Monday, March 14, 2011

Full of Veggies

How are you all coping with the time change? That one hour does make a difference, doesn’t it? At least it’s brighter outside a lot later though.

Hubby had to get up at 4 A.M. this morning (which,of course,still felt like 3 A.M.) and I got up with him because he had to leave for the week again. Always hard to say goodbye- but hopefully this will be the last week and we do have good plans for this weekend and the coming week, so that made it a little easier. Smile

I went back to bed after he left and got a little bit more sleep. It’s hard to wake up in the morning when it’s still dark out!

For breakfast, I had 1 slice of PB and Banana toast with a  glass of 1% milk for 5 points.

31411 001

I wasn’t very hungry this morning since we had a delicious pasta dinner last night. I hate how pasta dinners make me gain weight the next day- without fail! But I know it will probably be off tomorrow.

And then it was time to work. It’s always hard to get started again on Monday.

For my first break, I had 1/2 cup each of broccoli and baby carrots dipped in light ranch for 1 point.

31411 003

I also whipped up a green smoothie (2 oranges, 1 cup spinach) for 1 point.

31411 002

I also brought back a serving of Rold Gold Honey Pretzel Twists for 3 points.

31411 004

For lunch, I had a sandwich made of light bread, a little mayo, avocado, tomato and deli ham for 7 points.

31411 005

I also had a side of baked BBQ chips for 3 points.

31411 007

And I drank cold green tea for 0 points.

31411 008

For dessert, I had a No Pudge! brownie for 3 points. I have been loving these lately for some reason.

31411 009

On my last break, I had Breakfast Blend coffee with 1 Tbs. FF Vanilla creamer for 0 points.

31411 010

I got off of work about 20 minutes early- which is always fantastic! I headed outside right away for a run. It was a beautiful 50 degrees outside and SUNNY! I walked for a warm up, then ran 1 mile in 13:20, walked .5 mile, ran 1 more mile at 13:17, and then walked home. total distance was 3.27 miles in 50 minutes. 446 calories burned.

For supper, I had a taco salad with: lettuce, tomato, avocado, onion, taco meat, tortilla chips and I added a little bit of light sour cream, salsa and cheese for a total of 8 points.

31411 013

I also had a small side of acorn squash for 0 points.

31411 012

For dessert, I had angel food cake with strawberries for 4 points.

31411 014


I went over my points by 1 point- not too bad!

I got in A LOT of veggies today- go me! I struggle with making myself eat veggies. That’s why I drink the green smoothie. Making delicious salad really helps though.

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday!! Smile


  1. where did that smoothie ides come from? sounds good and healthy. is it really just oranges and spinach? If so, if it fresh spinach? baby or cooking? Id like to try making it since it works with my lunch time food plan.

  2. Your sandwich looks INCREDIBLE!! Yummmmm

  3. Yum. yum. yum. I want to eat what you eat. Im still in the diet food rut.

  4. Here in Germany our time changes the end of the month...what I like about the time change is I am then the same time as my family in South Africa, at the moment we are an hour behind...
    I look forward to the lighter evenings, as last night we ran at 7pm and it was still a little on the dark side.

  5. oh forgot....thanks to you I am having a GREEN shake daily....

  6. This is responce to your VitaMuffin post, try the Chocalate Choc Chip heated up with either peanut butter or I love to heat it and add sugar free vanilla icecream with a shot of choc syrup. I haven't tried any other flavors but Cranberry and I didn't like that one too well. I am like you, have to try and figure out how to get the veggies in!

  7. You always have such good pics they make me so hungry! I am scared to try the green shake, but it does sound good and filling... Does it have any spinach taste?

  8. Well you certainly got your vegetables! Such a rainbow of colors. Never thought of trying green tea cold. Yum!

  9. Mmm, your lunch looks like mine from yesterday! Delicious, aren't they? We have good taste ;)

  10. The time change is going well, my kids are sleeping longer in the morning, but still going to bed at the same time, so it makes me happy :) I wake up at 4:15 every day to workout, so nothing really changed...still early!


  11. yum your meals always look so good...oh and no time change here :) love it!!



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