Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I’m Back! Plus a Visit From Family

I am back to my regular posting! Sorry for the absence the last few days-but things should be pretty much back to normal now.

My project finally came together, but when we presented it, the professor was a total jerk to us- so that was a big slap in the face. I’m trying to just forget it because he is known for being a complete jerk and nobody likes him, but it’s still hard to take. When you put so much work and effort into something and have someone tell you that half of your work is pointless- that kind of hurts. The whole time during the presentation he acted like he was bored and was just totally rude. But I think we did a good job- and other people in the class told us we did, too. I’d love to give him a piece of my mind…

But forgetting that…

Today was weigh in day. I gained .8 lb. this week and I am happy that’s ALL I gained! I can take less than a pound! It was a TERRIBLE week. I did not deal with stress well AT ALL. Anyone have any recommendations on books about stress management? I think I could benefit. But I am ready to get back in gear and have a HUGE loss this next week!

I started the morning off with a cup of coffee with half and half for 1 point.

42011 001

My brother and sister-in-law and family came to visit me yesterday afternoon and today! It’s been so nice having them here when hubby is gone so I am not all alone. Here’s the family, including my 3 week old nephew that I got to meet for the first time:

42011 002

For breakfast, I had a whole wheat waffle with SF syrup and a little Brummel and brown, 2 Jennie-O turkey sausage links, egg white beaters, and a glass of milk for 9 points.

42011 003

I also had a banana for 0 points.

42011 004

We spent the morning reading books, playing with toys and talking. I also brought out the Wii and we had a TON of fun playing games!

42011 010

42011 021

42011 024

I should have worn my HR monitor because I’m sure I burned a few calories doing that- just ask them- it was the running joke to stay out of my way when I was bowling! haha (There’s a reason that they give the warnings to make sure there aren’t any objects or people around for you to hit)


42011 005

42011 012

For lunch, I had 2 grilled hotdogs on light bread with PB and ketchup. I also made broccoli salad. This was a total of 12 points. I didn’t have my usual fat free hotdogs this time- that makes such a difference!

42011 026

After lunch, we played more games. They left about 2:00. I had a lot of fun- thanks for coming!!

For a little afternoon snack, I had 2 clementines for 0 points.

42011 027

After that, I decided I needed to get some exercise in. It’s been cold here for the past week- so I pulled out my Wii Fit and my new Jillian Michael’s game.

42011 028

I did workouts for 35:36 and burned 220 calories. I am SORE! I do like how I pay a lot more attention to making the full movements when I use the Wii. I need to get more games and workouts.

I was so hungry in the afternoon but I didn’t want to eat anything until supper time. I tweeted about how I was hungry and Suzi very helpfully suggested I drink some hot tea- Thanks, Suzi! So I had a cup of Trader Joe’s Duchess grey tea for 0 points.

42011 030

That’s what I love about Twitter- you can get support and help ASAP when you are having a struggle. You can follow me here!

For supper, I made a taco salad of sorts: lettuce, canned chicken, salsa, 0% Greek yogurt, 2% Sharp cheddar, black eyed peas, tomato and tortilla chips crumbled on top for a total of 10 points.

42011 031

It was DELISH!

I have 1 point left for the day, so I did well. I am starting to realize that I don’t have to eat only meat and cheese all day to try to lower my carbs. I can eat my carbs but maintain balance by eating more protein. It makes it easier to do that way! I am at 37.96% Carbs, 35.24% Fats, and 26.81% Protein. I could have eaten more protein today- but overall, I am happy with where I’m at! Remember I am going for 40-30-30.

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  1. What a wonderful visit you had!
    Yes I do the tea trick when hunger strikes too soon :)

  2. Your family is adorable! I love children :)

    Your food choices look delish and very well-balanced! Good luck with everything!

  3. What a beautiful family! That taco salad looks great, easy to make and filling! My kind of dinner!

  4. I don't have any book suggestions for stress relief - but I do find exercise helps me when I'm stressed.

  5. When you find the book please let me know!

    Your pictures of your nephews are adorable =)

  6. Sounds like you had a great visit!!

  7. seems like a great visit! and a yummy taco salad too :)

  8. AWWWW....adorable nephews! Sounds like a great visit. Glad the presentation/project is behind you now!!! Have a great day.

  9. Your dinner looks soo yummy!!!!

  10. Alissa I am trying to wrap my mind around hotdog, ketchp and peanut butter--smile

  11. Thanks for putting up with us....we had a great time!!! Wish we could do it more often. I think we may have to get a Wii now that was a lot of fun.

    <3 Betta



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