Friday, February 4, 2011

A Fun Friday and The Joy of Love

For breakfast this morning I had 1 cup of cheerios with 1/2 cup fresh blueberries and 1/2 cup 1% milk for 4 points.

20411 001

I was able to get in a workout this morning- I rode the bike for 30 minutes and burned 114 calories. A little activity anyways! I’m starting to feel better and better everyday and am hoping to be back to running and other more intense workouts by next week! Yay!

It was fun to get the mail today because I had a package from Bath and Body Works!

20411 005

Those are full size bottles of hand soap- 7 of them to be exact, and I got them all for a total of $6.99 (shipped to me!) through Groupon!! If you haven’t checked out Groupon yet- you should!

For my first break, I sliced up a banana and topped the slices with 1 Tbs. almond butter for 3 points.

20411 009

Yummy! I also brought back some baby carrots to snack on for 0 points.

20411 011

I really need to start eating more veggies- so I’m going to work on that. I’m not a big veggie fan- but I try. What is your favorite veggie to snack on?

For lunch, I had a salad made up of butter lettuce, BBQ chicken, feta cheese, tomato, flax seeds and a little light ranch for 5 points.

20411 013

I also had a slice of toast with Whipped Chive cream cheese for 3 points.

20411 014

For a sweet ending, I had a Schwan’s Dark chocolate miniature for 2 points. SO good!

20411 015

On my last break I had 2 Cuties clementines for 0 points, which I forgot to take a picture of- oops! But here’s a picture from yesterday. Winking smile

2211 016

I was still hungry, so I made a little wrap with a small carb balance mission tortilla, 2% cheese and a slice of deli turkey and heated it up in the microwave- for 3 points.

20411 016

That’s one of my favorite snacks!

I was hungry when I was done working and knew that supper would be a lot later tonight- so I had about 1 cup of fresh strawberries for 0 points.

20411 017

We were supposed to attend a get together tonight, but hubby had to work late and we couldn’t make it in time. But we were able to make it to a late dinner with my cousin and his girlfriend as planned! It was fun to be with the two of them! We went to Hu Hot. I wasn’t able to plan ahead because I didn’t know where we were going- but the good news is that it’s really easy to be healthy there. I figured what I ate at 13 points- now that I know the points values of the noodles and the rice- I can do better next time! Mine had a lot of coconut flavor and It was SOOOO good! I didn’t get a picture though, sorry!

After that, Hubby picked up a new phone. We’re upgrading to Smart Phones, but I have to wait until September to upgrade mine! Sad smile

We stopped at Cold Stone before coming home. I ordered a Like It Birthday Cake remix- which is my favorite. Definitely an indulgence- it was 18 points!! Wow- probably wouldn’t have ordered that had I know that before hand. But I enjoyed it and I had the points for it- so it’s all good! No picture of that either!

I’m so glad it’s FINALLY the weekend!

I read on Cassie’s blog that she is participating in a photo challenge for the month of February called The Joy of Love- and I decided I would like to do it too! I am no photographer- but I thought it would be fun to share little pieces about the things I love (and probably mostly about hubby!).

So I’m starting today, I may have to make up the 3 days that I missed. Today’s challenge was “what they wear.”

20411 004

I had to take a picture of hubby’s work boots. I think they tell a story about who he is. He’s a hardworking man! He is a commercial carpenter and very handy man! Not enough credit is given to our carpenters, our plumbers, electricians, and people who build and keep our infrastructure in good shape. So thank you to all of you that do, including hubby! Your job is an important one.Smile


  1. I just signed up for groupon. I've heard so much about it and finally signed up!!!
    looking forward to your feb pics!!

  2. Hi I'm following your journey hoping to learn more. One thing I noticed is your breakfast is all sugar!! you will be starving by 10 AM... Try egg white omelet on whole wheat toast with fat free cottage cheese. On your break you are adding more sugar! how about 1 packet of oatmeal (regular not sweetened), easy at work, all you need is warm water and a coffee cup...

    Good Luck,


  3. Yup, groupon is awesome! We don't have a bath and body in Hawaii so I totally wish I could have gotten a deal like that!

  4. I have to check out Groupon!

    Loving the banana and almond butter!!! YUMMM

  5. Do you like cucumbers? I like to snack on those. As you know, I am not a huge veggie fan, so I don't tend to snack on them, but add them to my meals.

    I figure if I have a cup of broccoli at each dinner, which is my favorite veggies, then I am doing pretty well. Anything else is bonus LOL!

  6. Those bananas look delish! Same with the tortilla rollup, I'm going to have to try that.

    As far as veggies, they kind suck without ranch huh? I couldn't believe light ranch was 2 pts for 2 tbsp. For raw veggies, I like cauliflower the best, or celery with a laughing cow cheese wedge.

    I usually like mine cooked rather than raw tho. My faves are zucchini or summer squash sliced and cooked with Adobo or asparagus sprayed with Pam and sprinkled with salt and baked. That's the best :)

  7. Your days are ALWAYS about Love and Joy!
    That's why your blog is so fun!

  8. Cold Stone is KILLER! It is so good but the points values are incredible! What do they put in that stuff ;)

  9. I LOVE the picture of your hubby's boots and the sentiment that went with it. (and yes, groupon is GREAT!!!) Have a good Saturday Alissa!!

  10. I like both grean beens and sugar snap peas eaten raw as snacks. Veggies are not my favorite either so I had to experiment to find out what I liked.

  11. Your post is totally making me hungry and I want that chicken and feta salad. :)

  12. I think Cold Stone is worth 18 points :) It's always nice to have a treat now and then.

  13. I am not a huge veggie fan, so I don't tend to snack on them, but add them to my meals.

  14. I just found your blog, and I have to say, I had Deja Vu looking at your food pictures - it's the Fiesta plates. Love them!



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