Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bad News Wednesday

I took today and Thursday off of work, so I was able to sleep in this morning and it was SO nice!

I stepped on the scale this morning and weighed 211, which is a .4 gain for the week. I’ll take it and move on. Next week will be better. I will make it better. Total lost is 77 lbs. even.

For breakfast, I had 2 slices of light wheat toast topped with peanut butter and a sliced banana along with 1 cup of 1% milk for 8 points.

21611 001

Hubby found out that he is going to have to go away for work again for about a month. Neither of us wanted to hear that news. I’m not looking forward to it. It’s lonely and all of my family is 300+ miles away. This just kind of threw me into a funk I had a hard time climbing out of all day.

I spent the morning reading for school- what else is new?

For lunch, I had 2 wraps made of: small mission carb balance tortillas, 2 Schwan’s teriyaki chicken wings, 1 slice of swiss cheese and avocado for 8 points. I also had squash for 0 points.

21611 002

For dessert, I had FF/SF chocolate pudding for 2 points. I almost forgot to take a picture!

21611 003

Hubby gave me one of his Valentine’s day chocolates- a dark chocolate Godiva truffle for 2 points.

21611 006

After my homework was done, I got around to cleaning the house. A clean house does more than make the place look good- it makes me feel more organized and put together myself!

Once hubby was done with his electrical work, we went for a walk. It was another nice day, about 50 degrees. We walked for 31 minutes, 1.62 miles and I burned 165 calories.

For an early supper, I had 1 piece of leftover Pizza Hut thin and crispy ham and pineapple along with a salad made of: lettuce, tomato, mushroom, avocado, 2% cheese, cashews and light ranch for 9 points total. I also had a glass of iced tea.

21611 030

For dessert, I was craving a sundae so that’s what I had: a sliced banana, 1 serving vanilla ice cream, chocolate and caramel syrup and walnuts for 7 points. I used 2 weekly points for this and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

21611 031

I can feel my mood being affected by “TOM", which is really just a change in the amount of hormones I’m getting from my BC pill. But it makes everything seem worse than it is. It makes me feel sad, depressed, hopeless and helpless. I need to snap out of it. Even the short walk this afternoon left me feeling exhausted and with aching joints- which isn’t normal for a walk, especially that short of a walk!

Today was just full of bad news. A bad weigh in. Hubby has to leave for work. TOM issues. I can’t feel sorry for myself long though because I know that all things considered, I have a beautiful life with a wonderful husband and I couldn’t ask for more. Things can always be A LOT worse. Sometimes in life you just have to roll with the punches. And at the end of the day, this “bad news” is nothing at all!

I hope that you’ve had a fantastic Wednesday!


  1. You rock and you are doing awesome because you always learn and become a better YOU. Much strength as you have a great rest of the week!!!

  2. :( Just keep truckin' right along. Like you said, in the long run, this will be nothing more than a blip on the radar. I sure hope you get to feeling more like yourself soon! xoxo

  3. What is it that your hubby does that will take him away for a month?

    Life sure does have its ups and downs.

    That sundae looks yummy!

  4. It's ok to be down, a month is a long time! Maybe you guys can skype or visit on weekends. I tried that banana ice cream tonight and it was awesome! Such a great idea, thanks!

  5. Just keep moving. I love Schwans. My favorite is the Spicy Chicken Breasts. I use them in salads, wraps or just sliced with some black beans for a great meal.

  6. You are doing Wonderful!! keep up the great work :) I am sorry your hubby has to go out of town though! That must be very hard. Good luck next week! You can do it :)

  7. I don't like that your hubby has to be away, but I love that you guys have such a great relationship that you will miss him so much. Hang in there - I'm thinking of you.

  8. Bless your sweet heart. Don't dispair!
    It will be ok.
    and the candy! I could never eat just one.

  9. Sorry you had such a bad day. I hope the time when Hubby will be away will FLY by for you. Keep going girl :)

  10. I've had a gain for the last two weeks and a Monster of a period between those two weeks as well. I can relate to how you are feeling!

  11. Found your blog recently and really enjoying reading where you have came from and excited to see where you are going! I am at 210 lb mark myself and doing WW pp so I plan on following you along and hopefully we can encourage each other. 77 lbs gone! WoW! I am inspired!

  12. DARN!!! Sorry you had a less than stellar day. Hang in there!! And can I stand up and give you a cheer for being down 77lbs even??!!! Hold on to that victory, and know the bad day will pass!!! Take care.

  13. Mama said there will be days like this! Ride it out, you'll get some good news and your mojo back very soon.

  14. Way to have positive thoughts...that's only way to be, otherwise it's to easy to get down.

    Here's to a teriffic Thursday!

  15. Bummer about hubby leaving, I would be lonely!



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