Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I’m a Dream Walker

I got all of my homework finished last night, so I got to sleep in a little later this morning- that was nice!

For breakfast, I had a boiled egg on light bread with a banana and a glass of milk for 6 points. The egg kind of fell apart on my toast- I thought it looked like a face. lol

4511 001

On my way to class, I drank a green smoothie made of 1 cup strawberries, 1 cup spinach, yogurt, and protein powder for 3 points. It was a really gross looking color!

4511 002

But I love these protein smoothies in the morning because they keep me full!

After class, I had a meeting with my advisor and I found out that I will graduate next semester!! I am so excited about that! I usually take 2 courses per semester since I work full time, but I will take 3 this next semester so I can graduate! It’s hard to believe that it’s finally going to happen!

After the meeting I had to make a stop at the library to pick up some books and articles for the project I am working on. I ended up eating a much later lunch! I decided to run through McDonald’s today instead of going to Subway for a salad because it would just be easier to go through the drive through. I was glad that I did! I got the Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch salad and it was SOOOOO good!! I also got a large iced tea because I was super thirsty- the whole meal just hit the spot. I really enjoyed it. This was 11 points.

4511 004

I will definitely be going there for a salad again! This salad has 33g of Protein- now that’s amazing! The salad alone has 12 carbs, which isn’t bad- and with the dressing it had 21 carbs, but the protein really evened everything out. I’d say this is an excellent choice! McDonald’s gets a bad rap sometimes- but they offer a lot of healthy options- and you have to give them kudos for that! It’s all about the choices you make!

And then it was grocery time! I also had to make a trip to Old Navy to return some jeans hubby didn’t like and while I was there I picked up a couple pairs of flip flops- it’s almost time!!

Speaking of, on campus today there were all of these people taking their shoes off and walking around campus like that. I’m not really sure what they were supporting- but people are just dumb sometimes. I saw girls walking across a busy intersection barefoot- ON THE ROAD. Hello people, there is a reason we wear shoes. There could be sharp pieces of glass or metal on the ground! All of the higher education just goes down the drain for some people. Winking smile

For my indulgence today, I had a serving (3 pieces) of Lindt Fioretto chocolates. This was 5 points.

4511 005

I probably should have just eaten 1 and saved the points. Sometimes I over indulge- I admit it.

After I got home, I decided to enjoy the beautiful 60 degree weather and headed out for a walk. It was PERFECT. This was the first exercise I have gotten in a few weeks because I have been sick, so it felt all the better! I walked 2 miles in 34 minutes and burned 205 calories. I love going for walks in the spring time when the sun in shining and it feels so good to be outside after a long winter. I like to listen to Kenny Chesney’s Old Blue Chair album and it just puts me in a better place. I can image the sun, the sand and the waves and it just calms my mind.

That’s one of my favorite songs! Smile

I have this dream of selling everything we have and moving to a place in the Caribbean, the Keys, or somewhere that’s beautiful and warm all year round. Living in a little house by the ocean and just enjoying a simpler kind of life. I don’t have hubby convinced that it’s a good idea yet…but I’ll keep working on him! Winking smile

So I guess I dream while I’m walking- I’m a dream walker.

For supper, I had grilled BBQ chicken, green beans and cottage cheese for 5 points.

4511 006

Yum- I love anything grilled, especially chicken!

For dessert, I had FF/SF vanilla pudding for 2 points.

4511 007

That leaves me with 1 point left for the night and at 38.07% Carbs, 33.09% Fat, and 28.84% Protein. Right on track! Smile

Tomorrow is WI day- I’m hoping for a loss but I would be happy if I just stayed the same- I don’t want a gain though!! Today I was just slightly up from WI- so we will see! Fingers crossed


  1. The no shoes thing is a "campaign" to raise awareness for poverty etc. It is headed by TOMS shoes. They donate a pair of shoes for every pair you buy.

  2. That's awesome that you'll graduate next semester; what are you going for??
    I love that Mcdonald's's a favorite of mine! Good luck at WI!

  3. I was going to post about TOMS but I see someone already mentioned it! It was happening on the campus I take classes on as well as the undergrad campus of the university my job is affilated with.

    TOMS is a great company started by a really cool social entreprenur.

  4. How great that you're almost ready to graduate!
    Lindt chocolate is so amazing, i certainly don't blame you for the indulgence. My hubby and I have kind of done our "dream move" a few months ago. We sold our apartment in Hong Kong, quit our good jobs and moved to Georgia to buy some beautiful land and build our own house. It's been so crazy and I'm still in shock that we actually did it!

  5. Congrats on graduating next semester!

    It is hard to stop with one piece of chocolate. I have to keep stuff like that up high because it is easy to keep reaching for it.

  6. That video makes me want to go on vacation. The chocolates look great - would make my sweet tooth happy im sure! Good luck with WI and awesome that you're almost done with school!! yay! - Angie

  7. Nuthin' wrong with dreaming!!!! I'm so excited for you Alissa, you'll be a graduate before you know it!! VERY exciting! Good luck at WI!

  8. GOtta love Kenny!

    I am so impressed that you can go to McDonalds and have a salad...I am so not there yet!

  9. Congrats on the pending graduation. Forgive me if you've discussed it, what are your next plans? I love McDonalds southwest chix salad and dressing...yummy! Not sure if you have trouble getting in your milk servings, but I use 1 cup of milk in my smoothie and 1/2 a serving of protein powder with all the fruit. It helps me get in a milk serving and the protein is great!

  10. Congrats about graduating :) I know you must be excited.
    I LOVE the McDonalds fruit and yogurt parfait :)

  11. Looks great!
    Even the funky green color!
    In it's own funky green kinda way!



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