Friday, March 25, 2011

Kenny, Billy and Kracker

Last night, hubby and I went to see Kenny Chesney in concert! It was pretty awesome- I’ve always wanted to see him in concert. Yesterday was a busy day with school, on the road, to Trader Joe’s, Panera for a Yoplait Greek Yogurt snack break (more on this later), and then to the concert and straight to the hotel to sleep, so I didn’t take food pictures. Instead, I’ll show you some pictures from last night! Our seats weren’t the best, but I think the place was FULL.

First, Uncle Kracker opened:

kennyconcert 004

And then another one of my favorites- Billy Currington:

kennyconcert 007

kennyconcert 014

And finally, Kenny Chesney- the little man in the big hat. Smile He really knows how to put on a show! And the ladies love him- at one point he had to tell a lady to let go of him- lol.

kennyconcert 020

kennyconcert 023

kennyconcert 025

kennyconcert 026

kennyconcert 031

Uncle Kracker and Kenny:

kennyconcert 034

Kenny and Billy:

kennyconcert 035

It was a great concert, one of the best I’ve ever been to! Kenny Chesney and Billy Currington were both on my list of people I wanted to see in concert- the only one I have left right now is Beyoncé! Maybe someday. Winking smile

And here is hubby and me at the concert:kennyconcert 001


  1. Ah, how awesome! I *love* Uncle Kracker!

  2. FUN!!! :) I bet it was an awesome concert!

  3. I kept on checking for an update last night and was so disappointed when I did not get one before bed....tisk tisk :) hehe!!!

    What a fun time....I'm sure that was a great show. Looks like your seats were not bad at all and you got some great pictures. I LOVE the last picture of you (and Loren too) you look so cute!!!

    <3 Betta

  4. AHHH I am so jealous. I was planning on a concert this summer, but it's just too expensive with everything we have going on. So I will live through everyone's pictures :)

  5. Oh FUN!!!!! Great shots! Look like good seats to me!!! Glad you had a good time at the concert. have had a busy on the road couple of weeks!!!! Have a great Friday Alissa!

  6. ahhhh SUCH great seats and great pics too :) Looks like fun, I love all three of those guys too!

  7. That is a great picture of the 2 of you!

    I would love to go when they come here but the timing sucks for me!

  8. I love Kenny Chesney (have seen him probably a total of 11 times...unfortunately, this summer I am going to miss out...but hopefully he's back on tour again next year! His shows never disappoint!!!). Great pics...also love Uncle Kracker...and Billy C. (have never seen Billy C. in concert...another part of my disappointment at missing Kenny during his appearance in the ATL!).

    Great photos!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    **And am super excited that someone else can appreciate Kenny's live performances as much as I do!**



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