Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Can I say I’m “Fit”?

Since today was my day off and it is spring break- I got to sleep in this morning! Albeit, it was until 6:30- but that’s later than usual!

For breakfast, I had oatmeal with 1 cup of fresh strawberries mixed in and a glass of 1% milk for 7 points.

31611 001

I was a little disappointed to step on the scale this morning and see that I didn’t lose much of the weight that I gained after the pasta dinner on Sunday night. I am up over 4 lbs. from my 80 lb. goal- so I’m not so sure that will be happening tomorrow. Sad smileBut I did make it my goal to drink lots of water today.

After getting a few things done around the house, I headed out to do some shopping! I ate 2 clementines on my drive for 0 points.

31611 002

I spent $38 at Old Navy and got a dress, a cardigan, a long sleeve tee, and a sports bra. Not too shabby! I haven’t spent money on clothes all year- so I was happy to find a few things I liked. Plus, turns out you get 10% off every Tuesday and I had a $10 coupon! I just need to find some cute heels to go with the dress and cardigan outfit and it will be a nice spring outfit!

As far as the sports bra, I have been on the lookout for a padded one because…errr…I THANKFULLY noticed after working out one day and took off my hoodie and just had on my regular long sleeve workout shirt with my sports bra on, that “the headlights were on.” HOW EMBARSSING! I am so glad I noticed that before heading out to workout in one of my workout shirts!! I found a padded sports bra on clearance for like $6 after my discounts- nice! Hopefully this resolves this! lol.

After the mall, I stopped at Subway and got a 6” turkey sub with Garden Salsa Sun Chips for 12 points.

31611 003

And then I headed to Target for some more shopping. I got a few groceries and picked up prescriptions. Not to mention, I found my favorite Reese’s Eggs, but in smaller versions! Score! Last Tuesday when I ate one of the bigger ones, hubby was upset that I didn’t buy him one, too. lol. So now we have plenty. I will store them up in the cupboard, out of sight. But I don’t have the problems I used to have with chocolate in the house anymore. SmileI ate one of these for 2 points- a lot better compared to 5 points for the larger ones!

31611 004

And then it was off to get my full load of groceries. Unfortunately, I forgot my list at home so I forgot to get a few things and ended up with a few things not on my list, like stuffed clams- but that’s ok because we all know how I love those. Winking smile

On my way home, I grabbed a Starbucks Grande Light Caramel Frappuccino for 4 points. How do you like the new logo?

31611 005

I sat down and relaxed for a bit when I got home and kept on drinking the water!

And then I headed out for a workout. The plan was to bike today for something different. So I biked 5 miles in 33 minutes outside. I burned 233 calories. Pre-work out photo:

31611 008

31611 009

31611 013

As I was riding, I got it in my head that I would come home and immediately go for a run. So I did! It took a little while for my legs to transition from biking to walking and then to running- but once I got started- I was on my way! As I ran, I talked myself into running 3 miles. This was a HARD workout for me, at least when I was done- I really felt fatigued!! Total distance was 3.72 miles. The 3.72 miles took me 56 minutes. The 3 miles took me 42 minutes. And for this run, I burned 609 calories! WOW! That’s a total of 842 calories! I had to laugh when I looked at my after pictures- this is very unflattering but it shows how tired I felt! lol

31611 015

I’m embarrassed to even post that- lol. But hey, we all look like this sometimes, am I right? Winking smile

This workout is something I didn’t think I was capable of doing. It shows how far I have come. I think I might even venture to say that I’m “fit.” SmileOr at least getting fitter. What is fit, anyway? How is it measured? I think it’s possible to be overweight and fit- I have read that before. The fact that my body was strong enough to do this is amazing to me. Less than a year ago, I could barely run 1 mile. And when I first started- I couldn’t even run 1/8 of a mile. What a NSV! I don’t care what that scale says tomorrow- THIS is progress!

One of my goals is to do a triathlon, I’d start with a mini-triathlon, of course. I just need to become a stronger swimmer and will probably take some lessons or get someone to work with me on it eventually. But I think I could definitely train to do the running and biking! Smile

When I got home, I was hungry! And since the weather was so nice- I pulled out the grill. I grilled a chicken breast (and then weighed out 3.5 oz.) with BBQ sauce and had a side of squash, along with two glasses of cold green tea for 3 points. I have MISSED grilled chicken- YUM!

31611 018

And for dessert, I had angel food cake and strawberries and a little cool whip for 4 points.

31611 019

I was full and feeling a little sick after that. My body was very cold! So I took a hot shower and then bundled up! That made me feel a little better. I may have overdone it a bit…

I do have 1 point left for the day, but I brushed my teeth to signal my body and mind that I am done eating for the day.

Tomorrow will be a rest day for me, which is planned, because it will be a busy and full day. I hope it goes quickly! Here I go wishing my life away again… I remember when I was probably in middle school, I said “I wish…” something and my brother in law said, if you keep wishing for everything you’re going to wish your life away. That has stuck with me ever since and I try not to wish away my life. It’s all about taking action and enjoying every moment- or at least trying to see some good in every experience.

Have a good one! Smile


  1. Haha - I laughed out loud at your after picture! I have seen that in my own mirror.

    You certainly could do a triathlon. You know, they really aren't that bad. I am a horrible swimmer and I managed to do just fine. But, I like the duathlon format better because it takes out the swim ;)

  2. Way to go on that brick workout, Alissa! You are awesome!

  3. What an amazing workout. You will be doing triathlons before you know it!!!! Good scores at the store too. Have a great day Alissa.

  4. That is what I looked like after my workout too!

  5. 6:30 is sleeping in?! That's crazy :D

    I hate the headlight thing. A lot.

  6. YOU inspired me to hit the treadmill tonight while watching the BL. Keep up the good work you ATHLETE

  7. I think about that WISHING LIFE AWAY quote a lot these days and have since we had our daughter.

    it is so easily to do---accidentally.

  8. Way to go you!!! Whew...what a workout...I bet that felt like an amazing achievement...AFTER :)

    Thank you for the reminder of "not wishing my life away" I needed it :)

    <3 Betta

  9. Awesome job! That's great :) I am starting out with barely getting through a 2 min jog, I know I'll get that mile down eventually, just gotta keep trying, and reading blogs like this keep me going!

  10. Your purchases at Old Navy sound awesome! And that picture just shows how hard you worked! Go yOU!

  11. I love the after pictures!!! You do look tired and spent, but you also had a total kick a** workout!!! No matter what the scale says when you weight in just remember how awesome you felt when you took that picture :)


  12. you inspired to to start posting food pics!

  13. love your before & after photos! What a great idea :) and great Old Navy scores!!!!

  14. wow! you seem to eat WAY yummier things than I do for your points values...I've been scared to go to Starbucks!



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