Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Grocery Shopping Tuesday

For breakfast, I had a Banana Nut VitaTop and I spread Whipped Honey Nut cream cheese on top. I also had 1 cup of strawberries and 1 cup of 1% milk for a total of 7 points.

22211 001

Before leaving for school, I whipped up my green smoothie (2 oranges, 1 cup spinach) for a total of 1 point.

22211 002

School went pretty quickly today. The first class was pretty controversial- that makes things interesting!

I planned ahead and packed my lunch today. I had a sandwich on light bread with ham and a blue cheese Laughing Cow cheese wedge along with Baked BBQ chips for 7 points.

22211 003

I also had 2 Cuties clementines for 0 points.

22211 004

I ate lunch in the car and then ran in Kohl’s because I had a coupon. I couldn’t find anything for myself, but I got hubby this very nice dress shirt for .86 cents! I am a bargain shopper. Winking smile

22211 006

And then it was grocery time. I got lots of goodies today! I love that Strawberries are less than $2/lb. now!

22211 007

I had a craving for something sweet, so I grabbed a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg for 5 points. This was SO delicious! It’s been forever since I’ve had one of these!

22211 005

I was hungry in the afternoon, so I had a banana for 0 points.

22211 010

For supper, I made a salad: lettuce, baked salmon, tomato, avocado, mushrooms, walnuts and light ranch for a total of 9 points.

22211 011

I also had a slice of light toast topped with whipped chive cream cheese for 2 points.

22211 012

For dessert, I had FF/SF vanilla pudding with a little Cool Whip for 2 points.

22211 013

After supper, I knew I had to get a workout in, but didn’t really feel like doing anything. So the plan was to read for school while I biked, but I’m not really liking the novel we’re reading right now, so I ended up calling my sister instead. That made the time go much faster! I biked 30 minutes and burned 120 calories.

I have 1 point left for the day! Just enough to have a fruit smoothie later on tonight. I’m thinking the Strawberry, Banana and Mango smoothie sounds PERFECT.

Tomorrow is WI day- I’m not sure what to expect based on the scale, but I do know that I have done SUPERB this week with eating and exercising. So I know I’ve done my best, and that’s all that matters!


  1. A Reese's egg! Easter is right around the corner! :D

  2. Those Reeses eggs! In the past, I used to buy the 6-packs of them and eat several at a time. Something about the wonderful peanut butter filling they put in there.

  3. That salad looks awesome. And I must try your orange and spinach smoothie. I'm hooked on blueberry, banana, spinach right now. Time to mix it up! Good luck at WI tomorrow!

  4. .86 cents = score!!
    you are so good with your planning!!! Your food always looks sooo good. Good luck with you weigh in

  5. Arent clemetines just he best thing ever?! That was a great deal on the shirt, good for you being such a great bargain hunter. I saw Easter candy when I was shopping today, it's creeping up, glad you enjoyed your treat. Treats are important!

  6. Awesome deal on the shirt! I'm so curious about your green smoothies...but so scared to try one with spinach in it...some part of me is having trouble getting over the fact that it's green!!

  7. OK, this post made me hungry LOL

  8. $0.86 for a dress shirt! Awesome!
    Nice buys at the super market!

  9. Oh the temptation of the Reese's egg. I know it too well. That and cadbury eggs.

  10. Awesome are my kind of shopper!!!
    I went there yesterday and got a bunch of things for the kidos for really cheap :)

    The salad looks really delicious I took out salmon for myself today for lunch so I will have to try that!!!

    You are looking great by the way I love the picture of you outside a little while back....amazing!!! Good luck today!!!

    <3 Betta

  11. WOW!!!! That a GREAT deal on that shirt!!! (and I admit, I LOVE seeing other people's grocery purchases!)
    Good luck at W.I!!!!

  12. Nice shirt!! I have eaten a lot of greens this week.......finally lost the weight I gained over the wintery days. Sigh.



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