Monday, January 17, 2011

I Shoveled, and Shoveled…and Shoveled

I don’t know about you- but my weekend went WAY too fast!

I wasn’t feeling very hungry for breakfast this morning, so I had 1 cup of cheerios with 1/2 cup of blueberries and 1/2 cup of 1% milk for 4 points.

11711 001

I had a little bit of time this morning to read some blogs- I am so far behind and can’t seem to catch up!

Today was another one of those snowy mornings where I was glad to be able to work from home!

For my first break, I was craving ants on a log- actually, I was probably just craving peanut butter. Winking smile4 points.

11711 003

I brought back a Naked Mighty Mango 100% juice smoothie with me and drank 1/2 the bottle for 4 points. Hubby is working on a gas station remodel right now- and these are always on sale so he brings them home to me sometimes! Smile

11711 004

This weekend hubby and attended a funeral for hubby’s uncle. We drove right past Des Moines- so we stopped on our way home to go to Trader Joe’s while we were in the area. We don’t get out there very often because it’s a couple of hours away for us. I love browsing that store.

For lunch, I made a BBQ chicken salad and it was DELISH! I found some butter lettuce at TJ’s- MY FAVE lettuce that I haven’t been able to find in the store lately. I put some chicken in the crock pot this morning and had BBQ chicken ready for lunch time. I also added Feta cheese, and roasted flax seeds (from TJ’s) and avocado. SO GOOD! 9 points of deliciousness.

11711 006

I’ve heard that flax seeds are very good for you- high in Omega-3’s, good for your joints, and digestive system. These taste good, too!

I also ate 1/2 serving of TJ’s version of BBQ pop chips- love these things- 2 points.

11711 007

And for dessert, I had a Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate with Raspberry square for 2 points. I really liked this- I wasn’t sure if I would or not- but it’s really good!

11711 009

I definitely should have figured the points for my lunch before I ate it and worked on the amounts of the toppings I added because this left me with 9 points left for the day! I probably should have used about 1/2 the serving sizes of the toppings- oh well! (or maybe eliminated my chips and chocolate). Winking smile

On my last break I ate 2 Cuties clementines for 0 points.

11711 010

And I also made a cup of TJ’s Duchess Grey tea for 0 points.

11711 011

After supper, I headed outside for my workout. I planned to shovel snow today. Yes, we do have a snow blower and I chose to shovel by hand- but shoveling snow is sometimes more fun than running on the treadmill. Winking smile I like to get the fresh air and it’s such a total body strength training workout. My body ached when I was done. I shoveled for 1 hour and burned 363 calories. I just might regret this tomorrow! Hubby was pretty surprised to come home and see almost all of the shoveling done! There was a lot of snow out there and it was still coming down!

For supper, I had a very small baked pork chop topped with mustard, rice, and carrots for 5 points.

11711 012

For dessert, I had a Skinny Cow- Strawberry Shortcake for 4 points.

11711 014

That puts me at exactly my points for the day. I’ve had a lot of water to drink today. We went out to eat this weekend for Mexican and I counted my points and ate wisely, but something about that food just makes my body feel gross. It feels good to clean out my body and give it foods that make my body feel good again!


  1. I know! We had Chinese food and I was gassy for 2 days..blah.

  2. Great job on the shoveling! I am with you about preferring to shovel over the snow blower. John thinks I am crazy, and maybe I am LOL!

    I so love the BBQ/feta combo. I don't know what it is about that. Maybe the sweet/salty thing?

    Tip on the flax seeds - you need to grind them in order for your body to use them as the stomach can't break them down and they just pass on through :D

  3. You do such a great job of eating multiple times per day. I'm trying to get into the habit of smaller meals at higher intervals but it's a challenge.

  4. That salad looks fantastic! And with pop chips? Even better! :)
    Seems like the snow doesn't stop coming... at least it's a good workout. :)

  5. There must be a lot of snow! Good for you doing something different!

  6. Love those lined-up raisins!
    I used to line up my candy like that before I ate it....
    M&M's were the best for that, of course!

  7. Your salad looks fabulous!
    Great job on eating. I try to plan my meals a day a head of time so if I need to readjust my points somewhere I can.

  8. Butter lettuce is my fave too. And now I suddenly want to eat insects on a log. Or chocolate chips on a log!

  9. Hi Alisa, I"m so sorry for the loss of your Hubby's uncle! Hope you are both doing ok!!!! Great job on the food choices and the shovelling!!! Have a good day!

  10. So sorry for the loss of your hubby's uncle, I hope you guys are doing ok.

    WOW on shoveling! We got more ice than snow today, but next time I'll have to do the shoveling for a little extra workout :)

    Your salad looked delicious!


  11. I try and pick up things from you..I need to start using my crock pot again. I have never had butter lettuce. I always eat romaine. I will have to try it. I can't eat skinny cows. I can't eat just one! I eat fruit and that is it.I am am staying away from anything that is processed or snacky. If my great grandmother does not know what it is. Then I don't eat it! pretty much anyway! I try anyways. Then if I do eat something outside of that I don't feel so bad ( ;I seen that you ate carrots. I have this recipe that i use to eat when i was on WW but you can eat it when ever. You just cook your carrots and then melt a small 1 tsp of butter a little bown sugar and some nutmeg and mix.. really good..You can exsperiment with different spices.



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