Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Saturday with My Sister

We went for a leisurely 2 hour walk while the kids rode their bikes and explored everything.

42311 001

He always wears his sunglasses upside down. Winking smile

42311 003

42311 004

42311 006

42311 007


42311 008

Beautiful Daffodils!


My niece fell down in the mud but was a trooper and kept on going!


And we grabbed some Starbucks on the way home:



We stopped at the house that they are building, where Hubby and my BIL were building the garage.

42311 010

42311 015

42311 017

42311 018

My BIL being silly, as usual, and posing for us- lol

42311 016

The guys sent us to the store with a list- how do you like their block of wood for a list? lol

42311 020

My sister made us delicious smoothies for 2 points- FULL of fruit and SO good!

42311 021

We also went to a birthday party for a little while, but I didn’t get any more pictures. We had sushi for supper and it was so good! Thanks so much for everything!


  1. You and your sister are so beautiful! Your children are so precious. I love kids :)

    Have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

  2. Beautiful kids!
    I love the block of wood list, so funny!

  3. Looks like a great visit Alissa. OMG, those kids are ALL adorable. Happy Easter!!!

  4. You are looking AMAZING! Even if the scale isn't moving much, it is obvious that your body is changing. I'm so jealous! I've been on-plan since February and can't seem to lose much of anything and I have no clue why. So frustrating! Keep up the great work!

  5. Adorable kids!

    Looks like a fun weekend!

  6. Sounds like a nice weekend! You look great in your pics!!! :)

  7. Those pics are adorable!!!! You are looking great! :) I love that wooden list btw. lol Glad you had a nice time with family

  8. Awwww!!!!! Adorable kiddies!!!!
    LOL @ the wooden block list ;)




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