Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day

Red heartHappy Valentine’s Day!Red heart I hope that you’ve had a wonderful, love filled day!

For breakfast this morning I had 1/2 cup each of Cheerios, Fiber One, blueberries and 1% milk for 4 points.

21411 001

I did not get a morning workout in because I was exhausted and I went back to bed. Poor hubby has a cold and he was up coughing a lot. Sad smile

So on my first break, I really needed some coffee. I had Dark Chocolate Raspberry with a little sweet and low for 0 points.

21411 003

I also had PB and banana on light toast for 2 points. I used half the peanut butter that I do when I eat it for breakfast. Turns out to be a low point and filling snack that way!

21411 002

Hubby was home for lunch. He had to work this morning but now he has the rest of the week off! I had a taco salad: lettuce, taco meat, salsa, 2% sharp cheese, 4 tortilla chips and light sour cream for 7 points.

21411 004

For dessert, I had a pumpkin mousse for 3 points.

21411 005

And hubby brought me home some truffles, so I had to have a dark chocolate one for 2 points.

21411 006

For my last break, I had a green smoothie (1 cup spinach, 2 oranges) for 1 point.

21411 007

I was exhausted and didn’t feel like cooking supper, so we went to Pizza Hut. I had 2 breadsticks and 1 slice of thin and crispy Ham and pineapple pizza for 13 points. I’m really proud of how I ate- I listened to my body and didn’t over eat. I actually have 2 points left for the day.

Now I’m looking forward to getting a good night’s sleep!


  1. Lindt truffles - yum!

    Hope you get some good sleep :D

  2. Happy vday! Glad you enjoyed your pizza hut ;) mmmmmm breadsticks yuuum im so bad, I know.

  3. Hope you can catch up on some sleep!!!

    <3 Betta

  4. mallory says "mama I would NOT like to drink that" with regards to your green smoothie lol the pumpkin mousse looks amazing! - Angie

  5. Woo Hoo for your pizza portion control!!! That took strength! Sorry you and hubby were both a bit under the weather, but hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day anyway!!

  6. Great job on the pizza portion control!!!




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