Thursday, March 3, 2011

Almost Friday

For breakfast this morning, I had PB and Banana toast with a glass of 1% milk for 8 points.

3311 001

Yesterday, I got a grade back for an essay that I wrote last week. He gave me 75% and gave me an insulting comment on my essay. I took the time to plan what I was going to write and I felt I did a good job on it. I’ve heard nightmares about this professor and have avoided taking him until now and have only taken him now because I have to. But that grade really upset me because I just don’t get anything less than A’s and an occasional B on my papers. But at this point, I’m just trying to get through the class and MOVE on- Hopefully this won’t affect my GPA! He says that we can rewrite our essays, but I don’t think that putting the time into that will amount to anything than a waste of time, because he will rip it apart again. But last night I had a dream that I gave this professor a piece of my mind. I mean I got in his face and I told him what I thought of him. And then he started being really nice to me in my dream. lol How weird. But it stressed me out and I woke up all nervous about going to class today. Winking smile

On the way to class, I drank 1/2 of a Naked Orange Carrot 100% Fruit and Veg. Smoothie for 3 points. Hubby brought this home to me last week! Thanks!

3311 002

My classes were frustrating today. The one professor that likes to randomly call on me almost every class period did it again and I guess I had the wrong answer for her. I’m not the only one who cannot read her mind to give the answer that she is looking for- but I HATE this. I hate being “picked on.” If people want to answer a question or have the answer they will raise their hands. UGH! It makes me feel like I’m stupid. It makes me feel like I don’t belong or something. I guess I shouldn’t let everyone else affect me so much. Like one of you bloggers so thoughtfully told me one time, I know my own truth. I know who I am. I know I am intelligent but I just get nervous when I am called on or have to talk in class. It makes the class uncomfortable and I dread going. Which is unfortunate because I really like the subject material.

On my way home, I snacked on some baby carrots for 0 points.

3311 003

For lunch, I had an egg salad sandwich and Chicken Noodle soup for 8 points.

3311 005

3311 006

For dessert, I had a No Pudge! brownie for 3 points of deliciousness.

3311 007

And then it was time to sign in to work, although I wasn’t really in the mood today- I had no choice, of course! Winking smile

For supper, I had my favorite pasta dish: whole wheat pasta, alfredo sauce, broccoli, mushrooms, and tomato for 11 points.

3311 008

I also had a piece of garlic toast for 2 points.

3311 009

What a delicious supper! I have to admit, I was craving comfort food after a long, hard day. I’m REALLY looking forward to hubby coming home tomorrow night!

I whipped up a dessert tonight for hubby’s return tomorrow. I know he enjoys home cooked foods, especially after eating out all week long! So that will be featured tomorrow night! I haven’t figured the points out yet, but I did make a few modifications to try to make it healthier. It’s all about moderation!

I’ve decided to take today as my 2nd planned rest day for the week and then I will have to workout Friday, Saturday and Sunday to finish off the week on schedule. Sometimes it’s easier to get motivated to workout on the weekends when you have all the time in the world.

My plan for tonight is to take it easy and go to bed early. I am more than ready for this week to be OVER!

I forgot that yesterday was my first weigh in of the month. So how did I do in February? The same as January- exactly! 3.4 lbs. lost. That’s just under my goal of 4 lbs. a month. That’s 6.8 lbs lost this year- it all adds up! So I’m happy with that! Smile


  1. Love that spread!
    Looks good, as always!

  2. Your point about the professor picking on students for answers is true! Some people love to answer questions and give their opinions. Others don't. I don't like it when profs pick on people for answers. It's uncomfortable. I get it if the student's a complete slacker and doesn' hand in their work or something. But I know you're not that kind of student - so I don't get why the prof would be picking on you like that.

    And... awesome job on the loss for the month and year so far. That's so awesome! :)

  3. Yay for egg salad!! So funny how we are all craving it at the same time!! LOL!! Tuna is next I predict! HA!

    You are doing awesome, Alissa! Keep on keepin' on!

  4. I hate being put on the spot like that, it is so uncomfortable!

    Have a wonderful weekend with hubby!

  5. Love your meal choices, I am just now starting to plan and track calories as I make the conscious effort to shed those unwanted pounds I have piled on during my law school career...

  6. You are doing so great, I love reading about your weight loss journey, keeps me motivated to keep myself going on mine!


  7. Congrats on the loss...and your dinner looks great. Have fun with Hubby this weekend! :)

  8. GRRR!!! Hang in there at school. If its any comfort, I was super dedicated like you are when I was in university, but there was one course/prof (it was a prerequisite) that didn't "click". I flunked the mid term and squeezed a C+ as a final mark, at the time, I was DEVASTATED but know what? NOBODY has ever questioned/cared. Truth be told, VERY few ever asked for my transcript, and if they did, they saw that there was consistent high marks and one little 'hiccup' and it's NEVER held me back. Don't you worry ok? You'll get through the course, it'll be DONE and you'll feel good about it!!! Hang in there my blog friend!!!!! BTW - yummy looking dinner! Have fun with hubby on the weekend!!!

  9. Great job on your weigh in. Keep up the good work! All your yummy pictures are making me hungry! lol



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