Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tears of Joy: Weigh in Day

I woke up this morning feeling like I was going to gain. You know the feeling. I was so thirsty (despite having drank a lot of water yesterday) and felt bloated. I waited as long as I could before stepping on that scale, and when I did, I did so with my eyes closed.

I tapped the scale with my toe to turn it on. Eyes squeezed shut, I stepped on. I cautiously peeked out of one eye and saw 210.8.

I blinked and all wide eyed, I looked again. 210.8?! What?

I lost weight this week! 1.6 lbs. to be exact. I couldn’t believe my eyes and actually had to step on a few times to be sure.

And the more I thought about it- the more I realized why I couldn’t accept the fact that the scale read 210.8 this morning. I never remember weighing under 212 in my life and today, I passed that by. Subconsciously, I never thought that day would come. I didn’t think it possible.

And then the tears came. It’s moments like that when I realize how much this means to me. How much I want this. How happy being successful at losing the weight makes me feel. How I’m gaining a life I never knew I could have.

I’m not going to be that token “fat girl” much longer. Maybe someday I won’t feel like I need to keep my head down when I’m walking through a crowd of people anymore in an attempt to hide my almost 300 lb. frame. If I can’t see them, they won’t notice me right? Maybe someday the anxiety that I feel all of the time regarding all social situations will start to fade away. Maybe someday when I hear people laughing, I won’t think they’re laughing at me. As I become more comfortable with myself and learn to believe in myself- it opens so many doors. It’s ok to have self confidence. It’s ok to believe in myself. Look what believing in myself has done so far- I’ve lost 77.2 lbs. I’m just over halfway to goal- but I know I can do this.

And when I told hubby what I weighed, the tears came again. And hubby was so proud of me.

And now on to your scheduled programming…Winking smile

For breakfast this morning, I had 2 slices of light wheat toast with Almond butter and a sliced banana along with 1 cup of 1% milk for 8 points.

11911 001

Our toaster is on its’ way out. The toast is either burnt or not done enough. Today, it wasn’t toasted enough. Bleh!

It was a beautiful day outside- as viewed from my office window. When I went to get the mail- it was BITER cold!

11911 003

11911 004

On my first break, I was craving a glass of milk. I wasn’t really HUNGRY- just wanted some milk. I decided since I had already had a cup of milk today, I would have a yogurt- same thing, right? Light Peach yogurt for 2 points. I never did get over that craving for a glass of milk though…

11911 008

And I was reminded why I love peach yogurt- I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. But I do think AE Dairy’s Greek Clementine yogurt has replaced peach as my favorite yogurt flavor.

I was hungry by lunch time! I had a BBQ chicken salad with tomatoes, avocado, feta and flax seeds. I was very helpfully informed that I need to grind the flax seeds to get the benefits- but they tasted so good whole on my salad on Monday that I had to make it that way again! 8 points.

11911 010

For dessert, I had FF/SF chocolate pudding for 2 points.

11911 011

On my last break, I had an orange for 0 points. Yesterday, I thought I was buying a bag of oranges and I actually bought a big bag of grapefruits- and I can’t eat them because of the BP meds I’m on! How disappointing- but we’ll give them to Hubby’s parents.

11911 012

I also brought a cup of Duchess Grey tea with me for 0 points.

11911 013

But it wasn’t long until I got to sign out a bit early—so I didn’t even get to start drinking the tea!

I went outside right away to get some shoveling done again- thanks to the blanket of snow we got again last night! It wasn’t as much snow as on Monday- but it was enough to shovel. This time it took me 30 minutes and I burned 160 calories. I count shoveling snow in the winter as activity- it’s a good workout and my muscles are sore afterwards. It earned me a couple of AP’s anyway!

My tea was just the right temperature by the time I got done shoveling. A nice warm drink after shoveling snow outside enduring a wind chill of 3 degrees! But at least the sun was shining- that always does a person good!

