Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Exercise Plan and Free Coupon for You!

Since today was my day off, I got to sleep until 8 AM. It felt AWESOME! I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the day! Today was my last full day off of work AND school before I go back to school next week.

I want to welcome all of the newbies out there! Welcome to my blog and I hope you stay around a while. The blogging community is very supportive- and if you haven’t commented to let me know you’re reading- please do so because I would love to follow your blog, too! I have received a few emails with questions about what I am doing to lose weight, and I welcome any emails or questions! Just shoot them over to and I’ll do my best to respond!

For breakfast, I had a slice of light whole wheat toast topped with reduced fat peanut butter and a sliced banana along with 1 cup of 1% milk for 5 points. All I had left in the house for peanut butter was the stuff I use for baking- bleh- not nearly as good as my natural kind!

1411 001

I started to think about what my workout schedule would be for the new year and tried to create a calendar with what I would do each day. But then I got to thinking. Some days I just don’t feel like running. And other days I think that a walk sounds really good, or a bike ride sounds perfect. There are even days when I am craving a run. But why should I try to schedule what workout I will do each day? My goal is to run 2-3 days a week, start lifting weights 2 days a week and I would like to start doing workout DVDs and biking again, also. So my plan is to do that, but I’m not scheduling what workout I will do what days. I want to workout 5 days a week with 2 rest days. So that’s the plan! I do want to keep up with my running though. For me, any activity I do is going to benefit me in some way. I am not training for a marathon or anything like that- I just want to get some activity in, burn calories and have fun and enjoy myself while doing it! No more dreading exercise! I think by mixing it up a bit and adding a variety of workouts in, I will have less of a chance of getting bored or dreading working out. Does this make sense? So instead of scheduling my workouts, I am printing off a blank calendar and I will write on it what I have done on each day- maybe even put a sticker on each day I workout. Winking smile 

So this morning I did a customized workout on The Firm dvd. These ladies are way more coordinated than I am! So I just tried to keep moving and do what I could- but I had fun and worked my whole body and even used 8 lb. weights in some parts. I worked out for 30 minutes and burned 166 calories, which I don’t think is too bad since it wasn’t ALL cardio! Moving my body just felt good. I’ve been focusing on running so much lately that I wasn’t doing ANYTHING else!

After a short break, I biked on the stationary bike for 7.5 miles in 30 minutes and burned 125 calories. That’s 291 calories burned total!

So here is my calendar so far- which I will keep on the fridge! I’m hoping this will help keep me motivated in some way- I have seen other people do the same thing. Smile

1411 002

For lunch, I had a small side salad made up of lettuce, tomato, carrots and a mixture of light sour cream and BBQ sauce for 1 point.

1411 005

I also had a wrap made up of a small Mission Carb Balance tortilla, 2 Schwann’s teriyaki chicken wings, tomato and Swiss cheese for 5 points.

1411 004

For dessert, I had about 1/2 serving left of my No Pudge! Brownie mix- so I made that, topped with a bit of Cool Whip Free for 2 points.

1411 006

Speaking of, a while back, No Pudge! mailed me a couple of coupons for 25 cents off a box of the No Pudge! Brownie mix. I will give one away to one of you- just let me know that you’re interested in the comments and I will choose a winner via and get that mailed out to you. It doesn’t have an expiration date. You can find lots of delicious recipes on their website, too! The winner will be chosen tomorrow night and entries must be in by 5 PM Central. Every little bit helps, right? Smile

A couple of weeks ago Diet Mtn. Dew tweeted me that I won a 2 liter, I wasn’t sure if it was real or not- but I guess it was because look what I got in the mail today!

1411 007

I like anything free. Winking smileWe drink diet pop from time to time, so this was a nice win!

Today is Tuesday- my grocery shopping day. We didn’t need a lot of stuff, but I had a list and I always shop for deals even if it’s not on my list. Here’s what I got:

1411 009

On the way home, I snacked on 1/2 package of glazed pecans for 4 points.

1411 008

We had an early supper tonight because hubby got home early and we were both hungry- better than snacking! I made one of my new favorites- fish tacos! YUM! I had two of them along with 1/2 cup of FF refried beans for a total of 9 points. I also drank some diet Sunkist.

