Thursday, April 28, 2011

Please Excuse my Lack of Veggies

For breakfast this morning I made an egg white omelet with fat free cheese and ham, along with a banana and a glass of milk for 6 points.

42811 001

Before leaving for school, I brewed some coffee with half and half for 1 point.

42811 002

School was interesting today to say the least. Other students are still giving presentations in my first class and one of the students fainted during his presentation. The poor guy. He is usually so calm and laid back seeming. The professor was like, “I know I’m intimidating but now I know I’m REALLY intimidating.” Yes, he is.

In the second class, we had to bring a news article from the day and year that we were born. Well, I found out that I am about 8 years older than everyone in the class!! I guess it’s about time to graduate! lol.

For lunch, I had 2 grilled tuna melt sandwiches with ketchup for 12 points.

42811 003

Totally hit the spot and definitely some comfort food! For dessert, I had an apple with PB for 3 points.

42811 004

And then it was time for work! Thankfully the day went very fast!

After work, hubby was mowing the lawn, so I decided to head out for a walk. Well, I walked about 5 minutes. The sun was shining and it just felt so good on my face. It has been so cloudy and rainy for so long. So I headed home, changed into my sports bra and headed out for a run. I ended up running 1 mile and walked 1.5. As soon as I started running, it clouded over and was windy and cold. My ears were killing me, otherwise I may have run farther than the 1 mile. I ran the mile in 12:03, which is pretty average for me. But the workout took me 36 minutes total and I burned 380 calories- I’ll take that!!

Speaking of activity, I have decided to join a challenge for the month of May. Jenn is hosting this one! The goal is to get 10,000 steps a day in the month of May.


I think this will be just what I need to at least try to be more active- even if it’s just walking around more or taking a parking spot that’s farther away.

For supper, I had 2 tacos for 7 points.

42811 005

I also had a serving of Baked Scoops and guacamole for 6 points.

42811 006

For supper, I planned to use a few extra points and have a delicious meal and that’s what I did! (Please excuse my lack of veggies today- kind of a weird and rushed day for me!)

For dessert, I had a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a sliced banana and caramel along with a few pecans for 6 points.

42811 007

DELICIOUS! I ended up using 8 weekly points today. but you know what? I’m not feeling deprived nor do I feel like I want to search through the cupboards for junk food. So I’ll call that progress. And I did earn some activity points today.

Tomorrow I have my interview! I am trying to tell myself to be confident and believe in myself! Wish me luck! Smile Now to figure out what to wear…


  1. Good luck with the interview! That tuna melt looks good! Same with the banana and caramel..

  2. Good luck.......

    p.s have you tried the "whipped" peanut butter glorious on apple slices.....

  3. Good luck with the interview!

  4. Good luck with your interview! Food looks yummy! We all need an indulgence from to time or else we'd feel deprived!

  5. Good luck tomorrow with your interview!
    Somehow eating anything with baked scoops is so much better, right?

  6. I think I will be making those grilled tuna melts this weekend!

    You will be great in your interview!

  7. Good luck with your progress! I'm a college student finishing a bachelor's in nutrition (I already have one in health, but I need one in nutrition in order to be an RD). This is actually very balanced meals! Just remember, there is no such thing as a diet: you either eat healthy or you don't! I wish the best of luck for you!!

  8. I hope your interview went well!!!

  9. Looks like a great day, love your dessert!! I hope the interview went well :)


  10. what kind of pb do you use? All I can every find is 5pt+ 2tbs and that looked like more then my normal serving and i love pb would love to find a better option!!



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