Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Joy of Love 05- Love To Hate

Today’s Joy of Love challenge is to capture something that you love to hate about your loved one. Something that they do that annoys you- but it’s a part of who they are and you love them anyway!

lovetohate 002

So what’s this picture showing? I’m the type of person that opens the mail and puts everything back into the envelopes and neatly stacks the mail into a pile so that hubby can look at it when he gets home. When hubby comes home, he takes everything out of the envelopes and just leaves them like that. It annoys me to no end! lol I just don’t understand why it doesn’t bother him not to put everything back in the envelopes. Winking smile

So that’s what I love to hate about him. Not so bad at all, really. Red heart

What do you love to hate about your significant other?


  1. I am the same as your hubby ;p

    My hubby changes the channel after watching something for a few minutes, I just get into it and he changes the channel....

  2. Haha I love this challenge!!!

    When I open the mail I always throw away what needs to be tossed then leave everything else for Neal to look at then he makes piles and just leaves them on the kitchen counter....drives me NUTS. Funny how we all have our own little systems :)


  3. Hi Alissa, Oh too funny. I LOVE my husband to pieces, but he can't scratch his nose without making a "nyaaah" noise while he does it. It's INSANE!!!! But the way I see it, I'm lucky. If that's the worst I have to deal with, I have one healthy happy marriage!! And I don't think I'll tell him I've shared that with the blog world! :)

  4. My hubby is a gun enthusiast. He competes and does well with it. But I HATE when he watches war movies and cleans his gun at the same time. It's just weird.
    That being said, I'd miss it if he were gone. I love him so much. We're like newlyweds even though we've been married 20 years. :)

  5. Mine leaves Xbox controllers all over the living room! And remotes! Oy. Still love him though :)

  6. I love your Joy of Love challenges. I should do that. - Angie PS I like the one of the kitty.



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