Sunday, May 1, 2011

10K a Day in May: Day 1- Success!

I have to say I was a little worried about getting my steps in today. Wearing a pedometer really makes you more aware of how active you are. Hubby wore his pedometer too and we started a little friendly competition. Winking smileOn weekdays- he will beat me everyday I’m sure- because he is very active with his job. But we had fun! We went for a 2.7 mile walk this afternoon and I burned 329 calories. After supper, hubby wanted to go out again and we ended up doing intervals, running 1 mile and walked .8 for 1.8 total miles and I burned 259 more calories! 588 calories burned today!

And the results:

050111 010

And the day isn’t over yet! Smile


  1. Nice job! What a great way to keep yourself accountable every day!

  2. Love my pedometer!
    love yours too!

  3. Does your pedometer tell you how many calories you burned? I'm looking for a new one, don't know if they count cals or if that is HRM?

  4. Great job!!! That's why i love using my Polar when working out, making the calorie burn higher is total motivation to keep going ;)


  5. Thanks for your comment..I wanted to let you know that Flax seed needs to be ground to get the nutritional value from it.Otherwise it just passes right through your system. The kind I buy is ground from Whole food. But not pounder form. I like to put it in my yogurt. Let it sit for 5 minutes and it gets soft and tatse nutty.. Soooo good! Otherwise you can get it in powder form and add it to soups and chili etc..if you have it whole. You can add it to a coffee grinder if you have one.

    Congrats on Day 1...

  6. Awesome! :) You're doing great!
    Where did you get that pedometer - it's really nice!



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