Friday, April 22, 2011

A Friday in Review

Happy Friday!! I’m sure many of you had today off for Good Friday, but unfortunately I had to work. I was awakened by the sound of birds chirping at 5 AM this morning. I have nothing against birds- but come on, 5 AM? Sleep in a bit! I guess the early bird gets the worm… Winking smile

I took a couple pictures of my tulips yesterday that I forgot to post, so I’ll share them first thing. They’re so pretty!

42111 010

42111 013

We have more tulips blooming this year than ever before. I may have to cut some to put in a vase- so beautiful!

For breakfast, I had the rest of the leftover scrambled eggs, 1 Jennie-O turkey sausage link, cheese, a banana, and a glass of milk for 9 points.

42211 001

I might have to start scrambling eggs ahead of time because it makes for a really easy breakfast!

I brewed some of my new coffee- it is locally roasted and it’s pretty good! I also added half and half for 1 point.

42211 002

42211 005

42211 006

Hubby made it home in the morning- but I had to work all day long, unfortunately. But it’s so good to have him home and hopefully it will be for a long time!

On my first break, I ate an AE Dairy Clementine Greek Yogurt for 5 points.

42211 007

For lunch, I had a sandwich thin pizza for 7 points.

42211 009

I also had a side salad with lettuce, tomato, sliced almonds, and light ranch for 7 points.

42211 008

And for dessert, I ate a Cadbury crème egg for 4 points.

42211 011

Probably should have skipped that though because it leaves me with 4 points for the day! Oofta!

I applied for a new position at work today- so wish me luck! I’m sure I’ll be interviewing sometime soon.

Hubby and I are leaving to go visit my sister and family for the weekend! We’ll probably grab Subway, so I’m sure I will use a few weekly points- but that’s ok, I still have plenty left.

Have a great weekend!! Smile


  1. Your tulips ARE beautiful. Have a wonderful Easter Weekend with your family Alissa!! And good luck on the job posting! My fingers are crossed for you. (which makes typing VERY challenging! :) )

  2. Those tulips are beautiful! Bought some creme eggs today but haven't indulged quite yet!

  3. GORGEOUS tulips, especially that super happy pink. Love the salad with almonds. I keep forgetting I love nuts in salads and leave them out. Stupid me. Will add some to dinner salad.

    And I pray a blessing over you to get the job if it's one that will make you happy! Have a superb interview.

  4. Gorgeous tulips! Mine are still stubs LOL.

    And that coffee? I want...

  5. That sandwich thin pizza looks really good! And only 7 points, I'm gonna have to re-create that!

  6. Good luck for the new position :) And I sneak my cadbury egg in there too ;)

  7. Good luck with the interview process! Love the flowers; spring flowers really are the best!!

  8. Good luck getting the new position... and those are some pretty flowers!

  9. I thought the creme eggs were 5? I am wanting one so bad and WILL treat myself to one soon ;) I just made homemade whole wheat pizza dough, I need to calculate the points for it.

  10. Beautiful tulips! I keep waiting for some rose buds to appear on my rose bushes...



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