Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Questions Answered and Weigh in Day

I had a good feeling about weighing in this morning, but I was wrong. I gained 1.2 lbs. At least I didn’t gain back all that I lost last week. Disappointing, but I’m moving on. Maybe this next week I will finally meet that 80 lb. goal!

For breakfast, I had 1 cup oatmeal with a  sliced banana and peanut butter, along with 1 cup of 1% milk for 10 points.

3911 001

Delicious! I haven’t had that breakfast combination for a long time.

We woke up to snow this morning- I thought we were done with that stuff! Hopefully it doesn’t stick around long!

3911 003

I spent the morning relaxing and reading some blogs. It’s good to be caught up again!

And then it was time for work- which I wasn’t really in the mood for! But we weren’t so busy, so it was ok.

For my first break, I was craving eggs, cheese and ham like no other. I don’t know why? lol. So I made a wrap with a small whole wheat tortilla, liquid egg whites, 2% cheese and ham for 3 points.

3911 005

And it was PERFECT! I think I do like the liquid egg whites better than the yellow Egg Beaters.

I also made my green smoothie (2 oranges, 1 cup spinach) for 1 point.

3911 006

For lunch I had a salad: lettuce, tomato, avocado, BBQ beef, flax seeds, and shredded parmesan cheese for a total of 7 points.

3911 007

I also had some Baked BBQ chips for 3 points. I always want that crispy side to my salad for some reason.

3911 008

And for dessert, I had a FF/SF Chocolate pudding for 2 points.

3911 009

On my last break, I made the last of my Stockholm Roast coffee- which is my favorite so far! I mixed in FF vanilla creamer. I had a much smaller cup than usual- 1 point.

3911 012

Gotta love my new pink mug! Winking smile

I also snacked on 2 Cuties clementines for 0 points.

3911 010

For supper, I had Papa Murphy’s Pepperoni De Lite Pizza (2 pieces) and green beans for 9 points.

3911 013

And it was yummy! For dessert, I had the 4 Layer dessert for 6 points.

3911 014

I used 8 weekly points today. I ate more than usual today, I didn’t feel like I was downright unhealthy or anything. But I relaxed just a bit today, which I feel we all need to do once in a while. Relaxed but in control. I am satisfied and no longer Hungry Hungry Hungry! Winking smile

I’ve had a few questions in the comments lately, so I thought I’d answer them here- I’m never sure how to respond since I can’t reply to a comment on Blogger.

Susan said, “I hope you realize how hungry this post made me. Oh my goodness! Are you doing WW on the new plan? How do you like it? I've considered it but I'm not sure if it's something I really want to try because I was told it's more low-carb now, which really isn't my thing.. “

I am following the new Weight Watcher Plan. I do Weight Watchers online and have never attended a meeting. I do like the new plan. It took some time for me to get used to it, but I love knowing that all fruits and veggies are free. So if I am hungry and all of my points are used up, I can always snack on a fruit or veggie. I think that the plan encourages a healthier lifestyle. As far as it being more low-carb, I don’t really think so. You just have to use your points for the breads and sweets. But as you can see in my daily posts, I am at no lack for carbs! Winking smile

Renea said, “Ok what is in that 4 layer dessert?? OMG!!”

This recipe is very similar to the one that I used, although mine called for chopped pecans, not almonds. I always use the lowest calorie ingredients I can find. But this will give you an idea of what it is!

Marty said, “I LOVE Papa Murphy's!! We unfortunately don't have one here...I've been meaning to ask you make your smoothie is a juicer or a blender?? Do you add ice? I can't wait to try it!”

I make my smoothies in a blender/food processor and I do add ice. You can find a couple of my smoothie recipes on my recipe page. This will explain how I make them.

Kelly asked, “I have just found the Thomas Cinnamon Raisin Bagels and would love a good cream cheese, where and what brand of "honey nut cream cheese" do you use? Yesterday was a hungry day for a bunch of us it seems! Hope you hit the big 80 soon!”

I buy my whipped honey nut cream cheese at Aldi. It is delicious!

That’s all for now, Folks! Smile


  1. No worries about the gain, Alissa! You are doing great and it will be off in no time!

    I like liquid egg whites so much better than egg beaters, too!

  2. I'm surprised you (and Marisa) like the egg whites rather than normal egg beaters. I've been using the southwestern kind, which I like but I may try the egg white kind, especially if they are lower points!

  3. That lunch salad must've been tasty. :)

  4. I have never tried egg beaters or the other - I think I shall try them!

  5. the food looks great! gettin' hungry now... thanks for answering the questions.

  6. There is something in the air at the moment with the struggles but we'll all get through it. Somehow. :)

    I've heard alot of people here in the UK finding the changes to WW hard so you are not alone. I am just pleased that you are getting yourself around it. Hang in there and that gain will be history next week!!!!

  7. Don't worry about the gain. You have been doing amazing and you will reach any goal that you wish to. Seriously you are an inspiration! We are suppose to get snow today and tomorrow...blah.


  8. I LOVE the new mug!!! Bummer about the little gain, however, I have complete faith that you'll bang it off and a bit more in NO time and hit that 80 lb mark!!! Have a great day.

  9. Eggs, ham and cheese. A match made in cooking heaven. All of that protein helps make ya feel fuller longer.

    I wish I knew where to find that pizza around here. It looks so darn good.

    DOn't sweat the gain. I'm sure it'll be back down next week. It is frustrating though. I know!!! LOL

  10. omigosh I'm so hungry today!!! and that cheese/egg/tortilla look absolutely delish!! sucks about the gain, but i'm certain you will reach that -80 mark soon!!

  11. wow..the food looks good
    I'm doing jenny craig



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