Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I’ve Lost Over 75 Pounds! Holy Moly! :)

This morning I stepped on the scale at weighed in at 212.4!! FINALLY A LOSS! A loss that puts me below my lowest again so I’m finally really losing again! Open-mouthed smile That was a 3.2 lb. loss this week for a total of 75.6 lbs. lost- meaning I earned my 75 lb. star! Holy moly, Batman! Winking smile


For breakfast this morning I had 1 cup of oatmeal with 1/2 cup of blueberries and a cup of 1% milk for a total of 7 Points.

11211 001

I was glad that I didn’t have to go anywhere today and could just sign in to work from home after my day of being in the car so much yesterday!

For my first break, I had PB and banana on light toast for 4 points. I just can’t get away from this stuff. I have to have it daily. Winking smile

11211 002

I also made my daily green smoothie (1 cup spinach, 2 oranges) for 1 point.

11211 003

For lunch, I had a BBQ pulled pork sandwich with Swiss cheese on a sandwich thin along with 1 Roma tomato, and 1/2 serving of Baked Lay’s for 10 points. I also finished up my Diet Dr. pepper from yesterday.

11211 004

I made the pulled pork in the crock pot over the weekend and WOW- it is SOOOOO good as leftovers! I really wanted a salad but I’m all out of lettuce and the grocery store didn’t have the kind of lettuce I like, butter lettuce, yesterday. Sad smileThere’s more BBQ left though!

For dessert, I had one square of Ghirardelli dark chocolate with caramel filling for 2 points.

11211 005

I remember a long time ago when I worked in retail- before I was dieting this time- a woman came through my line with these  Ghirardelli chocolate squares and I commented on how good they were and she said she had lost a lot of weight and she buys these Ghirardelli squares so she wouldn’t over indulge. Good idea, lady! Smile

For my last break, I had 2 Cuties clementines for 0 points.

11211 006

I also made a cup of Green tea w/ pomegranate for 0 points.

11211 008

For supper, I made Ramen-Beef Stir Fry- a delicious recipe! I haven’t updated the link to the new Points Plus yet though, FYI. I divided the recipe into 6 servings- 7 Points Plus per serving. I had one serving. This picture looks nasty, eh? lol It tastes much better than it looks!

11211 013

For dessert, I had HG Peaches and Cream pie- but I didn’t eat all of it. 1 point. Weird, this picture looks like cheesecake! It’s actually a pinkish/orange color.

11211 014

That leaves me with 2 points left for the day!

I want to say thank you to Stephanie and Kristin for giving me the Stylish Blogger Award. It means so much to me to know that you enjoy reading my blog! Smile


There are 4 duties to perform to accept this award:

1.  Make a post + Link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2.  Share 7 things about yourself.
3.  Award 10 recently discovered great bloggers
4.  Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won!

7 Things:

  1. I’m a senior in college- an English major. But I’m a part time student and full time employee so I won’t be graduating soon!
  2. I love to sing. I dream about being a star- lol.
  3. I played softball in high school- but the coach made me sit on the bench most of the time. Winking smileHe didn’t believe in me. I’d sort of like to have a talk with him nowadays…
  4. I’m married to my best friend.
  5. I live in the Midwest but I just can’t understand why our ancestors decided to settle here and not somewhere warm!
  6. I always wished I learned how to play the piano- there’s still time though!
  7. I’m a bit of an overachiever in regard to work and school. I have to do everything perfectly or I am disappointed in myself.

There are so many bloggers out there that I love. I invite you to go over to my blog roll and visit those bloggers! I nominate ALL of you on the blog roll for this award. Go ahead, take it! Smile

Go on… don’t be shy!


  1. Congrats on the loss Alissa! You are doing so amazing! You are a real inspiration to me!

    Are you going to be posting the recipe for the pulled pork or the raman? It all looked so yummy!

  2. Congratulations on the loss! The new plan seems to be working okay for you now :D Must be the guilt free bananas...

  3. Congratulations on the loss!!! Way to go!!!

  4. Amazing and inspiring! way to go!! :0) Love your meals today, too!

  5. Wow ... what an inspiration you are! I just started my journey (first WW meeting was on Saturday) and am trying to get a handle on the points plus. I've started a new blog to document my journey - as my other blog was more "life" ... this one is all about this health thing. LOVE this post and the great meal ideas! WAY TO GO on the weight loss! I'll be back for more and more, for sure!

  6. Crazy!! You do realize you've lost a large child, right? Thanks for inspiring.

  7. AWESOMENESS!! I'm sooooo happy for you, Alissa and SO PROUD! Congrats! :)

  8. You are a weight watchers ROCK STAR!!! Congrats Alisa, I'm really really happy for today's news!!! Have a great day!!

  9. WOW!!! I am so happy for you!!! I'd be introducing myself to everyone the rest of the week, "Hello my name is Alissa, and I lost 75 lbs!!! Holla!"

    I totally would.

  10. Congrats on the 75lb milestone! Whooo hooo!
    congrats on your award! Well deserved

  11. A big Round of Applause to you. You certainly deserve it. Good work. xxx

  12. I'm new to your blog. Great job on the loss!!!

    You have a new follower!

  13. Alissa!!! You have made some amazing progress, so happy for you!! Keep it up! :)

  14. Congrats on the loss and your star!!

  15. Congrats, Alissa! Your post made me smile!I am so happy for you! You have got me hooked on PB and banana on whole wheat in the mornings, too! Yum! I look forward to it during my walk/runs in the mornings!

  16. That's AMAZING! So inspired by you. Incredible, incredibly. ONEderland is just ahead!

  17. Your breakfast and morning snack look exactly like mine do. Hahahahaha!!! Great minds think alike!

    Great blog by the way, I found you while blog hopping today!

    I'm now a follower!


  18. Wow, you are doing great and your food looks yummy. All that great food and losing 76 lbs? Good for you. You are definitely an inspiration and I cannot wait to join you at 76 down.

  19. Wow! You are a ROCKSTAR! Good for you, and congrats on the award. I love a good green drink, too. :)

  20. WOW!!! I'm SO excited for you!! :)

  21. yay on the loss!!! good week i'd say. - angie

  22. 75 lbs? That is incredible! It takes a lot of focus and commitment to lose that amount of weight on your own and you are doing it the right way.

    As for the chocolates, I love preportioned foods and think they are a great way to stay in control with things you love. I wish I had the restraint to eat chocolate again, but I don't. They would call to me until I ate the whole bag or box.



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