Friday, February 11, 2011

A Cookie Dough Encounter

I wanted to eat a lower point breakfast this morning in preparation for a planned meal out in the evening so I had 1 cup of Cheerios with 1/2 cup each of blueberries and 1% milk for 4 points.

21111 002

Do you like my OBol? I won a giveaway for this thing. “Never Eat Soggy Cereal Again.” Smile

After hubby left for work, I did a Pilates 10 minute stretch and a dance workout for 10 minutes. I really enjoyed my workout this morning. The Pilates wasn’t cardio, but the dancing was and I broke a sweat. I burned 87 calories- not much, but it’s something and I had fun. My HR monitor stopped counting a few times, so I’m not sure that’s accurate either. I love how Pilates makes me feel. It really releases muscle soreness. I also love the 10 minute solution workouts so I can mix up my workouts. I’ve been trying different ones on Netflix.

Before signing in to work, I ate a banana for 0 points.

21111 003

For my first break, I made a green smoothie (2 oranges, 1 cup spinach) and snacked on some cocoa roasted almonds for 4 points.

21111 004

For lunch, I had a salad made of lettuce, tomato, 2% sharp cheddar, turkey bacon, ham and light ranch for 5 points.

21111 005

All it was missing was a boiled egg!

I also had a slice of light wheat toast with whipped chive cream cheese for 2 points.

21111 006

For dessert, I had a No Pudge! brownie for 3 points.

21111 007

And I had a spoonful of cookie dough out of the fridge…yeh not good! 2 points. I made cookies last night and told myself that if I could handle them in the house without eating them all- I don’t need to feel guilty. I sent all of the baked cookies to work w/ hubby- but I should have frozen the cookie dough! Cookies are one of my danger foods but I want to get a handle on it, because cookies will be around for the rest of my life and well- I like them, so I need to learn to eat them in moderation.

21111 009

Right when I was about ready to take my last break, I was asked if I wanted to sign out for the day. Absolutely! I’ll take my weekend anytime!

I was really hungry after a while, but didn’t want to use any more points so I had a bowl of fruit. A banana, strawberries and blueberries. Delish and pretty!

21111 008

I am going to sign out early today because Hubby and I are going out for supper tonight to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We are going out for Chinese food and then to a movie. I’m looking forward to it! I still have 14 points left for the day and the majority of my weekly points. We are planning on splitting a meal.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Have a wonderful date with your hubby! Good for you for stopping at one spoon of cookie dough and don't beat yourself up about it!

  2. Cookie dough is so tempting! You are right about learning to deal with it. I think part of the way is to not feel guilty about eating it! You did great, Alissa! Have a fun weekend!

  3. I lurve cookie dough! Maybe you can portion it out into cookie balls and freeze them? That way there won't be a bowl of batter in the fridge every time you open it, but you can bake off a couple cookies if you want them.

  4. Oh I love cookie dough, especially chocolate chip. Of course, I love cookies too. Both are mega time danger food for me. Congrats for restricting yourself to one spoonful and even more for being a good girl and counting it.

    Your food looks so good. Have a great night out with the hubby.

  5. Have a great night out. I actually don't like cookie dough that much, but. Way to go on having just a bite

  6. I love cookie dough!! Yay you for only having 2 points worth, not sure if I could have shown that much restraint!! Hope you and Hubby have a great early Valentine's Day evening.

  7. Love the bowl!! Hope you had a great night out :)


  8. Ha, I love that bowl! I too am struggling with how to deal with my trigger foods. I know I can't avoid them forever and would one day like to be able to eat them in moderation. Hope you had a good night out with your hubby!

  9. OMG I love your bowl!!!

    I'm just starting to work on my love for baking and I thought having the treats around would be no problem... not the case at all! I need to take them into work as well, by still... for those several hours after baking when they're still in my house... it's S.O. hard!

  10. Just found your blog. Love all your food pictures. Love your prominent posting of goals and your rewards. Looks like you have made terrific progress. Good for you. I will be back, Michele

  11. Isn't the OBOL amazing! I absolutely love it!




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