For supper, I made chili dogs with light wheat bread, FF Hot dogs, vegetarian chili and 2% cheese. I also had green beans and dill pickles. 7 points. I didn’t realize dill pickles are free now!

11911 016

For dessert, I had a Skinny Cow Chocolate ice cream sandwich for 4 points.

11911 017

I drank A LOT of water today. My new water bottle makes me drink more water. I just love it!

11911 014

You can win one too- along with a fabulous prize pack from Yoplait Fiber One with their new Blueberry flavor! Check it out!

That leaves me with 2 points left for the day- success!


  1. I cry when watching TV, reading, or even just listening to a good song. My Gramma used to say "We were born beside the river!" (which was her way of saying, we cry easy!)
    Well, now I cry when I read your blog! A good sniffle and a few tears, that is! You inspire me, Alissa!

  2. That's awesome! Good for you!!!!

  3. Every day I look forward to reading your post! Way to go!

  4. Congrats on the loss... my weigh ins are started to get more and more emotional the more I lose so I totally know how you feel when you lose more and more weight.

  5. First of congratulations on the weight loss! That's absolutely amazing. All of your food looks absolutely divine especially the hot dogs.


  6. Congratulations! Onederland is so close. I have a seat waiting for you :D

  7. You are so motivational! I'm glad you had such a fantastic WI. Congratulations!

  8. Yay!!!! What a wonderful moment!!! So happy for you! You're doing AWESOME, Alissa!!!

  9. You SHOULD be so proud of yourself! Yay! Congratulations, my dear! You've done so well for yourself and re continuing to do it! :)

  10. Way to go on the loss! I love that you post pics of all your eats, it gives me so many good ideas! And you eat so well!! It's funny, my husband did the exact same thing this week with the grapefruit/oranges! He loves oranges and can't eat the grapefruit because of meds, so I have had them all to myself! I love them and don't usually buy them, because I feel bad to eat something in front of him that he can't have!

  11. Aaaahh! This post is Yin to new post's Yang. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reminding me what this is about. It's about pride, doing something for yourself, reaching the "unattainable" and living the best life for yourself. A million, billion thanks!

  12. That is so amazing! You should be so proud of yourself - you are such an inspiration!

  13. All that food and points to spare!

  14. Congrats on the stellar week!!! Awesome job!!! Can't wait to see what next week holds for you!!!

  15. That is such a huge success! I am so happy for you. This reminds me why I am trying...still!

  16. I am sooooooo happy for you!!!!! Congratulations!!! You are such an inspiration!!! hugs.

  17. FANTASTIC TO READ ABOUT YOUR so very excited for you!!!! :)

  18. Yay so exciting....I was crying tears of joy right along with you. That is such a huge accomplishment...keep up the good work!

    Did you know flax seeds make a great face mask too :) you can grind them and mix them up with avocado or olive oil or honey. If you have dry skin right now olive oil is great!!! Also I have had flax seed cookies....different but good :)

    <3 Betta

  19. I had no idea that flax needed to be ground to be the benefits. I eat it every morning in my cereal not ground. you mind if I share the banana soft serve on my blog...I will credit back to your blog. I love that stuff ;) LOL Just let me know :)

  20. Congratulations on your weight loss!! You are doing so good!

  21. That's a great loss. Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you.

  22. I keep wondering when we'll finally get to that point- when we no longer see ourselves at our starting weight. Hmm.

    And my son finally tried banana on his peanut butter toast this morning- and loved it!! Gotta get the important life lessons in, right? ;)

  23. Congrats! Are you familiar with a popular recipe for chicken and beef among the WW ladies ? I mean the chicken cooked in Diet Coke and Catsup... I also fix it with beef... deliciouuuuuuuuussssss... you can find the recipe on line.

  24. Congrats!!! Those are the best tears!! Keep it up

  25. Way to go girl! 210, do you know how close you are to being out of the 200's? That is soooo awesome! You are doing great! Keep up the excellent work!!

  26. And you are 2lbs from your Wii fit!! WHOOOO

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