Friday, March 4, 2011


For breakfast, I had a Thomas Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Thin topped with whipped honey nut cream cheese and a side of fruit (1 banana, 1/2 cup blueberries, and 1 cup of strawberries). I also had a cup of 1% milk for a total of 7 points.

3 001

Before signing in to work, I brewed a pot of Stockholm Roast coffee and added FF Vanilla creamer for 2 points.

3 002

Some mornings, I just need that extra pick me up.

For my first break, I had my green smoothie (2 oranges, 1 C. Spinach) for 1 point.

3 003

For lunch, I had the same thing as yesterday. An egg salad sandwich for 5 points.

3 005

I also had Chicken Noodle Soup for 3 points.

3 006

And also a No Pudge! brownie for 3 points.

3 007

On my last break, I ate a Sweet and Salty granola bar for 5 points.

3 008

I was feeling stressed out and pretty sure that’s why I wanted to eat.

I worked a full week this week- which will be good for the pay check!

Hubby got home while I was still working, I was glad to finally get off of work! He was sick all week and didn’t feel like eating supper, so I just threw together some leftovers for myself. I had whole wheat pasta topped with a  spaghetti sauce/alfredo sauce mixture with chicken, along with green beans for 8 points.

3 009

Hubby was up to eating dessert though. Winking smile I also had a slice of the four-layer dessert that I made for 6 points.

3 010

I used some weekly points today, which is fine. I rode the bike for a little over 10 minutes today, which isn’t much- but it’s something, I guess- but I wouldn’t really count it as a workout and I’m just ready to crash now. I will try to get in some good workouts this weekend.

Have a great one!


  1. yum everything looks so good. good luck on the weekend w/o's!

  2. Hooray for your hubby being home!

    Funny how we turn to snacks when we are stressed.

  3. Love reading daily, thank you! Question; where do you get this honey cream cheese? Sounds sooo good!

  4. Yummy looking dessert! Hope hubby starts feeling better!

  5. everything looks quite yummy! i'm hungryyy~ =P

  6. Hope hubby feels better soon! (amazing looking dessert. wow...) Have a good day Alissa.

  7. ALISSA!!! You're doing great!! =D keep it up! =)

  8. I have not had egg salad in forever. I am definitely making it tomorrow!!!




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