Thursday, March 17, 2011

A 5K and Lots of Green for St. Patrick’s Day

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Did you wear green today? Smile

I slept in until 6:30 again this morning- hey it was 8.5 hours of sleep! Winking smileAnd that’s sleeping in for me. It felt great. I try to keep my eyes closed for as long as possible, but hubby has this time and temperature thing that shines on the wall, like this:

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(He’s all about electronics like this, lol) And I noticed it was almost 50 degrees outside! I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to run Vegan Chick Pea’s St. Patrick’s Day 5k. Good thing I didn’t head out when I was planning on it though- because it just randomly started pouring down rain with thunder and lightning! I looked at that radar and it was just this TINY little blip right over where I live. And they issued this weather statement, “GUSTY WINDS MAY CAUSE SMALL OBJECTS SUCH AS TRASH BINS TO BLOW AROUND. STAY AWAY FROM HIGH OBJECTS OUTDOORS SUCH AS TREES. SEEK SHELTER IN A STURDY STRUCTURE UNTIL THIS STORM HAS PASSED.” Well good thing I wasn’t out there running, huh? Smile

For breakfast, I had PB and Banana toast with a cup of 1% milk for 5 points and on a green plate, of course!

31711 001

I waited for the storm to pass completely and then I headed out for the 5k! It was 1 mile to and from the route- took me 14 minutes total to walk that. I ran the 3.1 miles in 42:06, which is a little faster than what I ran the race in back in July at 42:21. I really want to work on improving my time for this route so I can do better in July. I’d like to get it under 40 minutes. My HR monitor wasn’t tracking right- I think my new sports bra was interfering with where it’s placed. So I’m not sure how many calories I burned, but it said 307 and it has to be more than that because my HR would drop when I went up hills- which obviously wasn’t right.

31711 003

When I got home, I had to whip up a green smoothie for St. Patrick’s day- of course! I used 2 oranges and 1 cup of spinach for the produce. 1 point.

31711 004

Like my new smoothie cup? It’s hard to tell in the picture, but it’s pink! I got it while we did a little shopping yesterday. If hubby is reading this, remember the other one broke, so this was a NECESSITY and I NEEDED it. Winking smile

For lunch, I made blueberry waffles. I ate one of those with a banana sliced on top with a little sugar free syrup and an egg white omelet with turkey and cheese. I also had a cup of a cranberry Crystal Lite type drink. 8 points total.

31711 005

For dessert, I had the 1 cup of strawberries and 1/3 cup of light vanilla yogurt that I had prepared to take to work with me yesterday. 1 point.

31711 006

Before signing in to work, I heated up some leftover coffee from yesterday and added from FF Vanilla creamer for 0 points. This was the only green mug I have. lol. It’s hubby’s. Winking smile

31711 012

I sure was happy to be back to working in these today:

31711 013

I also brought 2 Cuties Clementines with me to snack on for 0 points.

31711 011

So did any of you fill out brackets for March Madness? I do it every year at work because there’s a chance of winning something. We’re all encouraged to do it- even if you’re like me and don’t know ANYTHING about basketball. Winking smileSo far, I’m about 50/50 in my choices.

For supper, I had a salad made up of lettuce, tomato, black beans, cashews, 2% cheddar, and BBQ chicken for 9 points.

31711 014

I also had a side of Schwan’s Seasoned Potato Curls with ketchup for 4 points.

31711 015

I had to go back through my points to make sure I had counted everything today. Somehow, I still have 6 points left for the day! That NEVER happens lately!

I have started tracking what I am eating on as well as WW online so that I can see WHAT I am eating as far as the nutrition standpoint goes. I was shocked to see the excessive sodium and carbs especially. With the help of Lori, I have a plan in place that I will work on in the coming weeks to get my carbs, fat and proteins where they need to be. That’s the first step. I think I am ready to start tackling new territory of this weight loss journey for me- and that means paying more attention to my daily nutrition and setting goals that way. It should be interesting!

I’m so happy that tomorrow is Friday and hubby is coming home!! I can’t wait! Smile


  1. I'm loving Green Monsters again because of you! I've been seeing them on your blog for a while now and finally decided to whip one up again! Love your new cup - I have it, too!

    Have a great weekend with hubby!

  2. YAY on the run. You and I would make good running buddies because we have about the same pace. Great job!

    Glad that you and hubby will be reunited tomorrow. Have a wonderful weekend together. :)


    we drink a lot of the green here too.
    except for yesterday. st patricks day.

    Im a misfit that way :)

  4. No I forgot to wear green but did think of my grandfather who was born on this day and called Patrick...

    That mug...John Deere, the company has shares in the company my hubby works for....Bell Equipment.

  5. Those potatoes look good. :) And you did awesome on the 5K! You're the one who inspired me to host one! :)

  6. I am just proud that you drink milk every day and that green smoothie... I love oranges and I love spinach, but together? I don't know. Maybe I will get the courage to try it one day.

  7. Love all the green in this post! :D I am diabetic, so carbs are what I tend to focus on most to give myself the right amount of insulin.

    My co-worker has to have a low sodium diet, and I just never put that on my radar - I was shocked one day when I had 6000 mg of sodium - in ONE DAY!

    Turns out that day I had sauerkeaut, dill pickles, deli ham - duh!

  8. Congrats on the 5K!! I had fun with this one too, glad you didn't go out in the rain. whew. I'm digging that clock thingie, very intersting. Have a great weekend. :)

  9. I love your green theme :) Enjoy your weekend.

    <3 Betta

  10. I was just thinking this morning how excited I am for green monsters again! I love how simple yours are; spinach and oranges. I'm in!!
    Love your cup, I have the same one :) Hope you have a great weekend!!!


  11. I love the green font!!!! Congrats on the 5K.Yay that hubby will be home for the weekend. Have a good one.



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