points.

12511 016

One of our cats, Dudley, insisted on sitting on my lap while I read- but he didn’t want me to read…He wanted me to gaze at him, I guess. Winking smile

12511 019

I was hungry this afternoon- I remember being hungry last Tuesday too, for some reason! So I snacked on a banana for 0 points. I allow myself 2 bananas a day if I want them- but no more than that. Most days I only eat one- but I could eat 5 a day if I let myself! I love bananas! lol.

12511 020

Hubby was going to be late getting home- but I didn’t know when. So I tried to wait. I didn’t want to admit this on here- but I have to be honest with you all. I was so hungry and I didn’t stay out of the kitchen. I snacked on a couple Pop Chips, about 10 mini marshmallows, a couple bites of granola, and a couple baked Lay’s. Ok- so a bite here and a bite there. Not big amounts at all- but they’re calories. I haven’t done this in a long time. I’m not sure why I did it tonight but I am disappointed in myself- but also have to acknowledge that I didn’t go crazy like I would have in the past. I added everything up and I’m saying it was about 3 points. Honestly, it may not even have been that much because they were just bites. But it’s those little bites that can get you in trouble. So there’s my confession. Sad smile

Eventually hubby called and told me to go ahead because it was going to be pretty late. I had 2 stuffed clams and baked squash for 5 points.

12511 021

Let me mark this as the day I discovered stuffed clams. A day that will live on in history... err or something. Winking smile I had never had these before and let me tell you- I am in love!! They were so delicious and there’s just something about eating out of a shell that’s just unique and oh so wonderful. And to think the only reason I bought them is because they were on sale- I got 9 for $1.99! We’ll get 2 meals out of them. What a deal!

I finished out the meal with FF/SF vanilla pudding with a tad cool whip for 2 points.

12511 024

Phew! I am stuffed like a clam! Winking smile har har Sorry, couldn’t resist myself. I actually still have 1 point left over- so I guess my snackage this evening didn’t kill me because I had enough points left in the day. I’m not planning on eating anything else for the rest of the night.

Tomorrow is WI day and as usual, I don’t know what to expect. I’ve counted my points and have stuck to the plan- I actually have more weekly points left this week than I did last week. So I’ve actually eaten less. But my weight is always up the day before WI, as it was today- so I never really know what to expect! I did exercise last week, but have felt so weak and tired this week that I haven’t done anything. Actually, just walking gets me out of breath right now. Not so sure what is going on there- just pain in my head (eyes included), teeth and neck. I think it’s sinus related. I’ll hope for the best. But the scale doesn’t define me or how far along on this journey I am. I am more than the number on the scale- and so are you- remember that! Smile

Now go to the grocery store and find some stuffed clams! Winking smile


  1. you're about to hit the 80 lb mark. you go girl!

  2. I love seeing your food pics. I too saw the HG email. If you double the label info it still comes out to 1 point yeah!!
    I had one of those mcd's cones lasst week yummy!
    keep up your awesome weight loss journey

  3. Hey Alissa, that McDonalds cone looks WAY to good. I want one now. Cheers, Rick

  4. Definitely gotta try the clams now! I've had fried clams when visiting husband up in Boston before he moved down here with me.. can't have those anymore, but mmmmm!

  5. You are doing great! I am not a seafood person, but I may be tempted!

  6. Clams is something that I just don;t think I can do!!!

    Banana soft serve tho I am hooked :)))) Conner and Ethan think that they are getting such a treat and they too love it!!!

    Good luck tomorrow!!!

    <3 Betta

  7. I love the last line of your post. Its so true! We are more than just a number on the scale. :)

    Good luck with WI :)

  8. Dudley is adorable! Kitties just want you to focus on them all the time and can't stand it when concentration falls on a book or paper :D

    You were probably snacky because you let yourself get too hungry. I find when I get really nibbly like that, I just have to make something substantial to eat and sit down with it rather than keep going into the kitchen and grabbing a few bites here and there. I can be the queen of snacktown if I let myself.

  9. the pictures of your kittys make think maybe we will get one, one day. good luck tomorrow! - angie

  10. I hate those snack attacks! But you know what? You did great! Seriously, don't be disappointed in yourself! It could have been a LOT worse, but you controlled it. 3 PP is no biggie, don't sweat it!

    Those baked clams look awesome!

    Good luck tomorrow and hope you feel better soon!

  11. Your kitty is so cute!

    Good luck at WI tomorrow!

  12. Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow!! Weigh in for me is tomorrow as well.

    I hate days when I feel snacky. What I find helps is to eat a peice of fruit and guzzle down lots of water.

  13. I haven't had a stuffed clam in probably 10 years. I should get some!

    I am the same way with bananas. I have to limit myself to 2 because I would eat them all day long.

    Good luck on your weigh in!!!

  14. You did awesome! You snacked a little, but you didn't binge and you tracked the points. Good luck with your weigh in!


  15. That icecream is only 4 points? Wow, that's a good deal. :)

    Can't bring myself to trying clams yet. Maybe I will now. Maybe.

    Good luck on the weigh in!

  16. Good luck at WI!!! I hope you are pleasantly surprised. WOW...the clams look SOOOOO good. I LOVE stuff like that. And SERIOUS AWWWW to Dudley!! That picture is ADORABLE!!! Have a great day, keep feeling better!!!!!

  17. I was finally able to find some pineapple. Actually when I saw that it was only 2.99 as opposed to 5.99 that I have seen everywhere else I got so excited... the lady next to me getting oranges looked at me like I was a freak lol. I am definitely going to need to come up with a veggie wrap!


  18. I see from your picture that you're an ALDI shopper. So am I! Is that where you got the clams?
    I bought the almonds this week, too! Can you share your ALDI WW points+ shopping favorites?

  19. Looove fit and them at Aldi's!



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