1411 010

For dessert, I had 1/2 cup of Vanilla pudding for 4 points.

1411 011

That leaves me with 4 points left for the day for a healthy snack of some sort. Hubby mentioned he felt like he might be coming down with a cold, so I told him I would make him an orange smoothie- so maybe that’s what I’ll have, too! I want to get some more fruits/veggies in today yet.

Tomorrow is WI day and I will embrace whatever the scale says knowing that I am back on track and will do wonderful from here on out! NO HOLIDAYS FOR A LONG TIME! Smile


  1. I love The Firm! I'm currently in gym/Zumba mode, but I keep The Firm DVD's handy. :) I also love No Pudge! Thanks for sharing. You're on a roll!

  2. I am also focusing on exercise and not a structured plan. Burning calories is my goal.

  3. Variety is the spice of life, right? Keep it fun. :) Maybe a pole dancing class. LOL I'm joking.

    YES, I'm interested in a No Pudge coupon. I love those brownies.

    Hope your weigh in goes terrific.

  4. I would love to be in that coupon drawing. I've never tried No Pudge, but I keep meaning to. Is it sold in stores, or do you have to order it? Oh, and that Mountain Dew coupon makes me drool. I gave up all soda two years ago, because I was up to drinking one liter of Mountain Dew every day. I could still drink one as big as my house though, so I have to watch myself. LOL

  5. I'm using the kettlebell to work out and I love it!

    Looking at what you ate all day makes me hungry :)

  6. oh and I love the calendar with the stars for the days you workout! Visual tools are the best!

  7. How cool is that to win something.
    And I love even the plates!

  8. I just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog! I really like your calendar idea, I think I might try to start that too, thanks for the idea!

  9. I thought you were following me (which is how I started following you), but I'm not sure.. lol

    I love the calendar on the fridge idea.. and the stars.. :) We can never be too old to get gold stars for doing good things.. :)

    You always have such yummy foods.. I'm going to have to look for some of them soon.. oh, here's my blog link..

  10. Good luck at WI tomorrow!!! I have my fingers, toes, knees..everthing crossed that you get a nice surprise!!! Also, LOVE the calendar idea!

  11. I am interested in that coupon! Your pics always look so yummy!

    Great idea with the's really motivational!

  12. I am now craving tacos. Shrimp tacos :D

  13. your food! my mouth is watery hehe. I really love the idea with the calendar! keep up all the great work..
    Also, do you watch the biggest loser, ok so at the finale of last season which I just watched (they showed the shadows of the 2 new trainers) is it me or is one of them totally Brett Hoebel. <--- he is hot! lol

  14. Haven't read in a few days. Looks like you're starting your year out right! The workout calender is nice and I like your star stickers. :) A teacher at heart. Good luck today. I think if you had one bad holiday out of three - you've done great so pat on the back. You have to have a little fun from time to time. Guess I should go start up my treadmill now and do something healthy. - Angie

  15. I'd love to try it :) I love sweets and anything I can do to make it better for me, I am down.

  16. Which Firm DVD did you do? I only like a select few. I find that they don't give good lead ins, so they move onto another move (and a sometimes complicated one), and you're left behind.

    And you bought blueberries and bananas. :) And broth... I need broth too.

    Keep up your great work!

  17. I have never tried the No Pudge brownies but they sure look good!

    Have you shared how you make your fish tacos somewhere? I am always looking for new things to fix for my fam and that would be new to all of us :)

  18. Great blog. Found you over at Suzi's. New follower here.

  19. It feels very nice to win something. I would definitely like to take part in that coupon drawing. And I am on low-cab diet and I feel great as it makes me feel fit and healthy.

  20. I don;t know if I have written in your comments yet, but I follow your blog. SO if you would like to follow mine I would love to have you :)

    I love your calendar idea, I may have to do this also... once I get a printer lol

  21. I'm interested in the nopudge coupon as well.

    I've been on weight watchers for almost seven months now, so i'm not new to the blogosphere, but I've just started looking at other blogs related to weight loss and trying to do the same to mine!
    (The link is:

    I love your calendar idea! :)



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