Monday, January 10, 2011

WW Online Recipe Builder Discrepancy


I am confused with the WW online recipe builder. WW says there is not a discrepancy with the recipe builder but it doesn’t make sense to me. It does not count fruits and veggies as 0 points when it totals the Points Plus value. According to WW, this is because they total the overall nutritional value and do not factor in that most fruits and veggies are 0 Points Plus.

For example, I calculate my green smoothies as 1 Point Plus:

1 cup spinach- 0 Points Plus

2 oranges- 0 Points Plus

1/3 cup of Light Vanilla yogurt- 1 Point Plus

1 Points Plus, right? Not according to the recipe builder which calculates this as 4 Points Plus. I might as well grab one of those 100 calorie snack packs Weight Watchers is trying to get us away from… just sayin’. Not that I would do that, but their theory for the new WW Points Plus system doesn’t hold true in regard to the recipe builder.

This is frustrating to me because I want to make sure I am tracking my food properly. If I ate all of these items separately, they would only add up to 1 Point Plus. Also, how does a bowl of mixed fruit have a Points Plus value of more than 0, but if you eat the individual fruits throughout the day they do not count? Doesn’t make sense.

This is only my opinion, but I am going to go with common sense and count this as 1 Point Plus. If fruits and veggies are free- they should be free in recipes, too. I might start omitting the free fruits and veggies when I enter items into the recipe builder. I think we all have to do what works for us or makes sense for us. Also, one could enter the ingredients into the daily tracker or as a meal instead of as a recipe. If I calculate a casserole or something like that, I might count all of the ingredients- but for recipes made up of mostly fruits/veggies- I’m not sure I will add them to the recipe- it doesn’t make sense.

I’m pretty sure none of us got obese by eating too many fruits and veggies. Winking smile

For you Weight Watchers out there, how are you calculating your Points Plus when you combine foods or for recipes?


  1. I have been counting using the POINTsPlus calculator and add things up individually. Not everyone has access to eTools, so I think those people will add items individually, too and still be okay. Try not to get too caught up with it unless you find your loss stalls, then you might want to re-evaluate how you're counting.

    I think you're doing it right! That ticker at the top shows it!!! :)

  2. I think it is just a matter of having to account for calories somewhere. WW has gone so far to keep you from actually having to count calories that it gets in the way sometimes.

    I wouldn't worry too much about it unless it stops working for you.

  3. I rarely ever use a recipe that doesn't have the Points already configured, and I've never used the online Recipe Builder, so I guess I'm not much help. I have to agree with what Lori said though. I wouldn't worry too much about it, unless it starts to cause a problem with your losing.

  4. I typically count mixed fruit as 0 when I already know the fruit I mixed together are already 0 points Plus. Otherwise, I use the recipes and their WW points already or input the ND to get the PointsPlus. Rarely ever used the recipe builder.

  5. I would count the same way you do, it makes more sense to me!

  6. I do it the same way you do. I would say your smoothie is 1pt too.

  7. The material I read said only use recipe builder when making a recipe with several servings. When making a single serving only then calculate by item.

  8. I don`t really understand why they made fruits and veggies zero points. I mean I get veggies. But fruit has sugar in it... and it's actually possible to gain a lot of weight from fruit especially if you are eating it late at night. On any note I feel like this whole Points Plus is completely confusing and the other way was so much easier.


  9. I kind of agree with Fashion, it's one of the main reasons I stopped counting points and went back to counting calories. Fruit, although still so much better for you than those 100 calorie packs, still come with sugar and calories. I asked bff about it, and the way she explained it to me was that ONE banana was free, but once you eat 3 at once, they aren't free anymore. I thought it was too confusing as I was getting pretty good at figuring the points in my head using the old way.

    I would continue doing it the way you are unless you stop seeing it work!

  10. Interesting, but have no idea as my WW is all in German!!

  11. That's messed up. Four points? This is completely different math from what we learned in school.

  12. I agree the recipe builder is confusing! I am trying to make a lightened up version of spanikopita, and when I added the leeks, the total jumped like 6 points, but the leeks show up as 0. It's frustrating me!! If you find an answer, let me know.

  13. It's different because many recipes COOK the fruit, or incorporate them in ways that aren't the same as just grabbing a peice of fruit. Obviously, the builder can't tell how you prepare the item. If it is still very much in its raw, healthy state, I use the builder and omit the "0 point" items to calculate the points plus total. If I'm cooking the items, like in a sauce, etc., then I include them in the recipe and have them counted, as they are no longer serving the same purpose as WHY WW went to 0 points on fruit.

    Does that make sense? I would count your smoothie as 1 point, but I would also be cautious of having much more fruit during the day - if I had more fruit throughout th day, I'd dock points for it - I usually allow 2 servings for "free" in my own plan, and I've been losing very consistently, and very happily.

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