Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Day of Delicious Eats- and On Point!

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already! This week has flown by. I got to sleep in this morning again—and when I woke up I wasn’t hungry for once. Actually, I felt like I was coming down with a cold again. Hubby has a cold, so it’s pretty likely I’m getting it, too.

I didn’t feel like running this morning, but last time I felt like I was getting sick, I ran and felt better. So I hopped on the treadmill, aiming for a mile run. I ran 1.5 miles and walked 1/2 mile. I was happy with the workout! It took me 33:30 and I burned 250 calories. Another star on my calendar!

After that, I was craving a green smoothie. I am hooked on these things now. I was out of the light yogurt, so I used 1/2 container of vanilla Greek yogurt instead, along with 1 cup spinach, 1 banana and 1 orange (1 cup of ice and 1 Tbs. Splenda). 2 points. And I was even wearing my green workout shirt! Winking smileHere I am in all of my post workout mess  glory.

1611 004

That one smoothie knocks out 3 servings of fruits/veggies! And I like the color- it’s very bright and cheerful! It reminds me of grass and springtime.Winking smile

I was happy to see a lower number on the scale this morning. I’m telling myself to give it all I’ve got this week and see what the scale says on WI day next week. Eating has been tough since Thanksgiving- with all of the holidays and events going on. If I still don’t lose after a good week- then I might have to think about some changes. But for now, I’m trying to tell myself to relax and not stress out about it so much. So it was a relief to see a lower number this morning- although it was 3 hours later than usual…!

After the workout, I spent some time just relaxing. I sat in my big comfy chair, with my fuzzy slippers on, covered in a blanket and read blogs. It was great. I’m going to enjoy every relaxing moment because with school starting up again next week- it will be a while before I can really just relax without worries.

For lunch, I had a tuna sandwich on a sandwich thin with tomato and spinach for 6 points.

1611 008

I also had 1.5 cups of tomato soup made with water for 4 points.

1611 007

And a side of Special K crackers and Roasted Red Pepper Hummus for 4 points. Love Roasted Red Pepper Hummus- it’s my favorite!

1611 009

Good thing I didn’t eat a very big breakfast because I used quite a few points at lunch- but it was delicious and well worth it! Although I will admit I didn’t figure the points before I prepared my lunch- I may not have eaten the exact same thing if I had.

A while later, I had a combination of blueberries, blackberries and pomegranate with a little Cool Whip Free for 0 points.

1611 010

Such a pretty combination!

And then it was time for work- just a short day though! I brought a cup of Duchess Grey tea to sip on while I worked for 0 points. I got this tea at Trader Joe’s. It is Black tea infused with orange, lemon and bergamot. I think this is my favorite tea! The sad part is that I only have 2 more bags and then I’m out. The nearest Trader Joe’s is 2 hours away. Sad smileI’ll have to see if I can find something similar in the stores here.

1611 011

While I was working, I got hungry- so I grabbed a banana for 0 points.

1611 012

For supper, I made HG (Hungry Girl) Swap-corn shrimp along with steamed potatoes and carrots for 10 points. The shrimp is coated in Fiber One- very interesting! DELISH! I also had Diet Sunkist.

1611 013

For dessert, I made HG Peaches ‘n Cream pie. I had 1 slice for 2 points. This was good, but the crust was soggy for some reason, I probably didn’t bake it long enough.

1611 015

That leaves me with 8 points left for the day- which is a really good place to be- much better than yesterday! I will have a snack of some sort tonight while hubby and I watch the 1st Episode of this BL season- EXCITED!! Oh, and Hubby thought he had to have an old school Nintendo so he bought one off of EBay and he received it today. So we’ll probably play Mario or something…lol. Men. Winking smile

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!


  1. Mario is fun! :)

    The new TBL is great, one of my favorite first episodes! :) Enjoy!

  2. I just found your blog, and I'm loving it! Way to go girl. I love that you made the HG shrimp. I'm obsessed with her recipes. They always taste pretty dang good! Good luck with sticking to your goals!! :)

  3. wow.. you´re really knocking out those workouts, and that smoothie sounds really good, I think I´ll try to make one real soon.

  4. Love the picture. You are so pretty. :) Oh, and I love those sandwich thins! I bought somemore on my trip to the grocery store today. I hope that lower number on the scale sticks for your weigh-in. :)

  5. Okay, I'll have to try that smoothie.I'm a banana/strawberry girl.

  6. Way to go today! I just picked up a hungry girl recipe book today. I can't wait to try them out!

  7. The berry combo is so pretty. Looks like a bowl of jewels.

    I haven't had a green smoothie in so long! May have to whip one up now that I've seen how good yours looks. :)

    Hope you don't get that cold. Bathe in Lysol or something. LOL

  8. That post-workout glow looks good on you. Your food looks so good and yummy. You aced the day - good on you.

  9. I love old Mario! We still play sometimes!

    I think I need to try a green smoothie, I love your cup!

  10. Ok, I'm officially banning myself from reading your blog at night! Your food always looks delish and makes me hungry!! I've been really curious about those green smoothies, now I'm definitely going to have to try one. I envy your relaxing!! School started yesterday for me and while I LOVE all my classes, I seriously could use another day in my pjs! :) Thanks, as always for the encouragement and support you leave on my blog! I love hearing from you!

  11. Way to go on working out despite feeling a bit under the weather!! But glad you are having some time to relax before school starts up again. Have a great day! Hope Hubby feels better soon and you keep the cold at bay!

  12. I never have points left over in a day...I sometimes go 3/5 over in a frustrating...

  13. Yummy pics and points to spare!
    You are solid and steady and wow!

  14. Way to be right on point target.. you're seriously an inspiration. I am good until night ARGH. Your food for the day looks amazing.


  15. I have a Nintendo NES with exactly one game - a Mario game. I might hook it up tonight and play it.

    And roasted red pepper hummus is delish. I eat mine with red/yellow bell peppers.

  16. The berries and pomegranate looks so good, I want some now! Everything looks awesome :D

  17. Can you post the recipe for your green smoothie? Looks amazing! Also, what kind of blender do you use?



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