Thursday, January 13, 2011

Me- Version 2.0

Today was going to be a long day so I wanted to have a good breakfast. I had 2 slices of light wheat toast with PB and Banana along with 1 cup of 1% milk for 8 points.

11311 001

I spent some time in the morning finishing up my reading assignments and then I headed to class. It was a COLD day today and the walk to class wasn’t fun!

My first professor made all of us stand up and dance- he said that  it would warm us all up. lol. He said that the best way to learn a dance is to watch it and try to copy it and he wanted us to copy this:

Ok- not so much for me! I was all kinds of uncomfortable! haha But he was up there giving it all he had. lol- that was kind of fun to see, actually. He said it was the Rumba- I’m not really sure? I don’t know much about dance. But that was interesting anyways-Thought I would share the absurdity of the experience- so is college. Winking smile

My second class was all kinds of boring. I am not in high school and do not need my professors to talk 2 words an hour and provide notes on a power point- come on- lecture and explain things to me I don’t know! Plus, I get really tired of professors trying to push their own political agenda in class… it’s going to be a long semester!

After that, I grabbed Subway for lunch. 6” turkey. I brought my own 1/2 serving of Baked Lay’s from home and drank water. 9 points.

11311 002

I ran into Hobby Lobby in search of some Valentine’s Day D├ęcor- didn’t find anything I was in love with- although I found an AWESOME coffee cup and smoothie cup with hearts on them- so cute and so girly! But I didn’t buy them- although I may go back and get them when I have a coupon!

I had to go into the office today for a meeting- so I stopped at Starbucks and grabbed a short Chai latte with nonfat milk and I was craving something sweet- so I got a chocolate chunk cookie and ate 1/2 of it- total of 8 points. The 1/2 cookie itself was 5 points- and I have to say I enjoyed every single bite. Those points weren’t wasted AT ALL. Very good cookie! And amazing that I am able to limit myself to 1/2. SmileTo me, that’s what this lifestyle change thing is all about. No deprivation- just moderation.

11311 003

Work went fine. It always makes the time go fast when it’s something different. I do not miss the smells of that place though. YUCK! Bathe- PEOPLE!

My boss told me how appreciated I am and how great of an employee that they think I am and they are going to miss me if I quit when I graduate from college. That’s always nice to hear.

And then I headed home. I forgot how tiring it is to be gone all day. Did I mention that I LOVE LOVE LOVE working from home? Smile I’m glad that tomorrow morning I can put my slippers on and work comfortably in my own office- free of nasty smells!

For supper, I wanted something quick, so I heated up the rest of the leftover pulled pork. I had a sandwich on a sandwich thin along with green beans and SF Strawberry Jell-O w/ blueberries for 6 points. I also had some of that Diet Dew that I won on Twitter. Smile

11311 004

For dessert, I had a Skinny Cow Strawberry Shortcake ice cream sandwich for 4 points.

11311 007

So that puts me at using 1 weekly point today.

I am REALLY lacking in fruits/veggies today, but I can make that up- they are free after all! I actually brought two Cuties Clementines with me to work and forgot about them- since when do I forget about food? lol. I drank a lot of water today, so that’s good. So I will probably eat those Clementines and I will have eaten 5 servings of fruits/veggies- WW’s requirement. I was reminded today how much more planning it takes when you are not at home all day. I used to be able to do it- but it does take extra work.

I have to express how happy I am today. I am happy with myself. I feel good about myself. I believe in myself more than ever. I have more self confidence- maybe not all that I need to have- but I’m a work in progress. I know that I deserve more- I am worth it. I know I can attribute so much of this to my weight loss efforts and all that goes along with it. Losing weight isn’t  just going to make you look better- it transforms your attitude, your mind and your life. It is helping me to be a better version of myself. One of my new year’s resolutions is to be the best me that I can be. Here I am- version 2.0. SmileI can’t wait to see what’s in store along the rest of this journey. I am so happy with my life. I’m thankful for a loving hubby and the wonderful family that I have. I am truly blessed. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Thank you to all of you who have encouraged me and cheered me on along this journey. You are helping me become the woman I was destined to be and so I thank all of you, too. Smile

*sniffle* Ok, happy tears are ok, right? Smile


  1. It is so nice when we start to think more highly of ourselves. When we finally know we deserve the best. You are doing a fantastic job. Keep it up!

  2. I just love love love your blog. You inspire me and I honestly wait for your blog update to keep me in check. I love the pictures and am thinking about doing the same.

    You ROCK!

  3. I am happy that I stumbled upon your blog tonight. You have such a wonderful attitude and it really lifted my spirits. Congratulations on losing 75 pounds, that is all kinds of awesome.

    I think I have lost count of how many photos I have seen now of toast with peanut butter and bananas. I've never tried it. I like bananas fine but not sure how I would like them with other things. I am intrigued though and since there is a lot of fuss over this combination, I will have to give it a try soon.

    Again, congratulations on your success you are doing well.

  4. Strawberry Shortcake Skinny Cow? We don't get anything so good here in Canada (whine). You sound so happy and blessed. It's refreshing.

  5. That stuff looks too good to be true!

  6. I am SOOOO happy for you Alisa!!! You've worked really hard to get to this place, and you deserve every bit of the joy that goes with it!! Hope tomorrow is as good a day as today was!!! Take care.

  7. You have done so amazing, and I'm so happy for you!

  8. Keep it up! it's nice to see HAPPY! We all deserve that feeling! Loving the 1/2 chocolate chip cookie, yummy!!! I don't know if I could have done just 1/2! Great job!

  9. I love this post. :) You have done SO great, Alissa, and I'm glad you take the time to pat yourself on the back because a lot of people don't take the time to do that, and it's such a boost to the self-confidence. Keep on keeping on, my friend!

  10. Yay for you-2.0!!! You're awesome!

    Your professor, interesting! LOL!

  11. Yeah for you! You should be very, very proud! When is your next reward, have yout hought about doing something extra special for youself since you have been doing soooo awesome?

  12. Happy, happy for you, Alissa! Your positive attitude is just as inspiring as your great food choices, workouts and NSV's!

  13. Congrats on your loss!
    My new motto is going to be moderation not deprivation! Thank you :)


  14. Hi There,

    I just started following you and I love your blog. Please join my weight loss blog and lets support eachother!

    Awesome job on your success!
    See you soon,


  15. I love your blog!! Especially all of the pictures. I don't think mine would turn out that well, but I may give it a shot sometime! I love the skinny cow ice cream, YUM!

  16. Yay! For feeling good about yourself! I think it's great to think positive about changes we are making even if it's a struggle some days.

  17. I love the positivity and self love you have! It's always great to see and read :)



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