Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cute Shoes and a Run

For breakfast this morning, I had an egg white omelet with cheese and sausage along with a cup of strawberries and a glass of milk for 10 points.

41211 001

On my way to class, I sipped on some coffee with half and half for 1 point. Did you know that caffeine is an appetite suppressant? Explains why I’m not as hungry when I drink my coffee! But once it wears off- you will be really hungry.

41211 002

I was thrilled when class was over because it was BEAUTIFUL outside today! But I had a few things to accomplish before going home.

I had a grilled chicken Caesar salad from McDonald's for lunch today. I didn’t use the croutons- 10 points. I also drank an iced tea. This salad wasn’t as good as the Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch from last week.

41211 004

I got stocked up on my Victoria’s Secret lotions- this is the only lotion I really like! All others are too oily for me. This is just perfect. I love all of the scents with coconut!

41211 006

And made a splurge purchase of some clearance shoes…

And I got some groceries. On the way home, I had a dark chocolate covered Peeps for 3 points.

41211 005

After I got things put away, I headed out for a run. I did 2.6 miles total. .6 walk warm up and cool down and a 2 mile run. I really had to push myself that second mile. I haven’t run for quite a while! It felt good to get out there though! I burned 456 calories in 41:20. It was a little embarrassing because a guy was out running and he lapped me, which means he was probably running double my speed. lol. I think he’s the guy that won our 5k last year, so I’m not too embarrassed- he’s probably just super fast.

For supper, I had grilled chicken, roasted zucchini with olive oil, cottage cheese, and a slice of light bread with whipped honey nut cream cheese for 9 points.

41211 007

It was delicious. I was really hungry tonight. I was actually hungry before going on the run- but didn’t want to eat anything. I was just CRAVING a piece of bread, so I had one since my carb percentages were really low today anyways.

For dessert, I had my daily banana in the form of banana soft serve- 0 points. This really hit the spot!

41211 008

That uses up my points for the day exactly. My percentages were kind of weird today: 33.9% Carbs, 36% Fat, and 30.1% Protein. So I met my protein levels. I am reading a book right now that says that people are too afraid of fat. In order for our bodies to let go of fat, it has to know that we are consuming fat. If we are not consuming enough fat, our bodies will hold onto the fat. Very interesting! I know there are good and bad fats- saturated vs. unsaturated. I am really enjoying learning more about nutrition. I hope to apply what I’m learning to my diet slowly to become healthier. SmileI need to start taking a closer look at the fats I’m eating, etc. So many things to learn!

Tomorrow is WI day and I think I will see a good number. But no matter what the scale decides to tell me, I know that I have put in the work this week- and I’m getting healthier no matter what!


  1. Yep - don't fear the fat. And actually, don't fear saturated fat. It isn't the evil it was thought to be.

    Great job on the run!

  2. Excellent workouts this week. I'm sure the scale will reflect that when you WI tomorrow!

  3. Not all fat is evil, our bodies need it :)
    Great job on the run and good luck with your WI!


  4. What light bread do you like to use? I'm looking for a good brand to try. I love whole grain "nutty" breads.

  5. Fat will keep you satiated too. And saturated fat isn't bad either. Trans fats is a different story!

    They make chocolate covered peeps? *shielding my eyes* This I did not need to know.

  6. I'm in love with those shoes!! I'm headed to the library now for some books on nutrition. I want to lower my carb intake and increase protein.

  7. oh I have not seen choco covered peeps! YUM. I love the shoes :) and also LOVE VS lotions!!!

  8. Check out those shoes! My oh my, I bet someone in your house loves those. :) - Angie



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