Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Different Kind of Day

I had to get up at 5 A.M. this morning because I had to go into the office for the day. I forgot how much preparation it takes, if you want to be healthy, when you have to leave the house to work! I’m glad I got up with time to spare because it took forever!

I was hoping for a better WI than what I had today. I gained another pound, weighing in at 211. I am now 3 lbs. away from that 80 lb. goal. I am getting frustrated because I am not only so close to the 80 lb. goal but I see Onederland looming ahead and I CANNOT wait to get there. But what I keep forgetting is that I am losing at the same rate I have been all along, when looking at my monthly statistics. Some weeks I lose, some I gain. I will get there eventually but I have to keep being patient.

I have been eating all of my weekly points, and this was working, but lately I’ve been gaining, so maybe that’s it? Do you eat all of your weekly points? I had a really good suggestion from Lori that I don’t stop eating as much, but maybe try to eat different foods with my points- and that’s a good idea. (Although today wasn’t a very good start!)

For breakfast, I had 1 cup of oatmeal with 1/2 cup of blueberries and a glass of 1% milk for 7 points.

31611 011

I also made sure to drink as much water as I could this morning, knowing it would be a little harder to get water in today unless I drank the nasty drinking fountain water- and I hate buying water! I drank 4 cups of water before leaving for work. That made me feel refreshed. I was really thirsty when I woke up this morning, probably from yesterday’s workout. Not to mention, I’m a little sore and I’m glad it’s a rest day!

I also brewed some Jamaican coffee and added FF vanilla creamer for 1 point.

31611 012

And then it was off to work!

It’s always weird being at the office since I work from home now. But it wasn’t so bad to see some people and interact a little bit.

On my first break, I snacked on a light cheese stick and a banana for 1 point.

31611 006

31611 007

Funny thing, at 10 A.M. a few of us got permission to leave for a few hours- a couple of ladies and I did a little shopping and then went to Carlos O’ Kelly’s for lunch. I did pack a very healthy lunch this morning, but it was so much fun to go out with the ladies as we don’t meet face to face very often anymore! I had the lunch Chicken tortilla soup and a cheese quesadilla. I had probably 6 chips and salsa. I did really well! I estimated this at 14 points. I did not get a picture.

I was DRAGGING and SO tired from getting up so early this morning, we stopped at Starbucks before heading back to the office. I had a tall Skinny Vanilla latte for 2 points. I didn’t get a picture of that either.

And then I worked for a few hours and then had a meeting for the rest of the day. The day went really quickly even though I ended up working a little late! I always dread going into the office, but it kind of breaks up my week, too.

It was a beautiful day outside and I wish I could have spent some time out there, but no such luck! But I was craving a summer meal. So I grilled fat free hot dogs and ate them on light bread with peanut butter, onions and ketchup- my favorite! I also picked up some potato salad and diet cherry Pepsi. Miraculously, I used exactly the amount of points I had left, which was 9 points.

31611 013

I am definitely lacking on the fruits/veggies today. It’s hard when your day gets thrown out of whack. But I know every day isn’t like this. And I think I did alright considering! There was no vending machine raiding- which was ALWAYS a struggle for me when I worked at the office everyday. I drank plenty of fluids and I even got a compliment that it looked like I had lost weight. Smile

So, tomorrow I will focus on eating many more fruits and veggies- I know it won’t be a problem! I can still make up for today if I want a snack later- I can make a green smoothie or something.

Sorry I didn’t have many pictures to post- but I feel kind of weird whipping a camera out of my purse and taking pictures of my food, if you know what I mean. lol.

We’re half way through the week!! Yay! Smile


  1. I missed your pictures all this week (I was on vacation) it is a lot of work to prepare for the office eveyday :{ which sucks for me, I'm totally lacking in the veggies too but for me it's last almost all week oops!! you/WE will get to onderland soon! Patience is key but I totally understand the frustration.

  2. I was up at 4:30 this morning, usually I wake up around 5:00 and I was TIRED today. I drive 66 miles round trip so my days are long, we have worked overtime all week. Luckily I am off the rest of the week, I need it!

  3. I whip out my camera in public now, to the embarrassment of my family. I think John is more used to it now, but he feels the need to explain to people what I am doing, whereas I just get it out, take a picture and put it away.

    Feel free to email me if you want any suggestions on changing up the food. I personally feel it is important to be able to eat a lot of food. Just cutting calories (aka points) is not always the best solution. Sometimes it is, but I think it should be a last resort after trying other things.

  4. Yay!! Onderland is looming for both of us :o)

  5. That is too early! Great job on your eating while at work!

  6. You're so close to a milestone. how amazing are you? :)

  7. LOL...I completely understand as that was how I felt at first, especially when I'm with a big group....but I've now done it so many times I think everyone is used to it and almost expects it! LOL!

  8. Hang in there Alissa, ONEderland will be here before you know it!!!! Good for you for staying on track on a day that was "out of the norm". Have a great one!

  9. I generally try to not eat all of my weekly points. I like to leave 10 leftover usually just as a safety net. Also, I hate when the daily points go down so having some leftover gives me leeway when my dailies go down. So hard to find the groove that works sometimes!

  10. You put peanut butter on your hot dogs? I've never heard of that...what does it taste like? I'm super curious now!! Hehe

  11. I love to spice things up when I'm loosing - I'll take a week and go vegetarian, or try to be vegan for three days. Just to make me move outside my comfort zone. And giving myself a limited time frame - it's only 3-7 days - makes it easier for me to try out a restrictive diet without actually feeling restricted.



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