Tuesday, March 29, 2011

‘Twas the Night Before Weigh In

I woke up this morning to a snow covered ground. It seems like we keep getting these dustings! Hopefully it starts getting warmer again soon!

I had a few things to get done around the house- so I got those things done first and then I sat down for breakfast. I had the same thing as yesterday: 1 hard boiled egg, a banana nut flax muffin, a banana and a cup of 1% milk for 8 points.

32911 001

And then it was off to school. It was a pretty low key day today and went pretty quickly.

I really wanted a hot tea, but the line was SO LONG, I didn’t have time to wait. So I got a diet Green Tea Citrus flavor for 0 points.

32911 002

Instead of a sub at Subway today, I decided to go with a salad, being as I’m trying to watch my carbs and increase my protein and all. I got an Oven Roasted Chicken Breast Salad with a  few toppings for a total of 8 points. The salad alone was 3 points.

32911 003

I used the Chipotle sauce because it was one of the lower carb options, although a little higher in points, I am finding that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I used to always think that cheese was a bad thing- but why? It has protein, it’s dairy- and it’s really not bad for you if you eat it in moderation.

After that I got groceries. Instead of getting a chocolate candy treat, I decided to try a Luna Protein bar for 5 points.

32911 004

I didn’t have anything else until supper time. I wasn’t able to get a picture of what I had for supper because I had company over and didn’t really want to explain why I was taking pictures of my food. I made parmesan crusted tilapia with roasted potatoes and onions, a little cottage cheese and a side salad. I also had a Skinny Cow Strawberry Shortcake ice cream sandwich for a total of 16 points. I did use 3 weekly points.

I’m happy with my percentages today! 36.58% carbs, 40.26% fat, 23.16% protein. I really wasn’t hungry today hardly at all- and I only ate so many points at supper because I felt like I needed to cook a little more for company. But it was all healthy!

Tomorrow is WI day and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a really good WI!! Smile


  1. I have my fingers crossed for a great WI Alissa!!! Good luck!!!

  2. good luck :) ahhh I love luna bars

  3. Looking forward to seeing how this goes with your weigh in tomorrow! You are doing awesome!

  4. I can't wait to see the difference the low carbs made!

  5. That's fabulous! I wish they'd put protein bars up at the checkouts.. you know how many kids (or adults) might try one bc their with the chocolate bars?!

    You would make something totally yummy sounding and not take pictures.. ;) And that's what the weekly points are there for, you don't want to feel deprived when you have friends over.. and like you said, it sounded very healthy.. :)

    I'm sure you'll see good numbers tomorrow..

  6. Hope the weigh in goes well!!!


  7. I find that I'm not hungry at all if I eat lower carb and have a good amount of fats. Bacon and eggs? Keeps me going most of the day!

    Good luck on weigh in tomorrow!



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