Monday, April 25, 2011

Back to the Grind

It’s great having hubby home again! I got up with him at 5 AM for breakfast. I had a slice of light toast with PB and a sliced banana along with a cup of milk for 5 points.

42511 001

Before signing in to work, I brewed some coffee with half and half for 1 point.

42511 002

On my first break, I had some strawberry Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries and sliced almonds for 5 points.

42511 003

This was delicious!

For lunch, I made a salad with lettuce, lemon pepper tuna, miracle whip (which I didn’t need), cottage cheese, flax seeds, tomato, and cheese- I didn’t eat all of it- 5 points.

42511 004

And for a little something sweet, I had a chocolate chunk cookie for 3 points.

42511 006

It was a long day at work today. It seemed to drag on and on and we were pretty busy.

For supper, I made an egg white omelet with ham and cheese along with a whole grain waffle with sugar free syrup and a sliced banana for 8 points.

42511 007

Always good to have breakfast for supper!

Hubby and I are looking forward to an evening of relaxation! Hope that you had a great Monday!Smile


  1. Breakfast for supper is the best! I eat eggs or oatmeal all the time for dinner!

  2. yumm I love having breakfast for dinner!

  3. Yum! I WILL get my booty back on track tomorrow!


  4. Your salad looks great. I love big salads with a whole bunch of toppings.

  5. Your meals always look so good! Where do you get the ideas for all of the salads you create?

  6. Getting back to the grind after a good weekend IS tough! Breakfast for dinner is a good way to ease back! Have a great day Alissa!

  7. Breakfast for dinner is the best, we are doing it tonight :)


  8. oh yum yum! Your salad sounds amazing!!!



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