Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stressed and Hormonal

I was up at 5 AM with hubby this morning. I was just not made to wake up at 5 AM- it’s really difficult no matter what time you go to bed! But I enjoy the extra time with hubby.

Breakfast at 5 AM is hard too. Who wants to eat that early? So I had my old stand by, PB toast with sliced banana and a glass of milk for 5 points.

41411 001

After hubby left for work, I had a few cups of coffee with half and half for 1 point (I didn’t add more half and half to the extra cups).

41411 002

I had to load up on the caffeine to keep myself awake so I could start working on a research paper that I don’t know where we’re going with… but I got quite a bit accomplished and it helped to ease my anxiety about it a little bit.

I headed off to school with a green protein smoothie in hand (1 orange, 1 cup spinach, 1 scoop protein, 1/3 cup vanilla yogurt and ice) for 3 points.

41411 003

After class, I headed home and made a quick lunch before signing in to work. I had tuna with miracle whip and a little dill pickle, black beans and sharp cheddar for 9 points.

41411 004

Kind of a weird lunch- but very satisfying.

And for dessert, I had a Brown Cow blueberry yogurt with blackberries for 3 points.

41411 005

Overall, my lunch had 54g of protein in it- which I think is amazing!

The work day went quickly and before I knew it, hubby was home. I had great plans of sweet potatoes and grilled pork chops, but it was so windy, I couldn’t keep the grill fire going- it kept blowing out. So plan B, stuffed clams, sweet potato and green beans for 9 points. We were so hungry, and the sweet potatoes were already baked- so we ate them first while the clams baked.

41411 006

I was obviously hungry because then I didn’t take a picture of the clams… Winking smile

For dessert, I had a Cadbury caramel egg for 5 points.

41411 007

I snacked while getting supper ready- I ate some peanuts- so I better count a serving of them. Sad smile 5 Points.

I think my hormones are out of whack right now and that’s why I’m wanting to eat chocolate and salty foods. So eating low carb hasn’t been going so great for the past couple of days- but I think you can see from most of my choices that I am trying. Oh, to be a woman…

I am also very stressed right now about this project I’m working on. I am not one to procrastinate… but since this is a project with a partner- I haven’t had much of a choice as communication hasn’t been the best. But we finally made plans to get together this Saturday- and I am going to stay there until this 10 page paper is written, a power point is put together and our presentation is finalized! I can’t stand not having things planned and organized and it’s driving me crazy! I can’t wait until this semester is done- or at least for Tuesday to be over and this whole project behind me for the most part! *Breathe, Alissa, Breathe* Winking smile


  1. Your meals look good, and healthy too. I tend to eat strange combinations of foods sometimes - it makes life interesting!

  2. I love cadbury eggs. my weakness. Thank goodness easter is almost here and gone.

    What do you use to calculate your daily percentages of fat carbs and protein? I've been meaning to ask.

  3. Hang in there Alissa! When you are wearing your gown at graduation, all this will be a distant memory!

  4. 54g of protein at lunch?! That's awesome!!! Hope you have a great weekend ;)


  5. 54 grams of protein in one meal is incredible! Go you!



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