Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snacky but Healthy

Is it only Tuesday? It feels like it should be Friday already!

For breakfast, I had toasted light wheat bread with egg beaters and laughing cow cheese along with blackberries and raspberries and 1 cup of 1% milk for 6 points.

11811 001

Today was a school day, so I headed to class. On the way, I drank the other 1/2 of the Naked Mighty Mango for 4 points.

11811 002

Both classes went fairly quickly today, which is always a good thing!

Today I packed a lunch instead of going to Subway. It will be my effort to try to save some money. I will miss Subway on Tuesdays! Hubby and I decided that eating out is an experience- and if we’re going to spend money on it- we should eat out together only- it’s more fun that way anyways! I brought a deli chicken sandwich with laughing cow cheese on a sandwich thin and 1/2 serving Baked Cheddar Lay’s for 7 points.

11811 003

I also ate 2 Cuties Clementines for 0 points. I was sad because I couldn’t find these in the store today! Sad smile

11811 004

I headed into Wal-Mart to get a few groceries. Wal-Mart is not my store of choice- but I had to grab a few other things that I can’t get at the grocery store- so Wal-Mart it was. Do you like the Success I bought today? It comes in a box these days. Winking smile Looking at this picture- it just struck me as funny. It’s actually rice.

11811 007

I was hungry today for some reason, so I grabbed one of the bananas I bought and ate that on the way home for 0 points.

11811 005

I also ate some carrots that I brought along for 0 points.

11811 006

I was hungry again in the afternoon- not sure why I was so hungry today! From the moment I woke up actually- which is why I ate a larger breakfast. So I ate 25 pistachios for 2 points.

11811 008

STILL hungry- so I ate an apple with Peanut Butter for 3 points.

11811 009

At this point- I waited a while and was still hungry but decided enough was enough. No more eating- even if it was healthy! Any explanations for why I would be so hungry? I feel like I had eaten enough protein so far throughout the day. Why? Why? Why? Hunger is every dieters nightmare. Winking smile It’s something I honestly try to avoid because it makes me want to eat everything in sight- today, I practiced self control. Maybe it means that I’m going to lose weight tomorrow…I don’t know? lol. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

I did drink a cup of Chocolate Raspberry coffee with a packet of Sweet-n-Low in it for 0 points.

11811 010

I spent the afternoon reading for school. I accomplished what I set out to read- so that was a success!

For supper, I had a salmon burger, sweet potatoes, broccoli with 1/2 slice of 2% cheese (note to self- eat the whole slice because it’s the same amount of points!) and a glass of Diet Pepsi. Delicious supper. I was amazed that the salmon burger was only 2 points- I’ve had it in the freezer for a long time- I will have to buy more of those! 5 points total.

11811 011

For dessert, I had SF/FF chocolate pudding for 2 points.

11811 012

Always tasty!

After supper, I did a Pilates workout for 22 minutes and burned 100 calories. I think Pilates is my favorite workout. I love it. It’s graceful and it feels good to stretch. Not only that- but my muscles burn when I do it! I think I should start doing Pilates more often! It’s not a huge cardio workout- but I think sometimes I focus on the calories burned that I forget to just enjoy moving my body and working my muscles- that’s good for me, too!

Do you cats love your yoga mat? My cats love mine for some reason…lol. The white one sat under the mat for the longest time while the grey one jumped all over and tried to catch the white one’s tail sticking out the other side…haha.

11811 016

Amazingly, I still had 5 points left for the day. After a day when I thought hunger would never end- I persevered!Tomorrow is WI day! This morning I was slightly up from WI day last week- which isn’t anything out of the ordinary- I’m not sure what to expect though because I ate all of my weekly points this week and barely got any exercise- although I did not go over my weekly points- which is on track for the WW plan! As far as exercise- I was sick, and school just started again. I’m struggling getting back into a new routine. But I will get to it- so far so good this week! It always takes me a bit to adjust when I have a new schedule and routine again.

I am sipping on the other 1/2 of the Fat Free Chocolate milk I bought a week ago. Can you believe I didn’t touch this all week? 4 points.

11811 013

With 1 point leftover for the day, I’m going to call it quits and not eat anything else for the night.

Wish me luck for tomorrow! Smile


  1. Love seeing your food. So many people do this now. I am gonna start tomorrow!!!

  2. Walmart never had clementines, I have to get them at Kroger or Target when I go for them. Food looks delicious as always, good luck tomorrow!!

  3. I LOVE Cutie's! Do you have a Sam's Club by you... thats the only place that I can find Cutie's now. I am loving all your food today. Sounds like a yummy day!


  4. I lover your grocery pictures. Does that make me a grocery voyeur??? And yes, Neva is either on or under the yoga mat when it's out. Crazy kitties!!! Have a great day Alisa.

  5. CORRECTION - I don't "lover" your grocery pictures, but I love them!!! Bad typo!!! :)

  6. Good luck tomorrow! That dinner is amazing, I can't believe the points!

    It's always hard when the schedule changes!

  7. I wonder if you were so hungry today because of the shoveling workout yesterday?? Gotta listen to those body cues! Yourfood all looked delicious today!!

  8. I have those days where I feel like a bottomless pit too and no matter no many healthy snacks I eat I'm still hungry. I just start cleaning or watching tv when I feel that way because I need to keep busy.

  9. I couldn't find my Cuties this week either...I went around the food aisle three times and finally my husband said.. "Let it go, they aren't here this week." LOL I love the salmon burgers too!

  10. Good luck on WI! A week before my period strikes I get so hungry I think I am going to die, lol! :) Hang in there!

  11. Good luck! I tried the FF nesquick the other day. I didn't think I would like it, but I totally did!

  12. I've been very hungry lately too. Maybe your metabolism is being revved up?


  13. uh oh. I see chips. Now I wants a whole bag of 'em. whoops!

  14. Your yoga cats made me laugh. :) Your food looks great! Lots of different and delicious things.!



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