Monday, March 7, 2011

Dear Winner,

I hope that you had a great weekend! They always go too fast. Mine was spent relaxing with hubby for the most part. I did get in a couple of workouts. We also got to go out for sushi- which was delicious!

Regarding my post “I Failed,” I just wanted to say that a lot of people took what I was saying as that I thought I was a failure. What I meant was that I failed in that experience, and I really did. I failed to take action and get myself out of the rut, but all failures can be turned around and that’s what I’m doing. In no way do I feel like I am a failure in the big picture! Maybe failure was too strong a word to use, like many of you said, it was just a set back. Or maybe a learning experience. I appreciate all of your encouraging comments! Smile

For breakfast this morning, I had peanut butter and banana toast (x2) with a glass of 1% milk for 8 points.

3711 001

It’s about time I put away my winter dishes, huh? Winking smile

It wasn’t so sad this morning because hubby will be home for the whole week! He will probably get home late at night, but that’s ok! He will have to leave again next week though.

I took a little time to relax in the morning and caught up on blogs. I am constantly falling behind lately, so I’m sorry if I haven’t been around commenting as often. Sad smile

And then it was time for work. We were busy this morning, so the good news is that the morning went quickly! I was hungry by my first break for some reason, so I had a light cheese stick for 1 point.

3711 006

I also made up a green smoothie (2 oranges, 1 cup spinach) and grabbed a serving of Rold Gold Honey Twists for a total of 4 points.

3711 007

I was excited to get the mail today because it turns out I won a $10 gift card from Papa Murphy’s! I forgot I entered to win! I have a coupon for $4 De Lite pizza- so I’ll have to pick that up! I love how the note says, “Dear Winner,” hehe.

3711 004

For lunch, I had a baked potato topped with steamed broccoli and 2% Cheddar cheese for 5 points.

3711 008

For a sweet ending, I had Light Vanilla yogurt with 1 cup of strawberries for 1 point.

3711 009

For my last break, I had an Experimental Granola Bar for 4 points. They’re delicious, but so small for the points value! Hubby loves them.

3711 010

And I also brewed a cup of Dark Chocolate Raspberry coffee with just a dab of Cool Whip Free for 0 points.

3711 011

I really needed something to wake me up!

The afternoon went pretty quickly and I was thrilled when hubby called and said he was on his way home before I was even done working! I was expecting him to be home very late!

For supper, I made Garlic Butter Breaded Mussels and roasted veggies for 4 points.

3711 012

I couldn’t believe how low point these were! This was my first time eating mussels. They tasted good but they are the most disgusting looking things EVER when you open them up. EW! *Gag*

For dessert, I had a slice of the Four Layer Dessert, although it was only 3 layers tonight because we’re out of Cool Whip- the 4th layer. 6 points.

3711 014

That puts me right at my target for the day. I plan on snacking on fruits/veggies tonight if I get hungry. I do have a few Activity points, as long as I don’t overdo it. I am being a lot more sane about my snacking tonight! Plus, I have hubby to make sure I stay on track. Winking smileLooking back at today’s pictures- I’m proud of my choices and that’s a great feeling!


  1. I hope you realize how hungry this post made me. Oh my goodness! Are you doing WW on the new plan? How do you like it? I've considered it but I'm not sure if it's something I really want to try because I was told it's more low-carb now, which really isn't my thing..

  2. All of your food looks so delicious. It makes me want to switch off of no-carb to ww because I just really really adore potatoes, fruits and bread.

  3. I was going to say that about your breakfast dishes... lol jk! And I think we have the same fiestaware-type plates :) Good food choices today!

  4. That is great that hubby is home for the week! I was just going to comment on how I LOVE your dishes! Great choices today - my hubby loves mussels done in a tomato soup type broth.

  5. That dessert looks fabulous and your potato is always amazing.


  6. I LOVE mussels. Any seafood actually. Never had them breaded, but now I want to try that. Have a GREAT day Alissa, yay for hubby coming home early!!

  7. We love the mussels from Olive Garden. We used to get them all the time when we were dating! YUM. Also, one of my favorite *healthy* snacks are those Honey Braided Pretzels too. Love those things. Glad L gets to be home with you this week. Great start to your week! I didn't eat my one sweet yesterday - can you believe it?!? Hope I don't get carried away today now. :) - Angie

  8. I could put the hurt on that potato. :)

  9. That dessert looks really really good. :)



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